Expedia Caught Lying About Hotel Discounts


So I was looking for a nice hotel to stay in for my next trip to Florida.  I found this nice Wyndham at Deerfield Beach.  As I pulled up the rate, I noticed a special for a three night stay of 30% off. “What luck” I thought, we will be staying for three nights and we can take advantage of this fantastic savings.

Take A Look At Expedia’s Offer:

Expedia clearly shows a price of $169 per night, and asks you to believe that this is Expedia’s normal rate for this room.  Note, they do not say that this is the hotel’s normal rate, but an Expedia rate that is crossed out and then the $118 rate is listed as %30 off.

While 30% off of $169 is indeed $118, it turns out that $169 is not Expedia’s normal rate.  I was able to pull up a rate of $135 per night on any one of the nights in question:

It Gets Worse

I contacted the hotel, and they offered me the rate of $118 per night, $17 less than Expedia’s single night.  This shows that in addition to lying about the 3 night discount, Expedia does not always have the best rate.

I already knew that Expedia does not always have the lowest rates out there, but that is what their excellent Best Rate Guarantee is for. On the other hand, I had no idea that Expedia would market it’s discounted rates in such a blatantly deceptive matter.  It is one thing to walk into a store and see a price marked down from another, presumably valid price.  At least then, it would be difficult to show that the discount is phony.  It is another thing entirely to claim some big 30% savings that is easily disproved.

Lessons Learned

When shopping for accommodations with Expedia, always check the what rate the hotel itself is offering.  Just because Expedia says you are getting some kind of savings, there really is no reason to trust them.

At the same time, it can be a good thing to book a room with Expedia when you know that they are not offering the lowest rate.  Immediately after you make the reservation, call them up and ask for a best rate guarantee.  It will take about a half an hour on the phone, but they will eventually credit you for the difference and give you a $50 discount coupon off of any future hotel reservation.

So do not go on believing everything you read out there.  You never know when Expedia or some other travel company will attempt to pull a fast one.

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One Response to “Expedia Caught Lying About Hotel Discounts”

  1. Cody Says:

    I too have found out that Expedia blatantly lies in some of their campaigns. Which is why I stopped using them. So this is not surprising at all.

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