College Student Credit Cards 2012 Reviews and Editor's Recommendations

College Student Credit Card Guide 2013

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Editor's Choice : Recommended Student Credit Cards

The new revamped it series of cards has resulted in great improvements for the Discover it® Card For Student. This is a card that is taylor made for new college students. You've got to read the review to get the full scoop on this card.

The Citi® Dividend® Card for College Students is another great card to get if you are looking to earn cash rebates. This is the student version of the regular consumer version and has very similar features. There are various ways for you to earn more cash back. This is a simple card to save money on things you would spend anyway.

If you are the sort that goes for reward points, then the card to consider is the Citi Forward® Card for College Students. This card encourages good financial habits with a series of bonuses and incentives and let's you earn extra points for common student purchases.