Expedia Citi PremierPass Sign Up Bonus Not Given


One of our readers Beth signed up for this card and has never gotten her bonus.

I signed up for this card to get a $50 discount on a flight. The discount was never applied. When I called inquiring about this and wanting to cancel the card they said I would be able to apply the $50 bonus towards future eligible programs. A few months later I called to inquire if I could apply the $50 towards a rental car. I followed the instructions and booked through expedia. When I received my next bill the $50 bonus was not applied. I called again to inquire and was told that even though I had the proof (conf. number) for the rental car they would not honor the bonus because the rental car company did not use the correct “code” when swiping my credit card. I then disputed this decision since this was no fault of my own. over a month later I received notice that would still not honor the $50 bonus. I think this is terrible customer service and I will end up canceling the card. Do I have any other recourse at this time? Thanks.

If there is anyone from Citi in the credit card department who can help out, please contact us.

Or if there is anyone who has faced similar issues, please share them and tell us how you overcame it (if you did).

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