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This is going to be a very short review of Most “credit monitoring service” requires you to pay a monthly fee to be able to see your credit reports all the time and perhaps throw in a credit score from just one bureau. Or a couple of services offer credit monitoring services and give you “all three credit scores”, but only that they are Vantage score and not your FICO score! Many folks simply want their credit scores before they apply for a mortgage or a car loan, but do not want to pay for these “credit monitoring services” since you are entitled to a free credit report every year anyway. They simple want to know their credit scores.

Well, offers such a service. For a price of $34.90, you get a copy of your credit report. This alone really is not attractive since you can get it for free. But for an additional $9.95, you get your three credit scores. So what you are really paying for is your three scores, which is what most folks want to know.

So for a grand total of $44.85, you get

  • Your three credit reports from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax
  • Your three credit scores
  • And that’s it. No monthly fees or any of those recurring bills.

    But is the credit score the FICO score? – Turns out the answer is NO. I called their toll-free number and the customer rep explained to me that they could not get hold of FICO’s proprietary score and they score that is get is developed by them and it approximates the FICO score.

    Verdict and Opinion – The problem with most credit monitoring service is that they charge you a monthly fee and provide with just a couple of credit scores from either one or two of the credit bureaus. But not many folks want to pay for these monthly recurring bills. is one of the few that offers you “credit scores that should approximate your FICO score” from all three credit bureaus. They are not exactly the FICO score. But for those who just wish to know approximately where they stand without paying monthly recurring fees, this may not be such a bad choice.

    If you insist on getting an actually FICO score, then the FICO Standard is a better choice as you can purchase a credit report with the actual FICO score from either TransUnion or Equifax.

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