Places That Don’t Accept American Express


I have decided to start a post on places that do not accept American Express Credit Cards. Don’t get me wrong, I love my American Express Platinum and Blue Cash Card. But there are just some places that do not accept them and I end up using my Chase Freedom. I hope this thread will serve as a sounding board for places that do not accept American Express. Please contribute if you have found such places either in the comments below or you can send me an email here with pictures and I will add them to the post as they come in.

But to start, I just came back from Breckenridge in Colorado for my ski vacation and it turns out that North Face there does not carry Amex!

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34 Responses to “Places That Don’t Accept American Express”

  1. GK Says:

    a lot of Dry Cleaners in NYC and in Chicago

  2. Tim Says:

    most foreign countries

  3. Eric Says:

    I know a ton of local mom and pop type places that accept only Visa/MC due to the credit processing fees. I can’t think of a chain or franchise right now though.

  4. Nathan Says:

    Is that an official North Face store or a licensed retailer? I’m quite surprised to see such a high-end brand not accepting Amex at one of their shops. I have been to stores even in Europe that accept American Express.

  5. Mr Credit Card Says:

    it is an official northface store..In NY at south street seaport, the Haagan Daaz there does not even accept credit cards!

  6. Ms. ML Says:

    I decided to discontinue accepting AMEX. As a business owner, the processing fees are outrageous. Not only does the merchant carrier charge processing and percentages, AMEX adds their own charges, including a $4.99 per month paper statement fee, which many businesses require as part of their accounting methods. AMEX is great for consumers, but guess who’s paying your award points?? With today’s economy, every mom/pop business need to carefully determine where the money goes..

  7. Jesse Says:

    I got my Amex card today.. Went to get a spare key at the Jauguar Dealership in Cerritos, CA .. They do not accept American Express…

  8. Patrick Says:

    After losing a chargeback recently, we have removed all signage and discourage the use of AMEX. A customer purchased some tires for 1500.00 over the phone. I emailed him the sales order, after a lengthy conversation about price. In three days, I emailed him the invoice when I shipped everything. The price is clearly stated on both forms; he said he didn’t read them.

    I notice money pulled from my account; when I called to ask why, they said I didn’t respond to a dispute. I was a bit surprised, since I didn’t get any notification. When I brought that to the AMEX rep’s attention, she stated “it’s not our responsibility to notify you, you have to check the website.” I was furious!

    The customer claimed I over-charged him, and they gave him his money back, and there wasn’t anything I could do. I raised a stink and they gave me a hundred buck, yay…

    I took their hundred bucks, and then took down all signs of AMEX in my business.

  9. Ashley Says:

    The franchise Desert Moon doesn’t take Amex in Ct

  10. Lisa Randolph Says:

    Carmike Cinemas in Dalton GA does not accept AMEX

  11. Lisa Thompson Says:

    Sam’s Club does not accept Amex.

  12. Rachel Says:

    Samz club doesn’t accept Visa or American Express.

  13. phototristan Says:

    Any merchant reading this and complaining about American Express fees should get Square:

    It’s a flat 2.75% and no other fees.

    There is simply no excuse not to accept American Express!

  14. dd Says:

    I work at mcdonalds and we do not accept AMEX. H&M doesnt accept it either

  15. Mr Credit Card Says:

    But the MacDonald’s at my place accepts Amex..So it obviously varies by franchise.

  16. papu Says:

    IGA grocery store doesn’t accept American Express credit or (Serve)the American Express debit card in Killeen, Texas.

  17. David Morris Says:

    The cafeteria at Fawcett Memorial Hospital doesn’t accept AMEX.

  18. libby Says:

    What about walmart and target and gas stations?

  19. Gary – San Diego Says:

    Wal-Mart and Target (in this area) do.

  20. Lynn Spidell Says:

    US Cellular does not accept.

  21. CT Says:

    H&M’s in CT don’t accept AMEX, and I’m pretty certain many in Manhattan don’t either.

  22. laceyrohde Says:

    Walmart on I95 in Walterboro, S.C. does not accept American Express. I wish they did.

  23. Stuck in North Dakota Says:

    North Dakota does not accept American Express

  24. DJP_707 Says:

    Anybody know where the Amex form is to report complaints or places that don’t accept the card, that you would like to have added. There used to be a link which doesn’t work any more.

    the phone place hate that doesn’t accpet the card is Charter Communications.
    And for hte people who say it’s because they Charge higher fees then MC and Visa, I don’t think that’s true, I run a small business both off and online and it cost the same to process either card.

  25. Darren Says:

    The US Embassy in London UK does not accept American Express….WTF and you have to pay $120 dollars for your visa or they won’t process it until paid

  26. wowhai Says:

    DJP_707, you clearly don’t have a real B&M business, American express charges my business 4% on top of fee for every transaction. We don’t accept them because Visa/Master only charges 2%. We give cash customer special discounts, the larger their order the more discount we give (basically whatever that is charged to us, we give it back to cash customers).

  27. Brandy Says:

    Just embarrassingly found out today that Goodwill doesn’t take AMEX.

  28. Mike Says:

    Is that Michael Myers in the window?! He seems like a cash guy.

  29. Kristin Says:

    Subway restaurants do not take AmEx

  30. K.K. Says:

    to DJP_707 if you are paying 4% for AMEX you are getting ripped off by your processor. AMEX does not have a 4% rate. Period . You are being surcharged by a third party. You can work with AMEX direct and save a ton of $$
    to MS. ML: you can register for online statements and not pay anything in monthly fees. If you ask your processor for “Split dial direct to AMEX ” you will not have to pay ANY processor fees.

    to ALL:
    Sam’s club has an exclusive w/ MasterCard so you cannot pay with AMEX or VI or Discover. Costco is EXCLUSIVELY Amerx so only debit card other than AMEX.
    Rates for VI/MC/DI or AMEX vary by industry and amount of revenue processed. AMEX is a bundled rate, VI/MC/DI are not, so when you see “1.64%” that is only one component of what you are being charged. Depending on the size of buiness there are many ways to get AMEX accepted. They have a salesforce for larger businesses and a toll-free for sign up for smaller. Post the busienss and where located if not accepting, including wholesale, and I’ll check back periodically to see if I can pass on the info. Knowing who doesn’t take is the hard part. THX>

  31. Heidi Says:

    AAA insurance does not except Amex

  32. Maria Says:

    Last year (2012) i traveled around Europe , most of the countries i visited did not take AMX . I had to drive around to ask restaurants ans stores and maybe one out of 90 did not take it . But Visa was acepted every where .

  33. Sally c. Says:

    Subway in my area of Washington does NOT take American Express. SUCKS!

  34. Cindy Says:

    Gateway Inns and Suites do not accept AmeX.

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