Template Monster Purchase Experience And Third Party Processors


I recently purchased a new template from www.templatemonster.com for a new website that I’m building out. When I checked out, there were several options for me to pay for my purchase. (see picture below)

It turns out that the payment processor for Template Monster is RBS WorldPay. When I first checked out, it refused to accept my Plum Card, which is our business credit card. So I had to put it on my personal Chase Freedom. But that was not the end of the story. Template Monster would not accept the purchase until it verified who I was. I had to give a phone number. And sure enough, there was a phone call from them after 15 minutes. Once I confirmed that I had bought the template, they processed the transaction.

So I thought that was the end of it. But the next day, I got a call from American Express. They told me that they stopped my purchase because they thought it was suspicious. To be honest, I appreciated their phone call but asked why were they suspicious of a payment processor from a pretty reputable site? They weren’t sure but said I should call immediately in the future if something like that happens and try to get the transaction approved. OK – I’m cool with that.

Then later that same day, I got the following email from Chase.

They said there was a $180 charge to the account (yes I know cos I charged it!) but were suspicious of it and wanted me to verify by clicking the “accept transaction” button (which I did).

Thoughts – I’m really glad that American Express rejected what they thought to be a suspicious transaction if it was from a third party processor. And I was also happy that I got the email from Chase and I guess it showed they were willing to void the transaction if I had told them that I did not accept that transaction. I bought a template from template monster 3 years ago and never had to go through this the last time round. I can only guess that lots of stolen credit cards were used to their templates!

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One Response to “Template Monster Purchase Experience And Third Party Processors”

  1. Snerdey Says:

    Fraud is most common online as many people fail to protect their computers from virus, worms etc.. stolen credit cards are used to purchase many things. Worse is the ones making the bugs are educated computer guru’s and they create websites for their loops. TM is just caught in the middle sometimes as they sell website templates.

    We’ve been affiliates of TemplateMonster since 2003 and support our global clients custom orders, hosting etc.. fraud is a pain for everyone across the globe.

    Protect your websites too!

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