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More questions from our readers. Here are some of my answers. Please keep the questions coming.

Question from Angelo Javier : How do I cash in my reward point on my bmw visa card. Is there a merchandise catalog or a cash I can exchange my point?

Answer : Angelo, you can access the rewards catalog from the following link :

I’ve actually created a little video to show everyone BMW’s reward catalog.

Question from Tiffany : I’m actually on hold for college, But I am returning on March 20 I believe. Can I still apply for the Student Card?

Answers – Yes, you should be able to apply for a student credit card.

Question from Peter Pham : Hello Mr. Credit Card – Your site is fantastic! Extremely clear, thorough and concise, I’m closer to choosing a new credit card, but still unsure.

As I am currently an unemployed and unregistered-for-school student; I do not make anything near the neighborhood of $6,500, so that takes the American Blue Cash Card out. I like what I see for the Discover Card, but still would most likely not reach the required level to get full cash back benefits. Would it still be a good card for someone like me? I have good credit and have a good spending-payment record.

Thanks a lot,

Peter Pham

Answer : Discover Card have a feature called (which many people do not know). They have partnerships with about 100 online retailers like Nike, Apple, Gap etc. When you shop at these online stores through and use a Discover Card, you can earn anywhere between 5% and 20% in cash rebates (or cash back bonus as Discover likes to call it). I think of it more as a 5% discount. So from that perspective, it is still worth getting the Discover Card.

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