Interview with Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt


I just did a radio show with Adam Baker from It was one hour long and we chatted about a variety of stuff. Adam eliminated his credit card debt in over 15 months and so I had a chance to find out more about him.

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One Response to “Interview with Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt”

  1. Brad @ enemyofdebt Says:

    I tried to contact you via contact form but had trouble finding the submit button to do so.

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I really enjoyed your BlogTalkRadio interview with Adam Baker from Man Vs. Debt! I have just recently found his blog and think he is a great guy with great advice! I just got finished listening to the interview and thought you asked some very great questions. In my mind, questions that will cause those who listen to take a second look at their own situation. I have to say that after listening to you I can certainly tell that we do have lots in common for sure, and I guess my initial response to your blog mentioning me as extreme caused me to over react in regards to your intent. I now believe you were just voicing your opinion which you are certainly entitled to have, as opposed to attacking me personally, which is the way I took it at first. For that I apologize, and I hope you didn’t feel attacked by me when I responded in the comments section. I enjoyed the fact that we were able to express our views and learn a little about each other in the process.

    I can admit that I felt the need to defend myself mostly because after blogging for a whole year, the article put me in a spotlight I had not yet experienced. Before the article I only had 37-41 subscribers and wrote VERY part time. The experience has taught me that there are people out there who can manage credit cards responsibly and that I need to keep that in mind when writing about the topic. I still disagree, for the reasons I stated, but am glad I was able to learn something from our discussion. Sorry this comment ended up being so long but I really felt it necessary to explain myself and congratulate you for a fair, and educational interview.

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