FICO Standard Review


FICO Standard is a service by myFICO that allows you to get your credit report and score from either TransUnion or Equifax. Unlike credit monitoring services, you pay a one time fee and you can choose to get a credit report and score from either of these two bureaus. You can access the reports and scores for 30 days online. Aside from simply giving you the reports and scores, myFICO has decided to provide a little value add in the form of :

FICO Score Simulator – This is a tool that provides you with a what if scenario if there are any changes in the following:

  • Pay your bills on time for many months
  • Miss a payment
  • Pay down your debt balances right away or every month
  • “Max out” your credit cards
  • Get a new mortgage
  • Get a new auto loan
  • Get a new credit card
  • Get instant credit at a department store
  • Apply for a new credit card and transfer balances to it
  • Declare bankruptcy
  • Cost – The cost of getting a report and score from either one of the bureaus is $15.95.

    Verdict – The FICO® Standard is a service that is perfect for those who simply want to know their credit scores from either TransUnion or Equifax. Unlike credit monitoring service, you do not have to pay a monthly recurring fee just to access your report and scores. For those who have a need to either apply for an auto loan or a mortgage in a couple of years but do not want to pay for a credit monitoring service, then this product provides the option for a one time fee.

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