Credit Cards for Fair and Average Credit

What is Fair Credit? It depends on the era that you were talking about. For example, pre-2008 financial crisis days, a score of about 700 thereabouts would be considered fair. But since the financial crisis, credit card issuers have been more stringent about who they approve for credit cards. From speaking to folks in the industry, it has become clear that not only do they look at FICO scores, but they also rely more on their internal credit scoring models. As an example, someone with a credit score of 700 but file bankruptcy 4 years ago would be viewed differently from someone with little credit history with a similar score.

Below are cards that are more likely to be approved if you do not have super duper credit. What credit card should you get when your credit has been steadily improving?

What you want to do is to get a couple of "main stream" credit cards. Do not be deterred by not having super excellent credit scores because credit card companies also look at your income and not just your credit history. But at the same time, due to the credit crisis, banks have become much more strict in their approval process. Below is a card that people have successfully applied for.
barclays rewards mastercard The Barclays® Rewards MasterCard® is Barclays own reward card based on their in-house reward program. It is specifically targeted at those with average (or fair) credit. It is one of rare cards targeting this space with no annual fee and also comes with a balance transfer deal!