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This is an email I just got from a reader telling about her bad experiences with Citi. I’ve decided to publish this for all to see. One of the things you realize is that credit cards are not just about rewards but customer service. If you wish to share any of your credit card experiences with us, please feel free to use our contact form.

You carry a good review for CitiCards programs, and while the initial agreement may be competitive and seem favorable to pursue, once you are in their program, that changes rather frequently and dramatically.

I transferred several balances about 2 years ago, and do not use a credit card on the account. I only pay down the debt. Every month, there’s a huge problem with on line payments and payment postings. Sometimes it’s a website down for maintenance on a due date, or a change in payment cut-off times. (I’ve seen 3 unannounced changes so far: midnight, 5:00PM, noon…you never know what you find on their website. I pay all my bills on supplier’s websites…they are not the norm of what you find on line.) Every month they either change payment dates or payment posting date and do not inform me.

Citicards no longer posts your payments the same day, even though my bank withdraws the funds immediately, and they have in the past. I have 2 other credit cards, nobody does this. Their website doesn’t disclose the delayed payment posting date. It varies between 3-5 days. Can you imagine the revenue they generate from this float and subsequent late charges and increased interest rates? With all the new consumer credit laws, this feels very unethical and nearly illegal.

This is fairly new, last 2-3 months, and they don’t inform you of the changes. My payment confirmation shows payment date, and no information about float on the payment posting. So now, if I log on before noon to pay the bill on the due date, they add late charges (in the category that never gets a payment posted against it), and bump up the interest rate. If it was discolosed on the statement and/or website, or if a notice was sent out describing the change, I could have avoided the significant rate increase and late charges, and better understood their new policy…absolutely nothing from them arrived by mail, email, or webiste information.

Also, I opted out of a rate increase this Spring. I did it by phone – it was an option of notification – I know date and who I spoke with. Their notice was ridiculous, there was no “important handling needed by ___date”, it purposely looked like junk mail that could easily be overlooked and thrown away. They will not roll the rate back…my interest rate has now tripled. I am working through customer service…they are a substandard “joke” to deal with.

Every month there are new payment due dates, new (undisclosed) rule changes, and later postings.

They have frustrated me beyond belief, and if I ever heard of a class action suit against them, or a way to sue them individually, I would jump all over it.

Prospective clients considering their accounts should be strongly warned about their payment practices, and lack of capability in customer service and documentation. Any opportunity to steer people away from this credit company is strongly suggested.

Ms. Susan Guffey

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3 Responses to “Reader Feedback on Citi’s Customer Service”

  1. dataisgold Says:

    Recently, two months ago they sent me a letter saying congrats we’ve increased your Credit Limit.
    And just this week they cut my credit limit. I’m afraid to call them, as this same thing happened to me by BofA and after calling them they cut my limits even more.

  2. Eric Says:

    Well I guess for every “horror” story, there’s an opposite one…

    I’ve had a decently long history with Citi and carry more than one card with them. FWIW, I’ve never encountered problems paying my bills or having unannounced changes. Actually Citi’s website is one of the better interfaces from credit card companies I think.

    Of course, this is one opinion of many and I can see how the reader is trying to vent her frustration. If anything, though, it seems like her troubles could be mitigated if she just didn’t wait to the last day to pay her bills.

  3. Ron Greco Says:

    This is a dialogue I had with a Citi rep copied from their website. It was in regards to a searscard account I had for several years and had never been late on a payment until they changed their payment practices for online cutoffs.

    Subject: Late Fee Waiver
    Date: June 29, 2012 2:28 EST

    Dear Valued Customer:


    Thank you for using our website.

    Original Message Follows:
    1 to 2 billing cycles??? Are you joking? That would mean I would need to pay the late fee in the meantime since it is the only balance on my account. If I need to pay this late fee this month to keep from incurring another late fee, please advise so I can plan to make payment, close my accounts with Citi and Sears and ensure I never do business with either company again. For anyone else, this would have been resolved the same day as I called.

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