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Credit Card Warranty or Manufacturers Warranty?

by Mr Credit Card

Mr. CC ,

I purchased a custom computer direct from the manufacturer (Toshiba), and will also be purchasing an enhanced extended warranty (accidental damage, auth. local service repair, etc.).Trying to decide who I should purchase the warranty from. My Nordstrom Visa Sig cc automatically extends any manufacturer warranty by 1 year, but , I can also the enhanced warranty directly from my Nordstrom Visa Sig. The price difference is negligible between the two (Toshiba and NVS), although the term of the contracts differ a bit. This is how it shakes out, as I understand it:

Toshiba – 2 year enhanced warranty – $200 (plus 1 yr from Nordstrom = 3yr enhanced)

Nordstrom – 3 year enhanced – $250 (which kicks in after the Toshiba standard 1 year warranty expires = 4yrs……..but no enhanced for year 1)

The terms and conditions of each policy are +/- the same, although each has some draconian language that allows them to decline to honor the warranty in some arbitrarily decided extreme circumstances.

This is a $1400 machine, a substantial purchase for my budget.

In your experience, who would you rather deal with in the event you had to ask for fulfillment from a warranty policy. It seems to me my CC co. would be more inclined to keep me a happy customer, since I provide them w/a continuing revenue source, although the lack of enhanced in year 1 does concern me. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.



Answers – Randy, this is a tough one to answer. But I would ask yourself the following question.

How long do you expect to use the computer – While some folks will use it until it dies out, others may actually upgrade after a set number of years or when some new features become available. If you tend to change laptops every three years rather than four years, then perhaps the decisions is easier.

Check your nearest Toshiba Repair Shop – On Toshiba’s website, you can find out the near Toshiba Repair center from your place. I think you want to make sure that it is somewhere near your place (or within reason). Since you have to spend

You might also want to check with your Nordstrom Visa and find out what is the procedure if your laptop does not work? – Find out what is the procedure? Do you have to send it somewhere for verification and will they reimburse you on what you spent to get a new computer? Or do you have to send it to a repair shop? How do you claim. Make sure you know the exact procedure for your credit card issuer.

I do not think I specifically answered your question so far. But personally, I prefer the first option since I think many laptops show signs of problems after the 2nd year. I also personally think you should upgrade a laptop after 3 years. HardDrive space and Memory simply improves so much within 2 or 3 years.

Another thing you might want to be doubly sure is that you are ing the manufacturers’ warranty and not the retail store warranty. I know for a fact that Amex extended will extend a “manufacturer’s warranty” but not “retailers’ warranty” like one you from Best Buy.

For additional information, see the Visa Warranty Guide

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4 Responses to “Credit Card Warranty or Manufacturers Warranty?”

  1. Eric Says:

    I would go with the CC

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:


    just wondering what is your reasoning?

    Mr CC

  3. Creditshout Says:

    Great article – you actually beat me to it I have a similar post lined up for this week. Testing out the iPad here.

  4. Credit Card Mosaic Says:

    I would not even go with CC. Check out Square Trade Warranty. You can get a 3 year enhanced (drops and spills) for $300 that covers from Day 1. While that’s a little more expensive – you can find a number of offer codes on the Web that can bring that down depending on the coverage 20 – 35%.

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