International SOS Review


International SOS provides emergency services globally with facilities in over 70 countries, which includes 26 alarm centers and 31 international SOS clinics.

Here are some of the services that are provided to members of International SOS:

  • Alarm centers – provide customer and assistance anywhere 24/7.
  • Clinics – there are 31 clinics that provide primary, emergency and diagnostic care as well as pharmacies in many locations where medical care is unavailable to difficult to obtain.
  • Offices – 69 offices worldwide.
  • Provider Network – over 60,000 medical, security and logistics providers worldwide that provide members with on-the-ground support.
  • Air Ambulances and patient transport – patient and client transport and en route medical stabilization.
  • Assistance – pre- travel advice which provides travelers with information for safe trips, assistance abroad for on the ground assistance for minor complaints or emergencies and emergency help that consists of arrangements for emergency medical care and evacuation.


International SOS also provides services to corporations, governments and public sector and non government organizations.


Members of International SOS can choose from membership plans that include Comprehensive Membership, Medical Membership, Security Membership, Project Membership or Individual Membership. The chart below outlines the details of the Individual Membership plan, which consists of medical and travel assistance and covers students or members that may be traveling for leisure or business.

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