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Another couple cash back credit card questions today.

Question from Guss Schippers: Re the BlueCash card from American Express: maybe you should emphasize that “supermarkets” do not include places like Costco, Wal*Mart, etc.

Also I wonder whether you get the rebate on insurance premiums, like healthcare,
etc., or internet purchases from people like Amazon, in fact anything you on the

Answers – Guss – you are correct, supermarket excludes so called “discount warehouses” like Costco’s or BJs. Thanks for pointing that out. I will modify my reviews to reflect that.

You do get rebates on things like insurance premiums if you use the card to pay. You will earn the rate for “other purchases”. For everything you on the internet, it is considered “other purchases” and you earn 1.5% after exceeding the $6,500 annual spending threshold.

If you want to earn extra rebates shopping in the internet, then the card to get is actually the Discover More Card. They have a program called where they have over 100 online retail partners. If you to their website through Discover, you can earn anywhere between 5% and 20% cash back bonus or rather discounts. Watch video below.

Question from Fawn Gonick – what is the best cas back that is not american express card do you recommend ? I already own the starwood and blue cash amex card. They are both great cards, and can never decide which amex to use. ( that’s another story) But a lot of places do not accept amex. I had the Chase Feedom (Dynamic Cash Rewards) like you use to recommend but since your review in jan 2009 , you state that they are no longer doing the 3% on your top spending, it’s just an average card. Do you have another recommendation for non amex cash back card? I’d like to narrow down my credit cards. I always pay on time. great credit . Please tell me which ones you would use, and which you would get rid of. , and of course which new cash back non amex card to get. thanks in advance. Love your site by the way.

fawn gonick

Answers – As a supplement to the Blue Cash, I would actually recommend the Discover More Card. One again, like the answer above, Discover has partners with over 100 online retailers and you will earn anywhere between 5% and 20% cash back bonus (which to me is the same as getting a discount). Watch the video above

The other alternative is the Citi Cash Returns card, which though only gives you a 1% rebate, has a feature called Citi Cash Bonus Center that is similar to Discover’s Aside from online retailers, you can earn extra rebates when you use the card at off-line partners, their catalogs, their gift cards and their online stores. The rebate is about between 1% and 6% though Citi claims the average rebate is 5% (which I doubt). I’ve made a video on the Citi Cash Returns Review Page comparing the Citi Bonus Cash Center and ShopDiscover.

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