Can you transfer your Amex Gold Card Membership Reward Points to the Blue Card?


FAQ : I presently have an AMX gold card which I have used since 1972. My question is I want to exchange the gold card membership for a new Blue card. Can I transfer my earned miles to the new card and what procure if any do I need to begin. I also have an Optima card. I am retired and have little need for the gold card. Thank YouM

Answer : Yes you can transfer your membership reward points from your Gold Card to a new Blue Card.

You have to bear in mind one difference between the Membership Rewards in your Gold Card and the Membership Rewards Options program in the Blue Card. While you can transfer one point into one airline miles in the regular Membership Program, you need two points to get one mile in the Blues’ Membership Rewards Option program. Hence, I would suggest that you transfer any points that you want to use for air miles before making your transfer from the Gold to the Blue Card.

Other than the airline miles, the rest of the reward program is identical for the Gold and Blue card. The Blue card also has no annual fee so you will save some money on that. Essentially, the Blue Card is a no annual fee credit card version of the Gold charge card with a slightly watered down version in the airline rewards.

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