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I think the whole status thing is a little silly.  Basically, a company is telling some customers they will treat them very well, and other customers that they won’t. It doesn’t seem like good business to me, but that is the way it is.

What is far worse is the government’s endorsement of this private class system in terms of allowing passengers with status priority access to security lines.  Imagine if I could use my Blockbuster card to cut in line at the DMV or my supermaket rewards card to have my case heard first at small claims court.  As many have pointed out, you do not even need to fly to gain status.  For example, you just need to get a Delta Reserve card and get the MQM bonuses for spending $60,000 dollars in a year.

Free Status For Everyone!

Last year, took advantage of some promotion to get BMI Silver status. The promotion was a fluke, and while I was notified that my status was rescinded, I still had the card that got me into the priority security line in my home airport of Denver.   Now, it looks like the same kind of promotion is back, and it looks legit.  Just go to this link and fill out the form.   You will immediately be able to add you BMI number to an existing reservation at United, Continental, US Airways or another Star Alliance member.  Then, you will get to enjoy the privileges of status including a free checked bag allowance, priority standby, and priority boarding.

How To Use This

What I would do is to make a reservation with the BMI number.   Once I have checked in, and checked any bags, I would then have them change my Frequent Flier number to credit my preferred account at the gate.  If I was looking for priority standby, I might not even do that.  Either way, offers like this allow savvy, but infrequent travelers to bypass the class system.

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