Some Good Journalism and A Note Worthy Post.


During my reading this week, I came across a couple of post that I think should be read by everybody. The first post is from Craig Money Help For Christians. He examines a good old debate about whether credit cards make you spend more than if you only used cash. Rather than going through a rant like most folks, he actually examined his credit card spending and savings from cash rebates in a most methodical fashion. After his most thorough investigation, he came to the conclusion that he actually does save money using credit cards. Obviously this is not the case for everyone. Whether you are a pro or anti credit card person, this post is worthy for the sheer thoroughness in its investigation of facts. It is quality journalism of the highest order, which is sadly lacking in many blogs and mainstream media.

Another blog post that really caught my eye was from Jersey Mom. In an ealier post, she was asking her readers whether she should pay off your mortgage or a home she bought in 2008! Yep, you’ve read correctly, paying off your home after 2 years! I was so impressed with it that I asked her to write a guest post for me telling us how she managed to be in a position to pay off her mortgage just after 2 years. She finally decided to pay it off. I think everybody should read about this because we have seemed to be conditioned that a “mortgage is good debt”. Well, tell that to folks who are walking away from their upside down mortgage. If everyone who to follow her example, the economy and the nation would not be in this situation that we find ourselves in.

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2 Responses to “Some Good Journalism and A Note Worthy Post.”

  1. Craig Ford Says:

    Thanks so much for including a link to my post. I’m glad someone liked all that math :).

  2. Jersey Mom Says:

    For some, cash is the way to go. If cash runs out, they stop spending. On the other hand, using credit card does allow me to accumulate points on my Amex Blue and all the transactions are recorded so you can always go back to check on how much you spent on an item.

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