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RationalFX Euro Prepaid Travel Money MasterCard

by Mr Credit Card

Summary: The RationalFX Euro Prepaid Travel Money MasterCard is a guaranteed card that is prepaid and works like a debit card anywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

Features and Benefits: The RationalFX Euro Prepaid Travel Money MasterCard is designed for travelers and overseas spending.

  • The card can be loaded online at the website, over the phone or by SMS text message.
  • Free to use in shops, restaurants and other retail outlets.
  • 24-hr online account management
  • Guaranteed Exchange Rates: Cardholders will receive the difference if cheaper travel money is found. Exchange rates can be up to 10% better than bureau de changes and debit or credit cards used abroad.
  • No bank account is required. There are also no credit checks or interest payments.
  • Wages can be deposited to the card.
  • Guaranteed 0% Commission Guarantee: There is no commission on loading or spending currency on the card.
  • Chip and PIN protected for extra protection.
  • Free to use, no monthly fees or commissions and the lowest overseas ATM withdrawal charges in the country compared with other travel money cards.

Conclusion: The benefits and features of the card are similar to other prepaid cards but because there are no monthly fees or commissions paid when the card is used, the RationalFX Prepaid Euro is one of the cheapest prepaid cards available.

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