White Eagle Europe Prepaid Maestro Card


Summary: The White Eagle Prepaid Card is a guaranteed card that can be used similar to a debit card internationally wherever Maestro is accepted.

Features and Benefits: There are no credit checks for this card and a bank account is not required. There is a fee for the card of £4.95 and a monthly fee of £3.95. The card is valid for 2 years but you will be sent a new card before expiration.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Receive the card personalized and embossed.
  • Top up directly with wages, a bank account or any of the 18,000 shops and garages that have the PayPoint logo.
  • No fees for purchases of goods and services in shops, online or over the phone.
  • The money share/transfer option allows funds to be shared between cards for free to friends or family. Money can also be sent to a friend or family member abroad without transfer fees and the benefits of competitive exchange rates.

Conclusion: Although this is a guaranteed card, there are other prepaid cards that have similar benefits and features but don’t have the fees that are included with this one. There are no transaction fees and the money share option may be beneficial to cardholders with family members that can use the prepaid card as well. You may also be interested in the White Eagle Prepaid card if you are looking for one of the few prepaid cards with the Maestro logo.

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One Response to “White Eagle Europe Prepaid Maestro Card”

  1. Jonathan Y Says:

    Is this a card that an American can purchase for use in Europe? I want a card with a chip in it that I can use while travelling so I can use automated machines to pay for things like train tickets. American credit cards are getting harder and harder to use in Europe, so this would be great IF it’s available to Americans.


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