Walmart 15 cents per gallon Gas Rollback Savings


Walmart has announced a savings program for those who shop at their gasoline stations. This program is good until 24th December 2012 and is valid in some states. This is how it works.

You will save on gasoline at Walmart gas stations if you use a Walmart gift card, their prepaid MoneyCard or their credit cards. The gas rollback savings is available in the following states:

Arkansas, Alabama*, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

Gift Cards – If you get a Walmart gift card and use it at their gas stations, then you can save 10 cents a gallon each time you pay with the gift card. The savings could amount to more than a dollar per fill depending on how much you fill it up! For the gift card, the offer is not valid at gas stations in AL. You get only 5¢ per gallon discount in FL and 3¢ per gallon discount in OK and MN.

Walmart Money Card – Holders of the Walmart Money Card can save 15 cents per gallon each time they use it to fill gas at Walmart stations. For the Money Card, it is not valid in Oklahoma, Florida, Minnesota or Alabama.

Walmart Credit Cards – If you have either the Walmart store card or the Walmart Discover Card can also save 15 cents per gallon when you use their card at Walmart stations.

In Alabama and Florida, the savings amount to 5 cents per gallon due to state laws. The savings are also applicable to Murphy’s gas stations.

Only at Walmart – Some of you might think that since you already have a regular gas credit card, you will be able to use those cards at Walmart stations. But Walmart is not considered a standalone gas station as it is a discount superstore. Hence, regular all-station gas cards will not earn you any extra cash back or points here.

If you already have one of these cards, and you find that the Walmart station near your house is cheaper than regular ones, then please remember to use your card since it can really add to quite a bit of savings up until close to the end of the year.

If you are on the verge of considering getting a Walmart related card like that Walmart Money Card, then perhaps this will make it more attractive.

Walmart Gas Rollback Program

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