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I hate confusion.  I am always advising my readers to simplify their finances.    I stand by that advice.  Unfortunately, to get the most out of the loyalty points game, you have to have all sorts of different accounts in a variety of programs.   After all, why would you choose not to accept points that are freely offered?

The result is an endless proliferation of points and miles in various programs.   Sooner or later, you are bound to forget about one or to see your points expire.   This is where Award Wallet comes in.   You enter your information into it’s system and you see all of your points and miles on a single screen.   What I like most of all is that you can enter in programs that are in other people’s names.    This is extremely helpful when you are managing points for a spouse, partner, or a relative.    Let’s face it, grandma really isn’t up on these things and she can use all the help she can get.

One of the downsides is that a few airlines have chosen specifically not to participate.   Southwest, perhaps my favorite domestic carrier, is one of them.   In a rare, customer unfriendly move, they have prohibited sites like Award Wallet from retrieving information from their program.   Recognizing that the fault lies with Southwest, not Award Wallet, this is still a drawback from the standpoint of the user.

Their basic service free, but some features require an upgrade to their Plus plan.   Interestingly, they accept suggested donations.     When trying to upgrade, you are asked: ” Please choose how much this enhanced service is worth to you?”    They will also upgrade you if you invite 5 friends; talk about viral marketing!

My Thoughts

Overall, I like their approach.   They have a great product that is easy to use.   They offer basic functionality for free.   I was able to get set up and running in just a few minutes.     If you are a member of more than a few loyalty programs, you really should give them a try.

Now if they can just work on the tangle of wires surrounding my computer below my desk…..

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  1. Eric Says:

    Southwest became highly protective of any automatic retrieval of information from their site after the early boarding fiasco a few years ago. People were sniping early check ins using software and SW pulled the plug for everything else.

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