Credit Score Requirements: Macys Credit Card

Credit Score Requirements and Credit LInes Feedback: Macys Credit Card

Average Score Accepted: 670
Lowest Score Accepted: 593
Highest Score Accepted: 732
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Macys store cards are popular with people who shop a lot at their stores. However, they are also popular with people who are looking to rebuild their credit. In fact, folks who have had a bankruptcy history have been successful in getting approved (as seen by some of the comments below).
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Credit Score: 670
Credit Limit: 100
Age: 25-34
Posted 01/03 2014
My EQ score was 680. I applied online and got a $100 credit line. Given that I sometimes make large purchases in Macys, I could have used a larger limit. After paying in full for about a year, I got the CLI up to $500.
Credit Score: 686
Credit Limit: 300
Age: 25-34
Posted 12/27 2013
Applied in the store and got approved. I have a few baddies in my CR so I guess I cannot really complain about the low credit lines that I got. Macys will give you a line for the store and if your score is good enough, you will get approved for an actual credit card as well.
Credit Score: 690
Credit Limit: 600
Age: 35-44
Posted 11/17 2013
Got a $500 CL with a 690 TU score. That is enough for me since I usually just shop at Macys during the holiday season and maybe about 4 times a year. Never needed more than that amount. Still I've come close a couple of times and I do have to watch my limits.
Credit Score: 620
Credit Limit: 300
Age: 25-34
Posted 10/05 2013
I applied when my TU score was about 620 and I got a $300 CL. That was enough for me as I use it maybe 6 times a year at the store. The key to this card is to always pay in full since the interest rates is not exactly consumer friendly!
Credit Score: 732
Credit Limit: 3000
Age: 45-54
Posted 10/03 2013
Had a decent score of over 700 (can't remember which bureau). Got a CL of $3000, which was nice. But the CS is really bad and you really have to be careful about paying your bills in full. Their website and online payments are not really good nor sophisticated.
Credit Score: 710
Credit Limit: 600
Age: 35-44
Posted 09/24 2013
I thought my 700 plus score was decent and was rather surprised that firstly, I did not get the Amex version (the proper cc). Secondly, you would think that the lines should be larger given my score and no baddies on my CR!
Credit Score: 593
Credit Limit: 100
Age: 35-44
Posted 08/09 2013
I shop at Macys a few times a year. I went through the last two years trying to rebuild my credit after a divorce. Prior to this card, I had a Cap One secured with a $300 line and a Orchard Bank with also a $300 line. I was surprised to get only a $100 line. But with no annual fee compared to my other cards, I guess it was not such a bad deal.
Credit Score: 643
Credit Limit: 600
Age: 35-44
Posted 06/22 2013
After reading the comments here, I was quite surprised to find that my CL was 600 despite my score. I was expecting $100 or $200. My cards before I got his was the Credit One and Wells Fargo secured. I paid in full every month and my utilization was very low. I think this is key to my CL amount.
Credit Score: 705
Credit Limit: 300
Age: 25-34
Posted 05/08 2013
You would think that with a 700+ score that I would be approved for the Amex version. But despite nothing bad in my CR, I only got approved for the store card! (And I have got a Discover!). To add insult to injury, my CL is only $300. Surely dsnb can do better than that. Since I shop about 3 times a year at the big M, I think I'll just cancel this card after a year or so.
Credit Score: 664
Credit Limit: 800
Age: 45-54
Posted 04/13 2013
I went to the store and applied for what I thought was the Macys Amex card. But I was only approved for this version. I thought it was a mistake and asked the rep to check. She said she could do nothing about it. I later found out that when you apply, you are actually considered for both and if you are not approved for the Amex card then you will get the store card. If you are approved for the Amex card, you can choose to either take that or the store card. I have a Cap One with $1500 CL. I only charge $200 a month to that. The low utilization probably helped me get approved. And going by the CLs given here, it looks like that helped as well.
Credit Score: 657
Credit Limit: 100
Age: 25-34
Posted 02/05 2013
I got this card and got an initial CL of $100. I shop at Macys about once every 2 months and put about %$50 to $70 on the card at once. However, I pay in full every month. After about a year and a half, I thought I was late and called CSR to check if online payment went through. It did and I was given a CLI - bumped up to $1000. That was a nice surprise. Guess I might use the 15% discounts on a nice Polo RL jacket!