First Class Upgrade Without Asking


I’ve sat in first class (on international flights – not the domestic ones that very often resemble premium economy seats!) a total of three times. The first was an international travel with my boss. He always flies first class. So he booked a first class ticket for me too! On the return trip, I flew business class (he did not fly with me). And boy was I hooked. The second time occurred on another international flight. I was traveling with my boss and another colleague. When we arrived at the check in counter, someone from the airline came up and simply told us we’ve all been upgraded! Guess they overbooked! The third time was a family home leave trip and I was the only one upgraded! I brought my son to sit with me. He was about 2 years old. And just before we landed, he puked all over me!

Today on my flight to Vegas, I had seat 14D (an aisle seat). The middle seat was unoccupied. And there was a lady in military uniform sitting in the window seat. It was great because we had space. Just before we took off, the chief stewardess came up to us and spoke to the lady. She said “you are the lucky girl today cos I’m bumping you up to First Class”! Lucky her and I’m sure she enjoyed the extra space. When I was boarding I noticed a first class seat that was unoccupied. I kept thinking back when I was checking in online and was asked if I wanted to upgrade to first class for $200!

The stewardess then moved another passenger two rows in front of me to take the ladies place as she was sitting with a mom and two kids. It was a good thing for her as her kids were screaming and crying for almost the entire trip (5 hours).

it just goes to show that sometimes you get lucky and a first class seat awaits you.

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