Patton Hunnicutt

Patton is an avid writer, consumer, and teacher. He has not only been writing on the internet for quite some time, but he has been writing research-based and informative articles for web consumers like you for his whole tenure as a “legit writer.” Patton does have credit cards. He likes to split his time between Citibank, Chase, and Bank of America. There might be an AMEX and a Discover in the woodshed, but they don’t come out that often. He’s also had experience helping to repair his wife’s credit with cards from companies like Capitol One and Orchard Bank. He’s been on both of sides of the credit fence, and he knows how to get the information that you most need when you are looking to use your credit and use it wisely.

If you’re looking for the information that is going to steer you in the right direction. tell you the best course of action, or cause you to rethink your current plan–Patton is your man. He’s a southern guy with a wife and some kids, a couple cats too, and he knows how to set the record straight.

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