President Barack Obama’s Black Credit Card? But Which Card Is It?


President Obama was filmed on CBS shopping at Best Buy last year (2011). While most reports focused on what he actually bought for his kids for Christmas, I was more interested in what carried card he carried. While I was watching the film, I noticed that his credit card was “black”. Only a credit card nerd and geek like me would be interested in stuff like that. So here is my best guess by deduction and elimination, of what credit card he carries.

Possible Black cards – Since the color of his credit card is black, I think it is possible to narrow down the possible cards. So here we go.

amexcenturionAmex Black Card – Given that he was even wondering if his credit card still works, it is highly unlikely that that he carries the Amex Centurion. He is a democrat, and has a more left and liberal leaning opinion. Hence carrying one of the ultimate status symbols of the “1%” ain’t going to look too good. So I think we can rule out this card. Since he will be flying Air Force One and staying in the best hotels guarded by his secret service agents, none of the perks like Ritz Carlton room upgrades, lounge access is going to matter to him.

visa black card image Visa Black Card – One again, I doubt that this was the card he was using. There was some dash of white or silver color on the card and the Visa Black card is literally all black. Since Visa Black is supposedly targeted at very few folks (but it seems having a five figure W2 qualifies) and cost $450 in annual fee, I doubt Barack Obama will be seem using this card.

delta reserve card imageDelta Reserve Card – One again, I doubt the President would be caught carrying an elite $450 credit card. There is a blue Amex logo at the bottom right of the card and I did not see it in the video. He flies Air Force One and does not need the MQMs to get the Silver Elite Status! His bags fly free as well.

alaska airline signature imageAlaska Airlines Visa – This is a possibility as there is a dash of white on the card (which is black). One would presume that as a Senator in Chicago, he might have used this card to rack up some Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles.

virgin credit card blackVirgin Atlantic Amex Card – The Virgin Amex Black card is another possibility. But the only problem is that I doubt Obama would be saving miles to fly to London or Europe. Who knows, he might have taken advantage of past 50,000 bonus miles sign up? But I think we can rule out this card because I did not see the Blue Virgin Logo and Amex Logo on Obama’s card.

asiana amex imageAsian Amex Card – Yes the card is blackish. But I really cannot imagine Obama saving Asiana miles to fly to Korea? Perhaps he is savvy enough to use the points with alliance airline partners (highly unlikely). There also isn’t any Blue Amex Logo on Obama’s card, so I think we can rule out this one.

overstock credit card imageOverstock Credit Card – Overstock’s new credit card comes in black color. Perhaps the President is a bargain hunter and likes to get stuff on sale and discounts. This one might just be a possibility although I have to wonder where does he find the time to be surfing the net for bargains? Perhaps the First Lady does all the online shopping?

sony credit card imageSony Credit Card – Sony’s card is also black in color. Perhaps the President unwinds by playing lots of Playstation games and he earns reward points with the card buying their games. He also might have used his points to get a Sony Plasma TV as well! This card is definitely a possibility.

aventiumAdventium Card – Yikes. This is a subprime card that is issued by First Premier Bank. It is black, presumably to give the illusion that it is a prestige card and on the hopes that folks with bad credit are more likely to apply because of the “black color”. I really do not think the President will be using Aventium and I certainly hope not. I would assume that he was have a decent credit score and the nation would be shocked if he had bad credit!

boa business charge cardBOA Business Charge Card – The dark grey color of the card sure looks like the one the President is carrying. Although why he would actually get a business charge card puzzles me. Perhaps he has an account with BOA? Or maybe he used to have a small business (doubt it because we would all know by now?).

boa accelerated rewardsBOA Accelerated Rewards Amex – The BOA Accelerated Rewards Card has a very dark greyish color that looks like the card the President is carrying. The only issue is that I did not see the bright blue Amex logo at the bottom right on his card. So that means it’s probably not this card? But being a no annual fee rewards card, I can see how the President would have applied for this.

Are we any closer to figuring out which card President Obama has? – After looking at the possibilities of credit cards with black color, I think the President could either be carrying the Alaska Airlines Visa, Sony Credit Card or Visa. The Amex Centurion Card is a possibility just based on the “blur image”, though I really doubt it.

So what do you folks think after watching the video? Any other ideas you would like to share? I bet I missed out a couple of other “similar color cards”. Please help me figure out which card Obama used in the video.

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3 Responses to “President Barack Obama’s Black Credit Card? But Which Card Is It?”

  1. Susan Says:

    It could also be the Continental or United. They are darkish and very snazzy looking! Also, I think Chicago is a hub city for United. So I think he has a Continental card.

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:

    Susan – The old Continental is a possibility. The new United Explorer is dark blue (not grey). So maybe the old United Visa is the answer. I will have to look at the Video again!

  3. Brooke Says:

    I think it’s the Visa Black. How many politicians practice what they preach as far as having the wealth and appearing liberal? Besides the card he pulled was very, very close to all black (at least on this monitor!

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