Amex Extended Warranty Covers iPhone Repair


In 2008, I bought Mrs Credit Card an iPhone (the old generation). For that, I actually got to the Apple store at the mall at 7:00am in the morning and was actually second in line! Well, last September (2010), the iPhone’s screen was broken and she could not see anything on it.

We took it to the Apple Store and we had to either get it repaired or buy a new one. The folks at the Mac store told us that our Apple Care had expired. After walking out of the Apple store, I realized that I had paid for the iPhone with my Platinum Card and it had the usual warranty extension feature whereby they will extend the warranty on any product you paid for with the card for up to one year after the manufacturer’s warranty. So I made a call to Amex Platinum and told them of the situation.

I was connected to the “extended warranty section” and was told that I had to report the incident before I sent the the phone in for repairs. They also said that they would recommend a “place to get it repaired!” (like where else could you get an iPhone fixed?) I said it was too late because I had already had it replaced. They then told me to tell them the price of the original purchase. As I was calling them from my cell phone, I told them I could not even remember. So I gave them a rough estimate. She then gave me a reference number and I took down the number on the “notes” section of my iPhone. I was told that Amex would get back to me or that I could call back.

Months passed and I had forgotten about it. Then at the beginning of this year, I called them up again to ask them about the outcome. They said it has been credited into my December 2010 statement. I took a look and lo and behold, it was there.

I am telling you about this incident because I have come to appreciate the “extended manufacturer’s warranty” feature that credit cards offer. Many cards offer this feature (not just Amex). But this great experience with Amex only makes me want to recommend them even more. While other cards (other than Amex) offer this feature, I’ve no experience with them so I can’t comment on it. But if I were you, I’d charge any major appliance or electronics purchases to Amex because of this pleasant extended warranty feature.

You do not need to get the Platinum Card to get this feature. Other Amex cards like the Blue Cash, Blue Sky, Starwood Preferred Guest and Premier Rewards Gold Card all have this feature.

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3 Responses to “Amex Extended Warranty Covers iPhone Repair”

  1. Carlo Says:

    that was it? just a phone call and they credited you?

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:


  3. Chris Says:

    Maybe this was clear to everyone else, but I just learned that apparently Extended Warranty only covers manufacturing defects. AmEx says it doesn’t apply when your screen has broken simply because you dropped the phone; that’s the AmEx 90-day purchase protection. If anyone thinks that’s not the case, I’d love to hear it.

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