Upsells From Pay Day Loans


This was a recent email from Rose (a reader) – which I got permission to publish.

I recently applied for a payday loan online from “East Side lenders” part of the deal was a credit card from USA Credit, I meant to call and cancel that offer 3 days in advance but forgot. Subsequently my bank account was charged $149.95. when I called to cancel I was confronted by a very rude representative who almost read me the riot act for not wanting their online credit card! She was annoying obnoxious and asked inappropriate questions about why I wanted to cancel! Finally I did get my confirmation nbr for cancellation and refund however they charge $35 to cancel… And say it will take a week for confirmation of payment they just took before you get your refund and then you get charged $35 to cancel!
What a ripoff!!

Comments like that really piss me off. But I guess the lesson here is to be aware of any “deals that are attached to another deal!”. These types of marketing arrangements are so common in many businesses. Many “small time” credit reporting companies sell their subscription with fine prints that you will be joining a membership as well unless you opt out. Read the fine prints before you sign up for anything and beware of deals that require you to give your email!

Has anyone had a similar experience with Pay Day Loans?

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