US Airways Dividend Tries to Get My Kid To Save on Insurance!


I just got a mail (or rather my 11 year old son) from 21st Century Insurance (so the blog title was a little misleading – but this is clearly a third party arrangement with US Airways). It appears that because he is a US Airways Dividend Miles member, they feel that he could save money on his auto and home insurance. This is really hilarious. I mean, can’t they tell from the database that he is only 11 years old? They even said he was “pre-approved”! How could my son even have a credit history! Is his ID stolen? And I did not even get a similar mail (you would have thought they would send one to me instead!). Furthermore, the letter had all the up to date direct marketing techniques, with bold and yellow highlighted sections (which I cannot show!). Anyway, just for laughs, here is a cut and paste of the mail.

Dear Son of Mr Credit Card

This is an opportunity to SAVE on auto insurance with rates that are significantly lower than those offered by Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, Progressive and other insurance companies.

21st Century Auto Insurance offers US Airways Dividend Miles members immediate savings of $458.70* a year on average. Members can save hundreds more. Plus, you’ll earn 250 Dividend Miles (quite measly IMO) when you call and get a quote and 1,000 more Dividend Miles when you switch. And you’ll enjoy our valuable 24-hour Roadside Assistance at no additional charge.

Please call 800-794-0285, ext 1427 by September 15.

In a few short minutes, you’ll receive a FREE rate quote through 21st Century Auto Insurance that will tell you exactly how much you can save with this plan. You have been pre-approved so this free quote service is available to you and your family at no cost, risk or obligation. You can access it by calling the number above.

Your chances of saving money with this plan are excellent, Son of Mr Credit Card. Please contact us today. You don’t have to wait until your current insurance expires to save.


R. McLarnon, Vice President
21st Century Insurance and Financial Services Inc.

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