Virgin Money Monthly Prepaid MasterCard


Summary: The Virgin Money Monthly Prepaid MasterCard is Virgin’s prepaid card that is available to anyone that would like to manage the money on their card without worrying about overspending, or for those that do not qualify for standard credit cards because of their credit rating.

Features and Benefits: No bank account is required and there are no credit checks for the card. If you select the pay monthly option there are no card transaction charges in the UK. This card can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

A Virgin Prepaid MasterCard costs £9.95 and if you would like replacement cards or extra cards for family members the cost is just £4.95 each.

You can choose between two tariffs: Pay as You Go which is ideal for those that will only use the card occasionally as with this choice there is no monthly fee. You would instead pay 2.95% for each card transaction and cash machine withdrawal in the UK.

The other choice is Pay Monthly for those that intend on using the card frequently. There is no transaction fee for purchases in the UK, but a flat monthly fee of £4.75 and £1.50 for each cash withdrawal in the UK.

Where to Top Up or Load the Card

Cardholders can add funds to their card at a variety of locations including the post office.  You can also top up with a debit card or credit card at or by direct transfer from a bank account or at any shop or garage where you see the PayPoint logo.

Virgin Discounts: Cardholders of the Virgin Money Monthly Prepaid MasterCard are also eligible to receive the following discounts with Virgin companies:

  • 10% off Virgin holidays which include city breaks, ski trips and family packages.
  • Savings on TV, broadband, mobile and phone with Virgin Media.
  • 10% off Virgin Wines
  • 1 month free of Virgin Active when you pay for your membership.
  • 20% off Virgin Experiences on activities that include bungee jumping and spa days.
  • 10% off
  • Up to 10% off Virgin Holidays Cruises
  • Half off Virgin Balloon Flights Adventure Packages

Conclusion: This prepaid card is ideal for those that are looking for a card that can be used anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. If you can take advantage of the discounts and offers that Virgin provides, than any of the fees will be worth paying to have the card, but otherwise there are prepaid cards that include less fees. If you are having problems qualifying for an unsecured credit card, you may also want to try out the Virgin Prepaid MasterCard.

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