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Summary – The Facecard prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid credit card that will actually appeal to the folks looking for a prepaid card for their teenage kids and also those who want a “low cost” prepaid card. Let’s find out more about this card.

Fees – As with any prepaid credit card, always watch out for fees. Well, for the Face Card, there is no activation fee or monthly fee. There is also not transaction fee (if you use your card in the US). The fee for international transactions is $0.50.

The fee for getting cash from ATM is $1.50. If you have a negative balance, you will be accessed a fee of $9.95.

Load Fees – For the Face Card, loading your card from a bank account via ACH and transferring funds from another face card is free. There is no direct deposit for this card.

Fee Table


Verdict – The Facecard prepaid MasterCard® will appeal to parents who want to give a prepaid card to their teenage kids and also to those who simply want a prepaid credit card. The thing I like about this card is that there is no activation or monthly fees and no transaction fees. Hence, it is a very cost effective card.

The only issue I have with this card is that there is no direct deposit feature. Hence, for those who do not have a bank account and who wish to use a direct deposit feature, this card is not for you.

Also, bear in mind that for those with poor credit, a prepaid card does not help to rebuild your credit. If that is an objective, you should consider a secured credit card.

Face Card Application Page

This is how the application page looks like :


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11 Responses to “Face Card Review”

  1. Allison Says:


    My name is Allison and I work for Facecard. Thank you for reviewing our product! I wanted to let you know that we actually do offer a direct deposit feature. Not only is it a great way to add funds to a Facecard, but it is completley free. No more waiting in line on payday or paying check cashing fees!

    Thanks again.

  2. Mr Credit Card Says:


    Can you tell me where is it stated in the website? Cos I could not find it in the fee table.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Mr Credit Card

  3. Bill Whetstine Says:

    Please send an application for a facecard credit card to email above. Thanks

  4. David Jones Says:

    I have had horrible experiences with Facecard – one hassle after another requiring me to fax them, etc. They are not actually a bank, which means your funds are unprotected, and they are highly unprofessional, even their supervisors. The final straw was when they just recently canceled all member cards and are forcing everyone to sign up for new cards. If not, the old account is closed and they hold your funds for up to 45 days. They refused to issue a refund on the old account without a $9.95 fee or a 45 day wait. My advice – avoid them. Open a free checking account at a real bank and get a real debit card. Facecard also has ridiculous limits and fees – they charge you $25 for disputing a charge!

  5. Julia Says:

    Hi, I recently tried to open a Facecard credit card, but I couldn’t, it gave me a batch ID , what is that?. I read the FAQs and it says that this card in only for US citizens. I have permanent resident, so I definitively can’t get a Facecard????

  6. Jamie Says:

    First, filled out all the bank info and then found out have to get your card first. Waste of time.
    Got my son’s card. Didn’t get mine. Called, told had to wait 10 business days. Called again, said would reissue. Waited another 10 business days (yes, at this point we are a month out). No card. Called again. Wanted me to wait one more day. I said no. Then they tried to blame the post office. (Why would they deliver our son’s card and all our other mail but hold this one card?) Asked for a supervisor. Asked for Fed Ex on new card. Told no, but would call back. No call. Went to the bank and opened an account. Took an hour and we are good to go.

  7. Bonnie Deaver Says:

    I have tried numerous times to register and I get a batch id. I cannot get a completed sign up. This disturbs me because they have my SS#. This company could be a fraudulent company. I will persue other options. Anyone that you are setting money up with and cannot do the simple registration, I will not trust them with my money.

  8. mauricio Says:

    never never get the face card card thay asume you are trying to do faurd thay put your card on hold and thay still ur money eatch out i called police

  9. Danielle Wylie Says:

    I hate repeat hate FACECARD

  10. Danielle Wylie Says:

    I was a victim of fraud and someone took all of my money off my card somehow, and I feel like I am being treated like a thief. They told me 30 to 60 business days to get my money back and it has been well over that. Nobody at that company knows what is going on, I get the run around from every employee there. I get told Im gonna get a call back but of course I do not. The merchant returned my funds two to three weeks ago and I have yet to receive my funds. This is the most horrible experience I have ever had in my entire life and I would recommend that anyone looking to have someone hold on to your money dont do it through this piece a crap company. Please try to get a real bank account, I am now with Chase Bank so that at least if I am a victim of fraud again I will immediately get my money back while they do their investigation. DONT DO IT

  11. Phil Walsh Says:

    Several times now I have transferred money from my bank account, but it isn’t available on my Facecard account for over a week, despite the fact that the money was withdrawn from my bank the day after I scheduled the transfer. So Facecard basically sat on my money for a week. Their customer support is a joke; obviously just a call center in India. The phone is answered by people who are extremely polite, but have no authority to actually help you with anything. If you’re looking for a convenient reloadable debit card, look elsewhere.

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