Did Funky Diner Deserve Any Extra Credit Card Tips?


Last Saturday when we were in New York City, we had lunch at Funky Diner at 466 Columbus Ave (around 81st street I believe). The idea was to have lunch there before heading off to the American Museum of Natural History.

Funky Diner had some very interesting dishes. My kids ordered a kid’s cheeseburger meal, a bacon omelette, and a bowl of warm oats with walnuts. I had a salad which came in a nice looking bowl.

salad bacon omelette
Oats Kids Cheeseburger

(Top Left) – Salad with a dash of Advocado, (Top Right) – Bacon Omelette, (Bottom Left) – Oates with Walnuts, (Bottom Right) – Cutely decorated mini kids cheeseburger

Mrs Credit Card and myself shared the salad. As she was three quarter way through, she chewed on something that was not chewable. Turns out that there was some plastic stuff in the salad!

We immediately called the waitress and told her about the incident. She was polite and immediately apologized. When we got the check, there was no charge for the salad. The total bill came up to $22.22.

Given that we have eaten about three quarters of the salad, we felt we should give extra tips. I thought we should round up the bill to $30.00 (we could not remember how much the salad cost – and we could not be bothered to get the menu to check again). Mrs Credit Card thought that $28.00 was enough and at the end, we rounded the bill to $28.00 (Consider $3.00 the normal tip amount and $3.00 as extra). I personally thought we should have rounded up the bill slightly more.

What would you have done if you were in our shoes? Would you have even gave any extra tip at all? If so, how much would you have tipped?


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