Reconsideration Works


My wife and I both applied for Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards business card. We did so during the recent promotion where there was a 50,000 points sign up bonus. Those points are worth $830 each towards any flight in the Wanna Get Away fare class. Actually, they were worth even more to us, since they will put us over the top to receive our last round trip awards in the old system as well as plenty of points left over for the new system. I was instantly approved, but she wasn’t. Later, she even got a rejection letter. Knowing that such a rejection letter is never the final answer, I had her call up Chase and ask them to reconsider her application.

The Call

She called them to explain how she was not sure why she was declined. She explained that she will be traveling more on business and was looking forward to using this card. The customer service rep was very friendly and agreed to look into the matter. To everyone’s surprise, it appeared that her application lacked some sort of information. After supplying that information, she was told that it would take a few more days for Chase to reach a decision. The next week, we received a notice that she had been approved!

The Lesson

Credit card companies are run, in part, by computers. Computers gather information from applicants and make the first decision. That decision is by no means final, and customers have nothing to loose by asking their bank to reconsider their application. The fact that Chase took several days to reach its decision is an indication that perhaps a human being looked over the application again. Being a good and long standing customer of Chase with a strong credit score, it made little sense that she was denied the application. Eventually, Chase got the information they needed and made the right decision.

What To Do

When you are rejected for a credit card, consider if that card is really the best one for you. If it is, you have nothing to loose for trying to get the bank to reconsider your application. Find their phone number for applications, or Google their reconsideration line. That way, you can talk directly with someone who has the authority to approve your application, n0t just someone who will simply confirm that you have been denied. Stress the reasons you need the card and highlight your relationship with that bank. Do not get combative or feel insulted. Remember that both you and the customer service representatives need to be on the same side in your efforts to satisfy the bank and their computers that you are indeed qualified. In the case of my wife, they were very helpful. Banks want to give you their credit card. They spend hundreds in sign up bonuses and advertising for each new customer. Give them every reason to say yes to you and they probably will.

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