Some Answers About The Capital One Match Your Miles Promotion


I reached out to Capital One’s press relations people for some answers to some questions I had about the Match Your Miles promotion that I wrote about yesterday.

To their credit, they replied promptly.  The biggest piece of information I take from this is that they don’t seem to need documentation that your miles were earned by a credit card, and that they are accepting PDF files of your online account as proof of your miles.

Here is the entire thing:

Me: I read thoroughly the FAQ and terms and conditions for the Venture Rewards Match Your Miles” program.  Unfortunately, they are lacking in some detail. I was wondering if you could provide more information on some of these points:

1. The FAQ says that:

What do I need to submit as proof of my existing miles?
You’ll need to submit one airline rewards statement as proof of your existing miles. You must be listed as the primary account holder and your statement must be dated within six months of the time you submit it. Statements can be submitted online, by fax, or mail. All statement information will be kept confidential.

Does this mean that all customers need to do is submit a Airline Program statement from any qualifying airline? Does this statement need to show that the miles were specifically awarded from credit card spending, or will the mileage balance itself be sufficient?  Will applications be rejected if the particular statement does not show mileage accrued from a qualifying credit card?

Capital One: Capital One will match up to 100,000 of the miles a customer has accrued with an eligible airline credit card program. Basically the customer needs to be a co-brand airline credit cardholder and needs to send us  their airline card rewards statement. So it’s the total miles balance on the statement and we understand that in some cases it’s hard to separate the miles earned via a co brand airline credit card or the miles earned from flying. In this scenario, we will accept general airline rewards statements for those programs that accrue the card miles into the airline’s general rewards account.

Eligible programs include:
• Alaska Airlines® Visa® Card
• American Airlines® Card
• Continental Airlines® Card
• Delta® SkyMiles® Card from American Express®
• Frontier Airlines® Mastercard
• Hawaiian Airlines® Visa Card
• JetBlue® Card from American Express
• Spirit Airlines® Free SPIRITTM MasterCard
• United Mileage Plus® Visa Card
• US Airways® Dividend Miles MasterCard
• Virgin America® Visa Card
• AirTran Airways® A+ Visa® Card
• Southwest Airlines® Rapid Rewards® Visa Card

Me: 2. Most airlines only provide online statements.  Will a screen capture of the this statement be sufficient to satisfy the terms of this program?

Capital One: Yes.  If the customer captures a screen image and saves it as a .pdf, they can upload that statement as proof of miles

Me: 3. Many people are concerned that they will not be able to submit the information in time to qualify before the billion points are given out.  When should they expect to get the email with instructions on how to apply.   For example, I myself converted my existing Capital One Platinum card to the Venture Rewards card yesterday, and I have my email on file, yet I have not received the instructions on how to submit my airline statement for the “Match My Miles” promotion.

Capital One: If you provided an email address with your application, you should receive the email with the instructions within 10 days. If no email is provided, the information will be mailed to you.

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