Win One of 10 Flip Video Cameras!


Black Flip Video Ultra

American Express has been generous enough to spread a little holiday cheer by offering 10 of our readers a Flip Video Ultra camera.

They are trying to spread awareness of their American Express Charge cards and their Membership Rewards Program.

Regular readers know that I have always been the world’s number one proponent (behind my parents) of paying your balance in full every month.   American Express Charge cards are specifically designed for people like me who always pay their balance in full every month, avoiding interest.

As for the Membership Rewards program, I have always felt that it was a tossup between Membership Rewards and Amex’s Starwood Preferred guest card for having the most valuable reward options.    While I focus on the reward travel opportunities with many different airlines, others prefer some of their merchandise awards, like the Flip video cameras.

Here are the contest rules:

1. Sign up for our newsletter at the top of the page.

2. Leave a comment in this post answering the following question:

“What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?”

The winners will be determined by the staff here at AskMrCreditCard on Monday, December 21st.

Good Luck!

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123 Responses to “Win One of 10 Flip Video Cameras!”

  1. Paula H Says:

    The savviest way I am making my money work harder for me this holiday season is by reading this blog every day!

  2. Greg L. Says:

    Maxed out my 401k contribution and xmas shopping online with free shipping deals only!

  3. Kyle Says:

    I am making my money work harder for me this holiday season by giving myself the gift of my first, non tax sheltered, investment account to do with as I please. I have never been much of an “investor” but figure now is as good a time as any to start to learn the ropes.

  4. Ernest S. Says:

    The savviest thing that I did this season was volunteer for my company’s holiday party planning committee, specifically being in charge of purchasing all the supplies and door prizes. Using my credit card (currently a Discover Card), I focused my purchases with the goal of maximizing my credit card rewards (which currently is a 5% cashback reward on groceries, movie tickets, and restaurants; and various % for specific online retailers). Yes, I made sure that every door prize was tied to some sort of cashback reward.

    Needless to say, I feel like a bit of a bandit since all my party expenses will be reimbursed!

  5. David from California Says:

    The savviest way I am making my money work harder for me this holiday season is by doing my Xmas shopping from online retailers. Big discounts and free shipping! Merry Christmas!!!

  6. mbhunter Says:

    Some of my money’s staying in my pocket because I already had done some shopping at yard sales earlier in the year!

  7. Credit Card Chaser Says:

    The savviest way that I have made my money work harder for me is to use my American Express TrueEarnings Card to get 3% cash back when I booked my airplane tickets!

  8. The Digerati Life Says:

    The savviest way I made my money work for me this season? Use Ebates! Great cash back when you use their portal! And I love rewards cards.

  9. Phill Says:

    The savviest way I made my money work for this season is by ordering in bulk from online shopping sites to minimize shipping costs and avoid the higher in-store retail prices.

  10. susan g Says:

    This year, as in past years, I started Christmas planning on 12/26. I hit the stores for wrapping paper, decorations, etc for 75% off. I make a budget for all Christmas expenses (including the meal, the stamps for the cards – every little thing). I divide this amount by the # of paychecks in the year and have that money put directly into an online savings account. Come shopping time, I have the money in my account, a list of who I need to buy for, and how much I can spend. I do use my credit card for purchases (more protection, reward points), but I can then easily transfer the money over and pay my bill in full.

    Thanks for doing this and enjoy your holidays! :)

  11. Lulu Says:

    The best way I made my money work for me was to pay off high interest credit card debt while continuing to put away small amounts in savings. By paying off the high interest credit card I am saving myself from a lingering future with constantly paying off debt and not getting anywhere.

    By forcing myself to save a little bit I was able to see that I can cut my living expenses so that is giving me an edge to make it later on in life.

  12. Christy Says:

    I have been saving money in an account that gets interest all year long. That gave me a little bonus money. I bought mostly everything on the internet, and used Ebates. I have been looking for deals daily from websites, and have gotten quite a few almost free Christmas gifts. Thank you for the chance to win such a cool prize.

  13. Eric Starker Says:

    I think my use of Bing and cashback has been the best. Getting 3% cashback on my credit card anyway, and sometimes up to 20% on Bing, has saved me quite a bit of money.

  14. Mrs. Accountability Says:

    This is very cool, Mr. Credit Card! One way I save money at Christmas is to buy my Christmas cards in January (11 months ago) at the Target 90% off sale. I buy the really nice cards for my husband’s business which would normally cost about $30, and get them for only $3. So for anyone who sends out Christmas cards or needs Christmas decorations check out Target for great deals in just a few more weeks! Thanks, I’m signing up for your newsletter, and will be putting up a blog post momentarily.

  15. ShellieCooper Says:

    I made weekly mortgage payments all year, so I did not owe for the month of December. I took that money and went Christmas shopping online using,, and all the coupon codes that I could find.

  16. Mrs. Micah Says:

    Since we bought most of our Christmas gifts through Amazon, I saved up some Swagbucks points and redeemed them for Amazon gift cards. It made ordering a little more cheerful and less painful!

  17. Beth Says:

    One way I’ve saved money this Christmas is to check out any deals or discounts offered through rewards programs to which I belong. I used points to purchase one gift, and even found a discount for gift cards!

  18. Scott N. Says:

    The savviest my wife and I made our money work this Christmas was to use our Credit Card reward points saved up through the year to get gift cards to my wife’s place of employment (a large retail store) where she gets a hefty discount on merchandise. Then use those GC’s and her discount to purchase gifts.

  19. Caitlin Says:

    The secret is not waiting until the holiday season to do all of your shopping. My shopping for this year’s holiday season started with the after-Christmas sales from Christmas 2008. I picked up some great gifts that I was able to pack away for birthdays, special events and this year’s holiday season.

    You really have to know your prices, but if you keep your eye on specific products all year long, you’ll recognize a great deal when you see one and you can snap it up.

    I’m also a big proponent of Black Friday shopping; it’s been great because so many retailers have been matching or beating those prices online and as the consumer, we can really clean up. By finding promotional codes and coupons online, you can get extra discounts, free shipping and other great bonuses.

    Of course, using your cash back or rewards credit cards sweetens the deal for you. When all is said and done, I’ve often earned a little cash so that I can indulge in a treat for myself.

    Thanks for hosting this contest!

  20. Mike Says:

    Using my credit card to buy all my Christmas gift cards from the grocery store, where I get 5% cash back.

  21. J Says:

    I’ve moved money that was sitting in checking account to a higher yielding savings account. Also, I sold some stocks at a loss to offset some capital gains.

  22. Jennifer Says:

    Setting up a sinking fund for Christmas through the year, swagbucks for Amazon gift cards and shopping through ebates has saved us a lot more money this year.

  23. Peter Says:

    The savviest way I’m making my money work harder for me this year is by making sure my money is saved in a high yield savings account instead of my old bricks and mortar bank account. Instead of earning next to nothing, now my money is earning hundreds per year. By taking small steps like this one I’m saving and earning thousands more every year!

  24. Matt Says:

    Sold enough stuff that was no longer being used on Ebay/Craigslist to completely cover all gifts plus some extra for our emergency fund.

  25. Ryan G Says:

    We’ve used our AMEX credit card.

    My wife and I were able to save hundreds of dollars on a new laptop to replace her aging one using our AMEX card in combination with their Daily Wish program.

    In addition, we’ve earned Delta SkyMiles using the AMEX card and for other purchases saved money by using online retailers that accept promo/discount codes and used free shipping where possible.

  26. Mac Says:

    I have taken advantage of the AMEX Wish List program and was quick enough to get $50 off of $100 @ Walmart and $20 off of $50 @ Amazon. I also have been using my Discover card for most of my online purchases (sorry AMEX) as they are now giving 2% cashback for all online transaction through 12/31. Then it’s back to my Skymiles AMEX card!

    We also sold more of our unused gear on Craiglist & eBay, purchased most xmas gift on Black Friday, including a very affordable dishwasher from Best Buy, and did most of our shopping online this year.

  27. Samir Says:

    Before thanks giving I got new membership of COSTCO wholesale and did lot of shopping in thanks giving earning a good 2% cash back. Also bought everything from CVS which had EB on them, used first EB to buy the 2nd thing, the chain worked out great.

  28. Eric Says:

    I put my money into an online savings account with ING! I also finished a debt snowball and now that balance is going into my savings every month.

  29. mila Says:

    cash out all my points to buy christmas gifts

  30. John M Says:

    “What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?”

    Pay down credit card balance, increase contributions to my 401K, increase contributions to my HSA account, shop online for best prices for Christmas, use as many coupons as possible, and use price matching in store.

  31. Sona Says:

    What is the savviest I have made my money work harder for me this holiday season — (1) Use points/miles to buy things (2) Use cashback rewards …. Recycling gifts.

  32. Eric Says:

    This year, we planned ahead better and, with list in hand, we got 90% of our gifts at yard/garage sales and thrift stores. For the other 10% we worked the online deals and paid very little for any of it. For instance, we took advantage of the Kodak Friends $15 giveaway for the two of us (for a total of $30) so we could print out $30 worth of pictures of our son from the last 5 years to send to the grandparents and other relatives. We also traded in an old Playstation game for credit on Amazon for $22 and used another free $3 in credit from Amazon they were giving away to get a gift for a niece who has to contend with her Bday being right next to Xmas.

    Aside from shipping, we’ve probably spent under $75 dollars for us and all of our immediate family members for Xmas using the power of thrifting and online deals.

  33. FFB Says:

    On Black Friday, rather than go shopping we signed up for an Electric Orange account. ING was offering $121 for new accounts that day. All we had to do was use our debit card three times. Easy $121 for the kid’s gifts!

    Another thing we did was agree within the family to only get gifts for the kids rather than for each other. This way the kids still enjoy the holidays and we spend less.

  34. Undebt Says:

    I did all my Xmas shopping online, at one time, using cash-back rewards from a years worth of credit card purchases (all paid in full every month of course).

    No driving around, parking hassles, or crowds. Just wait for the UPS guy and done!

  35. 165kindebt Says:

    One of the best part of the holidays is leftovers! But I waste a lot of money throwing out leftovers I never get around to eating. One solution is to make individual meals and freeze them. But something I like even better is making soup out of my leftovers, which can also be frozen and last for months.

    Several weeks before the holidays I watch the ads for stock going on sale. Stock is cheap and is often two for one, and you can freeze it easily where it lasts a long time. Get lots of vegetable, beef, and chicken stock.

    You can’t make a good soup out of marshmellow jello, but any kind of leftover protein and veggies make great soups. In a big pan, heat the stock on medium with butter. Add the protein and veggies you’ve chosen, finely chopped. Turkey and brocolli, ham and peas and carrots, chicken and any kind of veggies are all great. Various cheeses work, too. Simmer for at least 20 minutes, longer is better, add milk and simmer on low a bit more. At this point some people throw it in a food processor, but I don’t mind chunky soup so I don’t usually do that. Then divide into small tupperware containers, let cool, and throw in the fridge or freezer. Pull one out when you feel like soup on a cold evening, or with a grilled cheese. Yum, cheap….and no waste!

  36. Casey Says:

    This year we’ve managed to recycle several gifts and also give antique gifts from our house that we know others might like. It helps us stay uncluttered and spread the Christmas spirit at the same time!

  37. james wilson Says:

    I transferred the available credit of $12,750 from my BOFA account at 14.99% to my other BOFA account at 9.9% to take advantage of a great promotion offer, and then had them do a balance transfer to my checking account of 0% till 1/2011. After the new law is effective in 2/2010 I am going to then use the funds to send right back to BOFA and pay of the existing balances not on a promo offer I have at 9.9 and 14.99 since the new law will force them to payoff the higher APR instead of the lower. In the end BOFA will get their own money back at 1.99 till 1/2011

  38. Leilany Says:

    The savviest way I’ve saved money this holiday season is by buying little by little throughout the whole year. I also used online coupons and rewards savings. Happy shopping!

  39. Peter Says:

    Well, I’m taking the kids to Disney (and actually got a good price by booking through Southwest Vacations which saved $1500 over best deal I could get through Disney!); but, and I’m awfully proud of myself for this one: The kids love to collect trading pins at Disney. In the past I’ve been sweet-talked into buying them pins at ungodly prices (which have gone up steadily over time). So, instead of paying $6 to $10 per pin, I bought a lot of 100 trading pins on eBay for $80, since they are only going to trade them with “cast members” anyways… which reminds me, I need to get new lanyards… And, now, I plan to make all of my extravagant purchases with a new cash back credit card.

  40. Credit Girl Says:

    The savviest thing I’ve done with my money is set aside a $10 a month budget early on in the year (after New Year’s) that way when the holiday season comes around, I’m not in debt with interest on credit cards because I’ve managed to save cash! =)

  41. Danielle Pelton Says:

    My secret is coupons….I’m a fanatic!!! If it’s full price I don’t buy it!

  42. Bre’ Says:

    I make my money work for me by using websites like Mr. Rebates and Ebates when purchasing online. I also stack the savings by starting early shopping on Ebay and getting 75%-90% off on off-season items, and I am apart of their program where I receive 2% on every purchase.

    I am careful about choosing the right credit card. I have NEVER carried a balance on any CC. I use AmEx for the cash back savings on everything stacked on top of the above and buy in bulk. I also have an AmEx for my business where I receive cash back immediately every statement for everything I purchase. Finally I love receiving freebies with high value coupons and that is what I use at the end of the year for presents and on birthdays. For example my MIL is receiving all my coffee and jewelry samples I have collected.

    I would love to have the flip for my 2 girls (13 months and 2.5 years). A bulky hard to figure out camera is not for me and capturing early years are priceless!

  43. Mary Says:

    I never buy anything unless it is on sale. I am a big proponent of coupons and combining special offers with sale prices. I also diversify my investments to stretch my dollars.

  44. Kevin Hurst Says:

    This is right up my alley. Basically, you could put my method into an algorithm for any time you need to spend money.

    Before I talk about my algorithm for general shopping, I need to mention some bullet points around other budget items which are also very important and have saved me a ton (and will be paying me many dividends in coming years). I could spend a lot of time talking about the following bullet points, trying to hold myself back here. The following items should be checked regularly (at least once a year, preferably twice per year):

    1) Mortgage: research refinancing feasibility/savings – I did this in June, getting a 15-year rate of 4.375, saving several hundred dollars/month
    2) Insurance: research switching companies for auto/home/life insurance. Discounts available for having auto/home with same company. Do not fall for the marketing pitch of “no penalty for the first accident” as they are pricing into their rate that you will have an accident – go with a different auto policy. By switching companies, I was able to save over 10%, which was a lot of extra cash in pocket.
    3) Utilities: evaluate phone/cell/cable/Internet (not much you can do about water/electric rates). I saved 30% by playing Verizon against Comcast (redoing a contact with a bundle, even though the contract still had almost a year left on it). Also saved a bunch by getting a 30% federal tax rebate by putting from a $1000 investment in attic insulation ($300 back) which will save me over $100/month each month this winter and all future winters. Similar item is a attic stairs cover to allow insulation over attic stairs which is a common way to have a lot of heat flow into the attic. Also, user Kil-a-Watt device to identify appliances in my home which should be unplugged or powered off via a power strip when not in usage. One example: a TV/DVD/Cable box in the basement which is used at most once a week is not powered off via a power strip, and Kil-a-watt has identified it will save $2/month (ok, not huge, but got me excited). Also – use a Honeywell automatic thermostat timer to turn heat or a/c lower/higher based on time of day – saves 10% or more on heating/cooling bills. Buy a $20 blanket for your hot water heater – paying for itself in months and then pays you dividends after that.
    4) Groceries: normal, boring stuff saves me (and others) a ton. Cut coupons, which are doubled at the grocery store (up to $1 savings each), but double/triple/quadruple of the non-perishable (or even perishable which have a long shelf life) sale items, buy in bulk at warehouse clubs. At BJs, where I shop, sign up for the BJ’s rewards membership ($79 vs. $39), which gives 2% cash back on purchases. Easily makes it worth my while (don’t forget the built-in 2% Schwab rebate as well, plus the constant BJ’s coupons which come in the mail).
    5) Drug stores: Riteaid, CVS, Walgreens – buy extra of the sale items each week, where there are practically giving away loss leader items. Some are free or better than free if you count the rebates! CVS – use a free CVS frequent shopper card, which gives 2% rebate on all purchases, plus $1 for each prescription filled. Make sure to also purchase CVS items which give “extra bucks” which is cash to be used on a future visit – free money!
    6) Other stores: make sure to recycle printer ink cartridges at Staples which gives you $3 on future purchases for each recycled cartridge. Also – make sure to show your grocery store shopper card for purchases, as well as free shopper cards at Dicks Sporting Good and Modells (3% rebate on future purchases).
    7) Taxes: max out 401K contributions, defer income if permitted, donate appreciated stocks to your church instead of paying capital gains taxes, but claiming the credit.

    The focus of this entry is on the other purchases. Most of everything else can be purchased online, with free shipping, and often no sales tax. Plus at a discount. Plus with cash back from the website you use. Plus with credit card cash back.
    Here is the algorithm which has served me extremely well:
    1. Default card for most purchases is Schwab Visa, which pays a 2% rebate with no max. Awesome.
    2. For purchases, use the Amazon Visa. Save $30 on first purchase, and 3% on all purchases. Whenever buying anything, first check Amazon pricing, as it is often the best (and usually can get free shipping on order over $25, and usually/almost always no sales tax (save 6% right there). No ethical issue with no sales tax – federal law does not require companies to collect sales tax in states where they have physical location.
    3. Also check pricing on which has great pricing too. If Walmart ends up being the place you purchase it at, access it from or (cashback varies, but at least one of them will be either 2% or 3%, even for Walmart). Use the Schwab Visa of course for 2% more. Will need to pay sales tax, so factor that in when compared to Amazon. Sometimes get free shipping, otherwise you can always get free shipping by using “ship to store”.
    4. Use Chase Wawa Visa for all gasoline purchases. The Wawa convenience stores in the Philadelphia/Tri-state area always have the lowest gas prices since they use it as a loss leader. In addition, the Wawa Visa pays a 3% rebate (10% for first month of usage of this Visa).
    5. Always check to compare prices before making a purchase, along with Walmart and Amazon. Drugstore has comparable prices, maybe a little higher, but for $50+ shipping is always free, and there is no sales tax, plus they credit you 5% back for a future visit, and you get 10% back when accessing through the Discover card shopping portal. Not bad – I’ve used it a ton!
    6. OK – near the end. If making a substantial purchase, use Froogle (Google shopping service) to compare prices across all stores (really, a huge number), for very specific models. Such as a particular model of an electronic or computer device. Check prices for best price via Froogle, determine the place you want to purchase the device at, and then figure out the best cash back deal you can get from that place by comparing FatWallet, Ebates, Bing, and Discover Card. In my experience, Discover Card always wins – they have great cash back deals, must be passing almost all of the kickback back to the user. Although – they don’t have the vast array of merchants that FatWallet and Ebates does. Usually second place to Discover is Ebates – I have used them a ton over the past two years.
    7. Final entry: Make sure to carry a Discover Card, maybe 2 or 3 (one for you, one for spouse, one joint). Each quarter they have a category, such as Restaurants, which is featured for that quarter for a 5% extra cashback discount, up to a max of either $300 or $400. This is $15 to $20 per quarter, per card, just for using your Discover card for that category for the quarter. Free money.

    I hope you like my entry. Feel free to share with everyone, I am not copyrighting it.

    If you like it, maybe a Flip video camera could make it’s way to me?

    Best Regards, and happy shopping, Kevin Hurst

  45. Jo Ann Says:

    Being in California and having to face losing my home to foreclosure, the stress of finances and having to plan for a place to live has taken a toll with my health this year. Then one evening I was sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself, when I saw in the corner a laundry basket with balls of yarn and my box of crochet hooks from the days when I had extra money to pick up supplies for a hobby that often became the treadmill clothes closet sort of hobby.

    I went online and spent a long time into the night looking up free patterns that I could complete within a couple of days max, I wanted instant gratification. I made my Christmas list for this year and decided to make all my gifts and I would crochet them. The physical act of crochet, much like knitting, is meditative. And at my office, speculation has been growing as to what I am making for each person this year, and that has taken a little bit of the staff gloom off my agency having to wait for the state to pay on our invoices. To me the savviest move I have made this year is being able to stop in the midst of stress enabling chaos, and that feeling that everything is going to pot, and realize a little bit of yarn and some creative time reinforces the relationships with people that are important to me. Now I think I am going to be ok. I have stopped being a mope about the house and at work.

  46. MommyMel Says:

    The savviest way I make my money work for me is to use my Transit Flex Spend Account. Instead of requesting my money on a monthly basis, I let it accumulate from January to October. I bite the bullet during the year and pay out of pocket for my transportation expenses while the money also comes out of my paycheck. At $190 a month it adds up. During this time, I listen to my family and friends and create my list utilizing my speadsheet. It covers gift ideas, location, price, if purchased, actual spent vs. what’s budgeted and what method was used (Ebates, cashback, rewards,etc.). I also use this time to scout the best price so that I don’t overspend and can recognize a real deal. Then in November, I request the money and start to shop. This year I’ve introduced Price Yeti to alert me of price changes. Sure I lose interest by not banking it but I prefer to have it out of sight, out of mind. It’s nice not having to worry about budgeting Christmas into my paychecks. And finally, in January of the next year, I request November and December and use that for after Christmas shopping….cards, decorations, wrapping paper, etc, for the next Christmas at rock bottom prices!

  47. Aryn Says:

    I made two savvy moves this season: I bought 95% of my gifts online. I grouped them to get Free Shipping and made the purchases through Ebates so I got money back for each purchase. Then I charged them to my Amex to earn miles for those purchases. They put me over the edge to get another 5000-mile boost!

    Second, my husband bought himself a laptop to replace his dying 7-year-old laptop at an amazing CyberMonday deal. I bought myself a specially marked down sewing machine at Costco. Since we got those, we’re skipping gifts for each other. They were things we would have had to buy anyway, and will save us money in the long run. Especially once I use that sewing machine to make drapes.

  48. Paula McConnell Says:

    Mr. Credit Card,

    I too have done many of these suggestions, including online shopping, raising funds on ebay, coupons and budgeting. It has all helped and I will be able to pay my Christmas expenses in full without stress. However, the savviest thing I have done is take the gifts I make and turn it into a business.

    I have sewed for years and also collect vintage linens, especially aprons. I have been searching for a quick but well-made, sell-able item at a price point that would entice buyers. It occurred to me to start making aprons – but I am starting with designs that I am testing out on my many sisters-in-laws and nieces. I would have bought (or made) a gift for them anyway, but by making “test products,” I am able to buy what I need for the aprons and most of my expenses are tax-deductible. (I waited to replace my 25 year-old sewing machine to take advantage of this situation. I bought a floor-model and bargained the price down.) I am also selling enough to pay for purchased gifts. This is working out extraordinarily well. It does not take much to start a cottage business; a dba, a domain/website and an etsy shop are all I need. My shop will be fully online in January with aprons modeled by my large family. Yes, those very same gifts will become my website artwork!

    Thank you to American Express. I am very frustrated with my credit card company and will be considering making changes in 2010. I’ll be visiting Am Ex.

    Happy Holidays,
    aka “Parsnip Jones”

  49. Jennifer Says:

    Paying my credit card off every time I get a bill and only shopping the sales, of course! I bargained down the price for 2 appliances at Best Buy as well!

  50. dawn hild Says:

    First and foremost is realizing amount spent does not equate amount of Christmas cheer for the recipient.
    Once I take the pressure off myself, to try and make the holidays “perfect” for all my family and friends, it’s really not that hard to make my money work hard for me.
    I’m using most of my holiday budget to cook wonderful food for them.
    An incredible meal and time together actually means more than another material item …
    I’m also sending home yummy treats when the evening is over.
    (I’m also working on finding old photos of each of them, that I can put in little albums, to remember those previous good times.)

  51. Sunflowers Says:

    The savviest way I have made my money work harder for me this holiday season is by cashing in my credit card points to buy gifts for my friends! I have also bought all of my presents online, after hunting for coupons!

  52. Nathan Ng Says:

    The savviest way I have made my money work harder during the holidays is to delay big ticket purchasing… until Boxing Day/week, when there are invariably sales on electronics etc.

  53. Austin Says:

    I’m giving donations as gifts to family members this holiday season.

    Normal gifts depreciate quickly, but when I give donations the money goes a lot further. It helps people in need with clothing, food, and shelter where as a normal gift doesn’t really “help” anyone.


  54. Shyam Says:

    A new airline from Malaysia started operations to Trivadnrum, Kerala, India from Nov 15th and as part of their inaugural offer, they announced a return ticket per person of just $60. The journey could be any time in the next 6 months !! Normal cost of a return flight to Malaysia from Trivandrum is at least 4-5 times higher and I fell lock, stock and barrel for the offer though holidaying was the last thing in my mind. Immediately booked for 7 members in my family through credit card and am now eagerly awaiting the journey date I chose.
    What better gift than a great holiday spent with a wonderful offer..

  55. carrie…on the cheap Says:

    The savviest way I make my money work hard is by….planning!!! If you plan ahead on what to get for people, you can use coupons and look for sales instead of just grabbing something full price at the last minute!

  56. The Proverbswife Says:

    Hands down…it has to be bank offers. I opened a College Advantage 529 for my (4) children with $25 each and earned an extra $250 in bonus money.

    I opened a ING Orange checking account with no minimum deposit and earned $50

    ING Savings $25 deposit earned $25…

    I also did the Wachovia’s Way2Save promo + $25 gift card offer

    whew!…I love bank offers. I get to try new bank products and services and also get a great ROI

    This is a great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  57. The Proverbswife Says:

    I am signed up with your newsletter.

  58. Ardy Says:

    Being the “lavish cheapskate,” my holiday shopping is a proactive one. I advocate the “Gift Grab Box” and use it. Here’s how… I fill it with standard women’s gifts, sports gifts (for those on my list specific to their sport), and other thoughtful gifts for those on my list. I look for deeply discounted items keeping in mind those on my list year round. I hit the sales just after every holiday and purchase things above 75% off often, but have a rule of thumb to never purchase unless it is (at least) 1/2 off. Because of this, all gifts have a much higher value to the receiver, and I simultaneously shave my expense tremendously.

  59. Belinda S Says:

    The savviest way I have made my money work harder during the holidays is by signing up to the freebie blogs and using the offers available. That has cut down on the number of ppl I have to shop for.

  60. Jan Says:

    The best thing that I did was to save money all year round in an ING sub account – so that I was earning some interest on it. I did almost all shopping online and used coupons from places like retailmenot and so on. Also I used sites like mypoints and ebates to get to the retail sites, so that I earn rewards for all the shopping I would have done anyway. And to top it off, I use credit cards to make the purchases so that I earn some rewards on them. Of course I pay it off right away since I have the money sitting in my savings account.

    So by doing the shopping I would do anyway, I earn:
    1) Interest from ING for the savings
    2) Points from myPoints
    3) Rewards from my credit card company

    And I save on gas, by not driving to the mall and circling it to find a parking spot. :-)

  61. San Says:

    There are a lot of ways to save money during the holidays

    * Use credit cards to pay for purchases and earn rewards for buying something you already would (but only if you have money to pay it off the same month)
    * If shopping online, use rewards sites like mypoints to hit up some points. Also most sites have free shipping coupons floating around
    * If you have to travel during Christmas, try flying out on the day of Christmas to save money. This way you can spend Christmas morning at your home and yet meet family and fares will definitely be cheaper
    * Another tip would be not to get too caught up with Black Friday deals and such. Find out the cost of the item a week before and see if you are truly getting a discount. Sometimes even when the store tells you it’s 50% off, it might be at 40% off otherwise
    * Use swagbucks, Coinstar, mypoints and redeem for gift cards that can be given out as gifts or can be used to purchase gifts
    * Homemade cookies, fudge etc can be a great Christmas gift, especially for bachelors and other kitchen challenged people. Double points if you can give something that can be frozen and used for a long time

  62. Natsu Says:

    I’ve joined your newsletter!

    What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?

    I lost my job right before the holiday season, so money is even tighter this year. My friends and I are throwing together money to get my boyfriend a nice gift, which i know he’ll love. But for the people who i just couldn’t afford big gifts for i’m baking for them. People looove cookies!

  63. Denise Says:

    I saved up all the items that I was thinking of buying as gifts for Free Shipping day (today)!

  64. Syreeta Says:

    I set up linking accounts so that my credit card balance is paid automatically each month, and my credit card offers me cash back at the end of the year.

  65. Cat Says:

    I planned out exactly what my budget was for each person, stuck to it, and bought everything through websites that participate in Ebates or Upromise and offer free shipping. I spent my $200 budget and have gotten $8 back from Upromise and $12 from Ebates. It doesn’t seem like too much, but I effectively got 10% off, never paid for shipping, and only paid sales tax on one transaction. If you count my rebates, I came in 18% under budget!

  66. Sue Says:

    By signing up for your newsletter and reading your blog and by paying strict attention to my budget! A first for me!!!

  67. paranoidasteroid Says:

    The savviest way I’m making my money work for me is by being The Person Who Can Afford A Huge Outlay Of Cash. Before, my sisters and I couldn’t afford to get big gifts because none of us could afford the big outlay of money, so we’d each just buy the smaller gifts we could afford.

    Now that I can just buy something and wait for them to pay me back, we can get much nicer gifts and split the cost. The gist are always better, and split three ways, we spend less than we did before!

  68. Eric Says:

    Can’t believe the only time I have to take a break from this blog and a giveaway comes up!

    Well the savviest way I’ve been making money work is to learn how to maximize my spending and purchases on everyday items using credit cards! It’s like a fun game for me and a huge reason I’m always reading this blog.

    Happy Holidays to the CC crew! :)

  69. Nicole Says:

    I would say by using coupons & watching for the best deals on these blogs!

  70. Nikki Says:

    I would say the best way i have made my money work harder for me this holiday season is getting online deal on & using promotion codes. Buying with free shipping or getting a free gift with purchase. I also have learned to save other little trinkets from last year to add to this years gift. Also using stuff i bought from last year at after Christmas sales at stores, where you can save 50% to 75% off. I also save ribbon, bows, & cards from present/gifts. I craft gifts also. So using mason jars, or washing out candle jars after the candle has ment it’s match, works great when making cookie mixes and/or other cool crafts. I also stop at my local dollar store or dollar tree to see the great christmas selction they have, which is amazing! I also try for TJ Maxx, Marshals, or Burlington. They also have amazing sales/clearence items you can get for super cheap & add them in a gift basket. the possibilities are endless ;)

  71. Walter Says:

    by being kind of a scrooge & not spending any money and saving it. lol

  72. Julie Says:

    by investing my money in college so i can get a good degree & earn even more money! i’m putting my money to work for a great cause!

  73. Sandra Landry Says:

    My Discover Card has made my money stretchhhhhhhhh to buy a new Mac Pro. By using my Discover Card I got the normal cashback percent, I qualified for their Christmas promotion cashback offer and then I went through the Discover Card merchant program to the APPLE website to make my purchase. By doing this I got an additional 5% cashback. Then to top that, I was able to use the educational discount that APPLE gives because my husband is a professor at the University of Georgia. NOW, I can cash in my accumulated cashback dollars to pay for the computer. *I allow my cashback dollars to accumulate so that when I do cash in the money I am able to make a large purchase. Several years ago I purchased a top of the line washer and dryer with the cashback $$$. This time it is a laptop computer.

    Thanks DISCOVER for giving me a lap full of money (LAPTOP!).

  74. Sarah Says:

    First I list down all the things/gifts that I plan to buy. Search those gifts online and see if I can find some great deals. Discount coupons and the like are love. I also compare the prizes of an item in every store that I can think of. And buy the cheapest one with a good deal.

    And there are also times that it’s hard to pick a gift for someone so I just decide to make a personalized card for them. It’s really cheap since I only use materials available in our house like cutouts from a magazine, glue, paper puncher, stamps, etc. and recycling the used papers I have. I only need to spend an extra amount of my time and a little bit of money to finish the card. I guess the message inside would do all the talking. Anyway, it’s better that you remembered that special someone, right. :)

  75. FIRE Finance Says:

    Saviest way of making our money work harder this holidays has been to shop early with a detailed plan of who’s getting what. The next step was to fix a budget and a determination to stick to it. Whenever we felt an impulse to buy stuff we had no plans for we took a deep breath, counted till 10 and walked away. We did most of our shopping online using coupons and deals at large.
    The sweetest part is that we chose to buy hand made and green gifts for all thus promoting small craftsmen. And to earn cash back we used our credit cards for each and every purchase.
    Thanks a lot for offering this giveaway.

  76. Izalot Says:

    I opened a Perk Street checking account with $1,000 from my credit card and will receive a 1% reward bonus from my credit card and a $50 bonus from Perk Street in 3 months. I opened a Lending Club account and received $64.62 as a promotion–I used my Perk Street checking account to transfer $935.38 over. Now I’ve invested $1000 and hopefully will receive 10% back (if the people I’ve loaned don’t default!). So if everything works out I will have made just shy of $150 in the next 3 months ($50 bonus from Perk Street, $10 from my credit card, $64.62 from Lending club and around $25 in interest).

  77. Amy Says:

    My strategy this year was to pick one family member who would get an extraordinary store-bought gift, and to get smaller gifts or hand-make gifts for the rest of the family. Even with the “big” gift being twice what I usually spend, the smaller gifts balanced it out and I spent less overall than in other years.

  78. Karen Says:

    I start shopping early! I’ll probably start picking up gifts for NEXT Christmas this summer. It requires putting extra thought into shopping, but it allows us to split up those purchases throughout several months so the holiday season doesn’t affect our budget as much.

    It also helps us avoid the holiday craze that can sometimes lead people to spend more. By thinking things through during the summer months and shopping for sales, we can be more purposeful in our spending. We’re not tempted to rush out and spend a ton of money because of holiday marketing.

    Since we’re mostly done shopping by November, we also don’t rush out at the last minute and spend more on an item than we should out of desperation. We can just wrap our gifts, sit back, and enjoy the season!

  79. Dana Joy Sartin Says:

    Being a senior on a fixed income, I really took advantage of the Amazon/Walmart price war this year. With Amazon’s lightning specials, and free shipping, several of us in the family co-gifted our loved ones with way nicer gifts than we each could have afforded individually!

  80. Rickchele Says:

    The savviest way I made my money work harder this holiday season is that at the beginning of the year I open a separate saving account for christmas and every paycheck I deposited a small amount. It really help me!

  81. amanda h Says:

    signed up for your newsletter and:

    I entered a lot of giveaways online to get presents for family members. It was a very cheap (free) way to get them all something nice! Just required alot of work but was totally worth it. I also signed up for alot of store newsletters because usually when you first sign up for their emails, they give you some kind of promo deal and every percentage off helps! I signed up for a Macy’s card too to get an extra 20% my purchases that day so I made sure to get more than a few gifts there! It was awesome. And I also attended Walmart’s PRE BLACK FRIDAY Saturday sales and saved a bundle on electronics, which like the giveaways, took extra time and effort on my behalf but saved me alot of money! And if I win, I am giving this flip to my friend Jaime, she’s been dying for one for her upcoming honeymoon! Thank you!!!!

  82. CDub Says:

    Research product prices and features online, so you can be prepared to bargain when you enter the stores.

    For example my wife wanted a new camera. We found the one we wanted on Amazon for $299, but we were not ready to purchase without being able to use/hold first. We went to our local photography store with price we would pay in mind. We told them how much we could get it online for and they were happy to make the same deal and throw in a free memory card. Plus, we didn’t pay shipping and handling cost, so we really came out $30-40 cheaper than online.

    The salespeople/stores are hungry to make sales this Christmas Season. To get the best price/save the most money you have to know what you want and the cheapest price you can get it elsewhere (online). Also, you have to be willing to walk-away if they can’t lower the price.

    Bonus tip: Department stores (Dillards, Belk, Macy’s) are much better places to get amazing deals than at the Mall.

  83. Ibrahim Husain Says:

    I created a faux “hedge fund” for my dating budget. I allow myself $75 per week, and any money that doesn’t get spent during that week is automatically transferred into a “surplus” savings account, which I can transfer back into the date fund within the month if needed. If there is still a balance in the “surplus” savings account by the end of the month it automatically transfers into my Roth IRA.

    Automation for the win!

  84. Dan Says:

    Not only do I try to save money, but I try to save money by saving in ways that help others or help me be healthier. I normally shop at Whole Foods (which everyone knows is expensive), I try to cut back on how often I go there and try to plan the trips there only when I know I need something that is only offered at Whole Foods or hard to find otherwise. I reuse my bags and save 5% to help the environment while giving myself a discount. Believe it or not, this is pretty close to how much the mark up is at WF compared to regular grocery stores. While I am there, I purchase items that are on sale and make food for the week. I use leftovers for lunch and have completely stopped buying my lunch each day from take out places.

    I currently live with my parents and am not charged rent. I started putting “rent” in an account that I am using to save for a house. I put my savings into a CD with no fees and I use my check card as much as possible rather than cash to benefit my “keep the change” program. I even upgraded my card to get 10% back on my keep the change rather than 5%. I also switched my visa card to an interest free, cash back program. It should be known that my American Express is still my card of choice though!

    I traded in my leased car early and negotiated the trade in to be $1000.00 more than the buy out. I used the savings for a down payment on a car that uses cheaper gas and has a lower monthly payment. Also, I took advantage of the tax rebate for buying a new car.

    I stopped shopping at designer stores and purchase my clothes from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I find they have the same styles at an upwards of 70% off the normal price. The first place I check is the clearance rack. I am still wearing Lucky Jeans, but not many people know that I got them for 6 dollars rather than 75.

    I am doing a lot of group presents this year. My Girlfriend and I are treating my parents to a dinner and a night out, rather than both buying them each separate presents. I am using rewards points from my corporate American Express card to purchase the dinner and the show we are going to, and using Marriott points from my travels to pay for the hotel we are putting them up in. Normally that would have been a 600 dollar night. The only thing we will pay for are tips and taxi’s instead! (I only use the hybrid taxis!)

    There are many ways to save, but try to keep the environment and others in the loop as saving can be contagious! Show people how you save, and they will want to do it and so on!

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  85. Evan Says:

    The saviest thing I have done this year was ignore the market noise and contribute to my 401(k) week in, week out all year up to the max for my matching program

  86. Jeff Rose Says:

    This is the first year that we used a credit card to make all our purchases. We pay off all our complete balance at the end of the month and then collect our points. Easiest money we’ve ever made.

  87. Tristan Says:

    Two things we’ve been doing:
    1) Instead of buying friends gifts, we’re inviting everyone over for a fancy dinner that we’ll be making ourselves (healthy, cheaper, and fun). We’re also thinking about doing a $5 limit white-elephant party along with the dinner.
    2) For those who are getting gifts from us, we’ve been buying things that have either longer warranty periods or lifetime warranties/guarantees. The items may cost a little more upfront, but they’ll be able to replace the products when they break or wear out further down the road. I’ve personally done this quite a few times and feel that the added cost makes my money work better for me in the end.

  88. Dustin | Engaged Marriage Says:

    My savviest move for saving money this Christmas season was developing a plan for our extended family gift exchanges. As everyone continues to get married and/or have children, the Christmas gift-buying lest was getting very long & out of control.

    I suggested that instead of buying a gift for everyone, we should draw names and each buy only one, nicer gift for one individual. Everyone loved the idea! Now we have less stress and will spend less cash on our gifts this year.

  89. Kelly Says:

    This holiday season I turned to Craigslist. Sure you have to sift through a lot of crap to find the good stuff, but it was totally worth it for me! My husband really wanted a Kindle for Christmas and I wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of shelling out 270 bucks for one. I searched Craigslist and what did I find?…a brand new Kindle, still in the box and never opened along with a leather carrying case also never opened for 200 bucks! They guy selling it had won it at a charity auction and had no use for it – perfect!

    Another thing that I’ve done with online shopping is making sure that shipping if free for whatever I buy and finding programs that give you a bonus (i.e. spend $40 and get a $10 gift card in the mail).

  90. lee Says:

    After getting laid off, I’ve been reading a lot of personal finance blogs and stumbled upon the wonderful world of COUPONS. I could honestly say that I am addicted and I look forward to every friday when I receive next week’s circulars. I personally like shopping at Rite Aid and CVS (w/their extra care bucks program.) It feels like a challenge, to find deals + coupons + stuff I need, and a great way to save on the necessities. :)

  91. MrBill6666 Says:

    “What is the savviest way you have made your money work harder for you this holiday season?”
    A 3%APR CD matured and the current rates are very low at less than 2%APR, so I placed the money in a municipal bond mutual fund that is paying about 3%APR and has appreciated in value too. Also, I reinvest those dividends, which are paid monthly in more shares of the fund. And the dividends are tax free. Also, I am not locked into a one-year time frame, as I can cash-out the funds at any time. No more bank CDs for me!

  92. Charles Scott Says:

    The way i have made money work for me is to buy used things which are just as good as new and using coupons. But way i got it to work the most and savy too was to make money off of taking old audio cassete tapes to VHS or VHS to DVD for my community. People love this. Old memories are presious and thats a reason i would love to have a Flip Video Camrea.

  93. Shanny Says:

    I saved money all year and paid cash for Christmas! No interest. Interesting… =P

  94. Alison Says:

    I’m making my money work harder for me by really taking a good look at my shopping list. I realized that my kids don’t need a lot of new stuff, so I only bought them a few things each. I also focused more on what the recipient would really like more so than the price tag. This meant I spent a bit more on some, but it also means I spent a lot less in several cases, thus evening things out.

  95. lisa Says:

    My tip: Instead of Christmas gifts to teachers, coaches, etc. our family gives Thanksgiving gifts. It takes a bit of preplanning, but it’s a great was to save money, reduce stress at Christmas and stand out from the crowd. While Christmas shopping, there’s usually Thanksgiving-themed merchandise (kitchen towels, hand towels, throw blankets, tablecloths and runners, picture frames, other Thanksgiving decorations) at substantial discounts – sometimes 90%. I will tuck these away to use next year. My son, husband and I sign a Thanksgiving card, being sure to include a reason why we are thankful for this person. The Thanksgiving gift stands out because no one else does this, and the gift is actually used, since not many people buy specific Thanksgiving decorations. The comments we have received over the years have been overwhelmingly positive. Thanks for asking for ideas!

  96. Kyle Bourtelle Says:

    The saviest way I will make money work better for me will be to use my American Express Credit Card to do all my shopping and use the internet to keep up with the best deals! I will be checking this website daily and it will make my christmas wish true if I win as this is what I really have been wanting for christmas. Thank you American Express and Mr Credit Card

  97. Melissa Says:

    We’ve made our money work harder this holiday season by stretching our gift dollars in a couple ways: (1) Using tons of coupons and promotional codes for discounts and free shipping and (2) Making some kids gifts that are fairly easy to construct but would have costs 4 times as much in the “fancy” catalogs.

  98. Some Lucky Dog Says:

    I was able to save quite a lot this Christmas by planning ahead and using the internet. I made my shopping list and then watched for and searched for sales, free offers, discounts, and coupons. I was able to get great deals on all the gifts I wanted and free shipping on most it! Even some of the gifts (like photo calendars) were free! There have been lots of printable coupons, too, that I was able to use at local stores for things like toys, clothing, and toiletries. I subscribe to many blogs that post these deals and also to newsletters of the shopping sites. It really takes only a few minutes a day to skim through what’s available and it’s been well worth the time! An added bonus…I did a lot of my Christmas shopping in my pajamas with a cup of hot cocoa at hand!

  99. Gary Green Says:

    My holiday gift fund accumulates throughout the year from my cash back charge cards, which I keep in a high yield online savings account. During the holiday season, a portion of that money is given to two organizations that I support (“Alzheimer’s Association” and “Spinal Cord Tumor Association, Inc”) and cash gifts to people whose daily lives are a constant struggle to survive. My money will only work harder when it is shared with others who need it more.

  100. MBAbriefs Says:

    The savviest way I made my money work harder for me this holiday season was to have the kids give homemade and personalized gifts for friends and family and to have everyone spend more time doing volunteer work and helping elderly neighbors. I want the kids to understand Christmas is way too commercialized and isn’t supposed to be all about expensive gifts, and homemade baked goods and arts and crafts type presents make great gifts too.

  101. Anna Says:

    I cut down on my gift giving list this year. I also split my gifts with my brother to decrease the expenses. For my parents, we gave them a big gift to satisfy their anniversary and birthday gifts as well.

  102. Jamie Says:

    I use reward sites like Swagbucks to earn Amazon gift cards to purchase holiday presents. I’m able to purchase gifts at little or no cost out of pocket to me!

  103. John S Says:

    I leave it all to my daughter; she knows deals and then some – coupons on coupons saves me 90%!!

  104. RC@Thinkyourwaytowealth Says:

    To make our money work harder this holiday season, my wife and I made it a point to plan our Christmas shopping & expenses ahead of time this year, and by doing most of our shopping in advance, prior to Thanksgiving even, it allowed us to avoid getting caught up in the mad rush of holiday consumerism and spending and stick to our planned budget. It has also made the week before Christmas a lot more relaxed!

  105. Lynda Says:

    I havn’t seen any results yet but I signed up for an IRA and set up monthly automatic deposits! I also do Christmas shopping throughout the year so that I have most of my gifts ready.

  106. Brian Says:

    I don’t know what I would do without my wife. She never purchases anything without it being a great deal.

    Sometimes, it can be frustrating. I will tell her I am looking to buy a product and she will tell me we can’t buy it right now. A week later, she’ll come to me and show me the same item, but at a substantial savings. It never ceases to amaze me.

    I now realize how important it is to know your prices and wait for certain sales.

    She is the one who got me reading sites like this to try to scout out deals myself!

  107. Lee Miller Says:

    I made my money work harder for me this season by taking the funds earmarked for holiday shopping and donating it all to a local children’s nonprofit; an investment in these kids is an investment in our community’s future. The gift to the nonprofit also contributes to savings on taxes, so a bonus there.

  108. Janine Says:

    The savviest way I made my money work harder for me this holiday season was to start saving before the holiday season started. I put money into an interest bearing savings account (holiday fund) throughout the year so that when Xmas came around I could rack up sensibly on offers from credit cards and merchants – since I already have the funds available. I get to pay off any credit card balances and get free gifts. I also made extra money to shop with! :-)

  109. Ron Says:

    The savviest thing I did this holiday season was taking the kids out of school for the first week of January. This reduced the holiday airfare for the family by about $2000.

  110. Cool Mommy Says:

    Here is how I saved money this season.

    1. I have friends who work in department stores. One example is Macys. They allow employees to get an additional 10% discount on top of items on sales. I’ve been able to save money this way by directing some christmas purchases to Macys or places where my friend work.

    2. I also live near the state of Delaware. So a short drive takes me to a no local sales tax region. This season for example, I went to Total Wine Store and got wine for our Christmas Party. We spent $138 for 2 bottle of champagne, 12 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of bear. As an example of our savings, the champagne that we bought there cost $15 and would have cost $25 at our local wine store. Everything we bought was on sale.

    3. Research where you buy stuff – For example, this year we got some nice gifts like little poinsettia plants for our kids teachers and school bus driver. We found that Gentiles have them at $1.85 for a small plant versus $3.99 at supermarkets like Acme.

    4. I also used my reward points to redeem for gift cards and some other stuff. I am not a frequent flier so I do not have lots of points or miles. So I made use of them to get some items and gift cards instead.

    Obviously, I made my list in advance, researched both online and offline, used some coupons as well.

  111. oasisman Says:

    Money savings during the Holidays:

    1. Cut down on fuel costs, make a list of items you are thinking of buying, then go to a centralized shopping area to get all your shopping done at one go. Saves time and gas.
    2. Subscribe emails/RSS Feeds from several retailers’ websites, so you are aware of hot Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals.
    3.Of course, the theme of this blog…utilize internet shopping thru Discover Website to get extra discounts or the Continental Website for Continental card, etc.
    4. Recycle Gifts!
    5. Carefully open gift wrapping every year, they can be saved and re-used the next year.

  112. Hank Says:

    I have made my money work harder for me this holiday season by using peer-to-peer (P2P) lending sites to squeeze out a few more percentage points on a small portion of my portfolio. I have lent money to others on both Lending Club and Prosper.

  113. addo nyarko kwame Says:

    i do not have credit card but how am i going to get it

  114. John Says:

    The best thing I did during the holiday season was to set some time aside and decide on an asset allocation strategy to automate investments into Index funds.
    1) The money I save by investing in low cost Vanguard Index funds will help by compounding.
    2) Since the investing is automated, dollar cost averaging will help me and I will avoid emotions during investing.
    3) With the Asset allocation in place, I will rebalance annualy and thus buy low, sell high while keeping my investment tailored to my risk profile.
    4) The benefit of automated investing also meant that I will “pay myself first” and stick to a budget every month instead of investing with what was left at the end of the month.

  115. GeorgeB Says:

    Travel is a big part of our holiday plans every year. I took part in some of the frequent flyer promotions I read about here and on flyertalk. I did some last year was able to book some travel way in advance for this holiday season. We are saving over a thousand dollars as a family.

  116. pat Says:

    I try to look at the total price with any taxes and shipping included,rather than just the free shipping offers. Google shopping searches can help. Also, always do a google search for promotion codes before finalizing the order.

    As a rule of thumb, light things are cheaper to ship, while heavy things can be shipped to the store at places like Sears and Wal Mart. I have saved hundreds by doing store pick up on heavy items, while saving sales tax by shipping lighter, more expensive things to my home.

  117. Elizabeth Says:

    I only buy things online with substantial discounts and/or free shipping.

  118. sandra jensen Says:

    There is a lot more going on in December than just Holiday shopping. I have tried to keep my shopping in check, but also kept my regular financial goals in mind, prepared for end of the year tax wrap up AND (I am sorry to say) I am planning for a possible layoff in the early Spring. If I only concentrate on gift shopping I would (and you would) miss alot of financial opportunities.

  119. Natalia Crockett Says:

    I paid myself the difference between the sale price and regular price of Christmas gifts, and put in the interest bearing account.

    Almost everything is on sale this season. For example, when I “saved” $20 on a purchase, I paid myself $20 and deposited into my IRA. That money will earn interest and I am sure I’ll appreciate having it later in life, whereas Christmas gifts provide short term appreciation.

    I also used my CC for all purchases because it earns cash-back, which is like having an additional discount. I paid the card off every week which makes it feel like using a debit card.

  120. Jerry Says:

    My fiancee and I do much of our shopping online with the help of camelcamelcamel to track prices of things we want to buy (but aren’t in a hurry to buy).

    One of the other unique things which we do as a couple is we visit the library often. It seems that young people in their 20’s (our age) are all too reluctant to use the library, instead opting to buy books from bookstores and going out to the movie theater. That money quickly adds up and could be saved for other things.

  121. Doreen Says:

    I love saving money if at all possible! My family knows that and I do what I can to save anywhere. I clip lots of coupons and match their sales with the coupons. Of course checking all ads before I go anywhere FIRST.

    I love using my gift cards in conjunction with sales and my coupons. I get my gift cards from usually MyPoints, Swagbucks, Reward Port, etc. For magazines, I get them free at E-Rewards and I make great use out of them passing them on to family Members so they don’t have to pay for them! If shopping online, you can get online codes for certain stores. You just do a simple search for like ‘coupon codes for Target’ or ‘free shipping codes’. You can use rebates places like Mr. Rebates for Cash back.

    Also, I send small donations off to a Ministry and I receive an item/items from them. I’ll put them up on E-bay and make a nice profit off of them!! :)

    Finally, if I do happen to use my Credit Card for purchases, I earn money and they’ll mail a check to me.

    Pretty nice ways to help save money!!

    Thanks for this wonderful chance to win! I would LOVE a FLIP Camera and would totally do FLIPS for it!!!!

  122. Sarah Says:

    I suspect being savy is truly in the eye of the beholder or perhaps the frequency you reach for your wallet. This Holiday season was one characterized by a sophisticated method of saving money, called going back to budgeting basics. The formula is quite simple but difficult to execute; don’t spend more money than you have allocated for discretionary spending. This is exactly what I did the Season-No credit card purchases, no interest on uppaid balances, and even a negotiation or two with the offer to pay cash-hey, you save the vendor the 2%-6% transaction fee charged by the credit card company. No this is not rocket science, and you don’t need an MBA from Harvard to “Get It.”

  123. t.zaino Says:

    sale shopping.
    2-for-1 happy hours.
    getting a car lease that was cheaper than mass transit!
    cooking instead of going out.
    opening a high interest savings account online.
    making my holiday cards.

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