AskMrCreditCard Daily Recaps 15th August 2012


Here are today’s updates and top stories:

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  • Marriott’s Revamped Premier Card includes Trip Cancellation and Delay Insurance
    I just updated my review on the recently revamped affinity cards from Marriott and it has included trip cancellation and delay insurance (which is actually a great feature if you buy non-refundable tickets). But more importantly, the more I though about the fact that you can earn lifetime Elite Status and earnings from credit cards count, the more I concluded that this card was a no brainer if you are striving for lifetime elite status.
  • Time to check out student credit cards again
    Just updated our recommended list for student cards. School is about to start and if you are a student, you “might” want to consider getting one because it is the only time you could get a no annual fee card with rewards even if you have no credit history.
  • Reminder: 30,000 Sign Up Bonus from Starwood
    A reminder that Starwood is now offering 30,000 bonus points for new applicants on their affinity cards. Deal expires 3rd September 2012.
  • From Around The Web

  • Title says it all: The Agony of Determining What A Flight Really Cost
    My city’s newspaper has a piece on this confusing maze which we consumers have to go through to figure out “all-in-cost”. Thank goodness, it is getting slightly easier in credit card land!
  • American Airlines is introducing luggage delivery service
    I used to live in Japan years ago. It was a two hour train ride from Narita Airport to Tokyo via the Express Train! And when you travel with kids and have lots of baggage, the delivery service really came in handy. It is about time something like that was offered here.
  • Chance to earn 65,000 Hyatt points!.
    To be honest, I doubt many will actually reach that. But with 5,000 bonus points for a 5 night stay, it might just affect your fall and winter vacation plans. Check it out.
  • Emirates Amenity Kit Review!!!
    For those of you who collect or are into amenity kits, here’s a peak at what you get with flying Emirates.

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