Maximizing Rewards With Self Storage


Maximizing Rewards With Self Storage

Every time I see a self storage center, I always wonder what’s inside, and who stores their stuff there.    In the movies, it is always some long lost clue to an unresolved mystery.       Of course, in reality, self storage is just one way that people minimize moving expenses or to save money while they are out of town.

Leveraging  Self Storage Payments

I have a friend who lives back east, but is in school here in Colorado.   He is going on a study abroad program next year before returning to school here, and it is simply to difficult and expensive to bring all of his winter clothing, bicycles, and ski gear back east, and then back to Colorado when his studies resume here.    He found a Denver self storage company to keep all of his gear while he is out of the country.   By doing so, he is saving money he would have spent on shipping costs, airline luggage fees, or driving across the country.

Now let’s take a look at how he can pay for it.  Like many companies, they will accept cash, credit cards, or automatic payments from a bank.     By setting up an automatic payment on his credit card, he is going to receive cash back or reward points every month.  If he pays with cash, check, or an automatic payment from his bank, he gets nothing.   If he is really skillful, he will choose a credit card that has a closing date near the end of the month.    That way, when the charge hits his account on the first of the month, he will have an extra month before the payment is actually due.      This is cash flow management technique used by deadbeats, which is credit card industry slang for people who pay their bills in full to avoid interest.

Also, since he is going to be overseas, it will be much easier for him to pay the one credit card bill, than to worry about other forms of bill payment to other billers.    So in addition to getting miles or cash back, he is getting his bills managed easier as well.

Other Ways Self Storage Minimizes Recurring Bills

Until he found the self storage option, his only other choice was to continue to pay rent and utilities on his apartment, which would have cost a lot more.  I actually was in a similar situation when I was in college, and returned home every summer.   Later in my career, I had to take a month long training class out of town, just as my apartment was reaching the end of it’s lease, and I was looking to move.   In that situation as well, I was able to store all of my stuff for a month while I was out of town, which was vastly less expensive than paying rent and utilities at an apartment.    When I returned from my training, my stuff was ready for me to move into my new apartment.

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