US Airways 250,000 Miles Sweeptake 30th September 2012


US Airways is now having a sweepstake. You have to enter and register by 30th September 2012. This is a little more than 2 weeks left. Here is how it goes. The winner gets 100,000 miles. Runner up gets 50,000 miles. And there would be 4 prizes of 25,000 miles each. Click here to enter

This promotion ties in with their double miles purchases promotion happening right now. To recap, if you buy miles from US Airways now (for up to 50,000 miles), you will get double miles. That means that you could deposit 100,000 miles in your Dividend account if you purchase 50,000 miles today. You obviously have to plan to use the miles quickly and efficiently to make the purchase worthwhile. But 30th September is the deadline again.

Who knows, someone may get lucky and get 200,000 miles in their account by the end of this month!

On another note, US Airways is also giving away 25,000 mile if you get a Lasik procedure done through a referral from their site! I think I’d rather research who I’ll be going to for the procedure rather than search for an online referral just to get 25,000 miles. But you never know, the extra miles might be just be more important to you! It appears that the provider is LasikPlus. But, my eyesight is good and I’m really not familiar with this. So here is the link. Please read the fine prints!

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