Credit Restoration Brokers – An Interview With Sam Sky


This is an interview with Mr. Sam Sky from Credit Restoration Brokers. I’ve known Sam for over three years, and he has just written a book called “The Credit Book”.

Sam and I are going to talk about:

  • Whether or not credit repair services, debt consolidators, and creditor counselors can really help you out.
  • How you can legally have bad information removed from your credit reports.
  • How to restore your credit and reduce your debt at the same time.
  • When you should (and shouldn’t) consider bankruptcy.
  • Debt after divorce

and lots of other goodies.

Sam has been in the business of debt negotiation for seven years. He knows the in’s and out’s of the industry, and he’s helped thousands of people reduce their debt and restore their credit ratings. Today he gives us the truth behind settling your debts for less, and how it impacts your credit rating. He also discusses the different methods of debt reduction from lump sum payments to payment plans, and the advantages of the two.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy (this interview is an hour long)! Sam is going to give me a couple of contact forms if you wish to contact his company. I’ll post it up on this post later as soon as I get them.

You can also visit his websites here:

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