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One of our readers, Jen, left this comment:

Hi Connie,

Please do let us know what happened with the lawyer – there are thousands of people whose credit scores are now worthless because of the reduced credit limits combined with their equally frustrating practice of ‘chasing the balance’. A class-action lawsuit would be music to many, many ears.

Hi Jen, thanks for your comment. I wanted to give an update because many of our readers are in the same situation with their credit card companies. About a week ago, I posted an ad on HARO – which is short for Help A Reporter Out. Basically it’s a daily newsletter where journalists can post requests for expert sources.

I requested the help of a lawyer who specialized in class action lawsuits against major corporations, with the intention of doing an interview, and hopefully having that lawyer, plus any of our readers who are involved, be the ones to actually get a class action lawsuit started.

I had such an overwhelming response from so many qualified lawyers and firms thats it’s taken me quite a bit of time to weed through them all! I am happy to say that I am in the process of doing interviews with two different law firms – both of which have handled, and won, several major class action lawsuits in the past.

The results of the interviews, plus the lawyer’s bios, backgrounds and case histories will be up on this site immediately after the holidays. Since the firms I am interviewing are not being paid for their interviews, I am pretty much at their mercy as far as timing.

I do apologize for the delay – I know many of you out there are interested in this! I want to be as thorough as possible, and set everyone up with a quality law firm that is willing to answer questions and handle the case.

Very Important –

As I am doing these interviews, I would really like your input. Do you have any questions? Let me know, and I will pass them on. You can ask a question or express your interest in the case directly by leaving a comment below!

Connie Brooks

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67 Responses to “Class Action Lawsuit Update”

  1. Sue Says:

    I received a letter from Discover Card dated 12/16 indicating that my card would be canceled for lack of use if I didn’t use it the next 30 days. I called today (1/6) to ensure that it wouldn’t be canceled and was informed that the letter was in error and that the card had already been cancelled. In order to reinstute it I have to reapply thereby affecting my credit reporting. This seems to be another issue for a class action suit. A letter that is sent out should be definitive and not allowed to be “just an error.” Discover card should have to live by the words of the letter and implement the 30 day policy. If you need a copy or any other information, please email me.

  2. Jeff Reynolds Says:

    Any update on the contact info for the attorneys that might take on class action lawsuits against the credit card companies? Bank if America in response to a request to reduce my interest rates back to the original levels after being 2days late due to to an internet banking glitch instead closed 2 accounts that I have with them. I was late only once since I opened my account with them in 1995. Today I received letters from Chase arbitrarily raising my rates to ” maintain profitability on my accounts” despite on time payments for several years. I have contacted my Congresswoman twice now to report their practices. It appears that credit card companies have successfully bought our Congressional leaders’ silence on the subject. It is time to raise the roof on these crooks.

  3. Carol Long Says:

    There are a group of folks who have posted requests for information regarding a class action suit against Chase Bank for a variety of consumer abuses (on, not the least of which is misrepresentation regarding their convenience checks and the fact that even though their language states if a payment is late the interest rate ‘MAY’ increase (which doesn’t state WILL), however, their computers are set up such that if a payment is not received by COB or midnight of the due date, the computer automatically increases the interest rate and applies a late fee. Doesn’t matter if you’ve NEVER been late or if the payment comes in at 12:01 that night — your interest rate WILL be increased and you can call and talk to the Chase customer reps (what a misnomer) until you are blue in the face but they all been trained with the same mantra which is basically that nothing can be changed. I would be very happy to join such a lawsuit and provide information on my issues w/Chase.

  4. Deanna Riesen Says:

    I opened an account with WAMU in March, 2007 with an interest rate of 9.95. WAMU was taken over by J.P.Morgan chase, and even though I have never been late with a payment and have always paid at least several times the minimum, in December, without notice, they increased my interest rate to 17.99%. I would love to join any class action suits against Chase.

  5. Therese Livermore Says:

    I am interested in joining in a Class Action against Chase for raising my interest rate from 9.99 to 29.99. I was ill and in the hospital so my payment was made late and they charged me a late fee and over the limit fee. I wrote to them explaining my illness and Chase reversed both fees, but kept my interest rate high. The rep stated that since I was late that they could raise my rate. I also asked when I was notified of this policy. She had no explaination. I never was notified in writing that they were raising my interest rate. I have never been late on my payments to Chase or any other credit card or loan. Count me in for the Class Action suit against Chase.

  6. marie Says:

    Late fee of 39.00 for paying one day late once. And told no curtesy deferrance for that one time by a rep and supervisor. The card was Chase and toys r us. Hadn’t used the card in a year, but never late before. Bit they got a Bail Out, too. Damn made at these scum bums.

  7. Colin Says:

    I have never paid any of the accounts late and have always paid more than the minimum.

    I opened an account with Wamu and had the interest rate changed from 9.99 to 17.99 for no reason. I tried to opt out but was told by customer service the increase was “embedded” in my statement and it was too late to do anything. They refused to budge.

    Chase also sent me a letter stating they were increasing my interest rate to increase profits. I sent a letter to opt out. But because I opted out it will close the account and deteriorate my credit score.

    Lastly, B of A is now playing the same game. They increase my rate from7.9 to 16.99 without notice. I got them to keep the rate at 7.9 but they lowered my limit from 26k to 8k which now wreaks havoc on my debt ratio.

    These games are destroying peoples credit scores. I would be more than happy to join a class action lawsuit against these deceptive practices

  8. Rick Says:

    If such a thing were possible, it appears to be that Chase cares even less about customer service than ever. I have had a Chase credit card (or one of its antecedents) since the early 1990’s. I have never had any problems before, but I was one day late with my payment due January 1. When I complained, they said they would either waive the finance charge (which the rep said would be “de minimus”) or the $37 late fee. I had assumed that I would only be charged for one day’s interest, since I was only a day late, so I chose to have the late fee waived. Big mistake! I was surprised to find that they charged me about $60 in finance charges on my next statement. I complained about it, and threatened to cancel the card. They said they would refund half the finance charge if I kept the card, so I did not cancel at that time. On my next statement, they charged me an additional $20 in finance charges, even though all subsequent payments were made on time. When I called to find out what happened, the customer service representative was a real jerk, and said he had no record of the conversation I referred to, and said I was privileged to have such a good credit card, so I cancelled the card. The next day I called to cancel some more Chase cards, and the rep said they did have a record of my previous complaint, but they thought that I did not agree, so they did not give me a refund of half the finance charge. What a bunch of lying liars!!! I am in the process of cancelling all my Chase cards, both busiess and personal. Keep in mind that if you have a “rewards” card, you need to drain the rewards out, otherwise they will escheat to Chase. I would love to participate in a class action lawsuit against these creeps.

  9. william whelan Says:

    B of A raised my low interest CC to 29% after I moved 2 grand from another card. When I called the customer service rep said: “Because we can!”
    Are there any law suits I could join?
    Thanks, Billy

  10. Lisa Says:

    I have 2 WAMU cards and was never late on any of them or late on anything else and after 1 year they raised my rate on both from 10 & 14 to 25 & 26 percent. They told me that my credit history was the reason and the items they referrenced happened years before I even opened the cards in the first place!!! Then, they apply their monthly finance charge to my credit card it a couple times it pushed “over the limit” by a couple bucks and they charged me $39. I never charged anything over the limit and I always leave room for their finance charge, but it’s hard to know how much they are going to apply. Then, I had a payment clearing one day and they took and applied their finance charge before my payment, that pushed it over the limit, they applied their fee and THEN applied my payment. I would LOVE to join any class action suits out there against them as I am at my wits end with them.

  11. H Says:

    Discover cards were stolen over the span of a few months at the gym. I specifically asked them if they wanted a police report. Each time the reps said they would not need one. WEEKS after the incident they call to request a police report…went to the police multiple times and they wouldn’t take one due to me reporting it so late.

    Now fraudulent charges are mine because the person that signed it signed my name … not hard to do when my signature is on the back of the car and they ran off with my license which ALSO had my signature.

  12. H Says:

    Also, they closed my account down with no notice. The only way I found out was my card didnt work and I had to call customer service.

  13. Lucas Says:

    Chase was the holder of my Circuit City account. Conveniently, the statement for the month ending one of my promotional periods never showed up. This allowed them to cancle all promotions I was paying off, interest-free with them. They are now going to charge me interest going forward as well as retroactively. I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit.

  14. Lynn and Gary Says:

    Please add my husband and I….it’s time we sue all of these credit card companies for fraud and corruption. Consumer protection is nonexistent anymore. OUR government does NOTHING to protect us.

    State Usury Laws should prevail, not the domicile of the fraudulent credit card companies. Arbitrarily increasing rates should be ILLEGAL, as are prohibitive late charges.

    Not only should the suit appeal for debt elimination in its entirety by each consumer in the suit but additional amount for stress and emotional duress should be requested as well.

  15. Kimberly L. Says:

    I have a WAMU credit card. My rate was 9.99%. I have NEVER made a single late payment. NEVER. I did go over the limit once around x-mas of 2008, but immediately paid the balance and WAMU did not raise my rate.

    In Feb/March 2009 Chase took over my credit card. I received corresponence from them in January advising me of this. A few days ago I pulled up my credit card statement and noticed that my interest rate was now a whopping 29.99%. I thought “WTF”. So I start going over all of my correspondence and statements with a fine tooth comb to see if I ever got notification that my rate would go up: NOPE. What I did notice, is a $39 late fee that was assessed in February even though I never paid late! NEVER! I immediately called Chase and told them it was an error. The woman advised me that the payment didn’t post to my account until the day after the due date, and that the system automatically assessed the late fee, and the system automatically increased my interst rate! WTF!!!!!!! If this isn’t illegal, I don’t know what is. How can my interest rate go from 9.99% to 29.99% when I’ve never made a late payment, and my credit history has gotten better month by month!!!! This is outrageous!!!! I asked Chase to lower the interest rate, they refused. I asked them to cancel the fee, they refused. All I got was some rude lady who kept raising her voice at me, and talking over me. Chase doesn’t realize what they’ve just done. I’m going to hurry up and pay them off completely within the next 60 days (I owe about $1800), and I’m going to cut their card up. I will NEVER, use their card again. I’ll just let them cancel it after a year of non-use so my credit score doesn’t get messed up. I hate Chase, hell I hate all credit card companies at this point. Those bastards got us into this financial crisis by giving loans to everyone in the universe, charging high interest rates because they wanted to rob naive consumers, yet we have to bail them out AND let them financially rape us!!!! I’ve had enough. Sign me up for the class action suit. I beg you. Please!

  16. Bonnie Taylor Says:

    Add me to the list of people interested in a class action lawsuit, too — specifically against American Express. The list of “should be illegal” things this company has done ranges from suddenly raising interest rates to 18% without notice, to repeatedly adding a magazine subscription or other promo items to my bill so I would have to call to have the charge taken off (it would boost my amount due – over a limit that permitted them to suddenly charge me 18% interest), etc. etc. I’ll instruct my children NEVER to use American Express — they’re creating their own well-deserved demise. I intend to pay them off, cut up my card, and avoid them for the remainder of my life.

  17. Roscoe Says:

    Why doesn’t anyone think about where these funds are going? When you pay on a credit card, it is NOT going for investment into the U.S. It is flying at the speed of light to Europe and China. Why do you think Bernie Madoff put so much effort into dispersing his nest eggs in Europe, Brussels, Costa Rica (where all the old CIA retirees live. Everyone in the U.S. can help save the U.S. by filing bankruptcy and saving your hard earned money and live on your own money instead of letting the Rockefellers hang on every womans teat in America. They aren’t American and never have been.

  18. Roscoe Says:

    I remember a business travel unit set up by American Express that distributed a flyer advising their agents to book the customers on a certain short list of U.S. air carriers. Nothing about booking the passengers on the lowest fare or best routing, because a few weeks after that, hundreds of Eastern Airlines pilots stood outside their head quarters in southern Florida, in uniform, and cut up those crappy little elitist cards on the Shearson Lehman Bros. nice little tidy lawn. That was 20 years ago and America hasn’t awakened yet.

  19. Rick Van Aken Says:

    I have three American Express Cards that I have had for more than 20 years. Recently, October 2008, We were advised to fall behind on our mortgage payment in order to modify our loan. It worked and we are now modifying our loan, but American Express cancelled all of my AMX cards, because we missed our mortgage payment. When this happened, I was furious, so I called AMX to complain. They advised me to pay off all our AMX cards and send in a request to have the cards reinstated. We followed their advice, and paid off the the balances due that they gave us. Ever since then, even though the cards were cancelled, we have been receiving statements that we have a credit of $3.48. They have basically taken more money than they were owed, and made it so we cannot use the card to recover the credit we are owed. Aren’t they required to send us a check, with interest due, just as we would be required to pay them interest? Especially since they gave us the wrong pay off amount in the first place? If they have done the same thing to other people, then they have successfully defrauded people out of potentially thousands of dollars, and have been using “free money”, and getting interest on it, at our expense. Isn’t this illegal?
    Rick Van Aken

  20. Paul Says:

    I’m having a problem with tribute card. I’ve never been late but to my surprise they canceled my card, then charged me 75 in fees. When I spoke to customer service they said the fees could be waived and my account restored if I signed up for automatic withdrawal of payments from my checking account. I told the rep I wasn’t comfortable with doing that especially with the problem I was currently having with her company, the rep then said since I wouldn’t give tribute access to my checking all fees would remain and the card account was closed. I have seen an article on line where tribute aka aspire was sued by the state of New York and lost, having to pay an 11 million settlement and 575,000 in civil fines. It seems they are still doing business as usual, if there is anyway to join in a suit against this company count me in.

  21. Michael W. Lundmark Says:

    Please include me on a class action suit against AmEx for dropping me with perfect payment history. I live in an area with high minority concentration. Atlanta Journal COnstitution ran a story in December 2008 about his being a target to close accounts

  22. Robert and Anne Kretschmar Says:

    Please add us to the class action lawsuit for Chase.

    We formerly held our credit cards with WAMU. In January 2009, we received mail stating WAMU will now be Chase and we should download statements ect by March 2009. We did not receive any information regarding an interest rate hike, 29.99%. We had a promo balance and we had a purchase prior to switching to Chase.

    After looking at our statement we noticed they boosted our interest rate to 29.99% on our purchases. We phoned Chase and they said we agreed to the hike in our interest rate. Why would anyone agree to switch from a low interest to a loan shark interest rate?

    Our purchases were about 800.00 and we also noticed this amount keeps going up. Chase refuses to allow us to pay off our purchase and pay minimum (or more) towards our promo. How can they possibly get away with this? We pay triple our minimum (sometimes more), but none of this will go towards the purchase.

    Their customer service is horrible and they could care less reading off of a script. The first man called himself Artemio (June 1st, 2009 7:15 PM CST), but refused to give me his last name or ID number. I insisted he give me the information or he needs to transfer me to a supervisor. The “supervisor” got on the phone, probably his wife. I requested her name and she said her name is Abegail Alcaraz (June 1st, 2009 7:30 PM CST). She also refused to give me her ID number sating it was against the policy. She was worse than the first guy I talked with, raising her voice to me. The only thing she said was the dollar amount being paid goes to the principle account and then promo’s. This is exactly what I want, but she quickly changed her statement and said it doesn’t work this way. I asked her why anything above the minimum paid for the promo wasn’t going towards the purchase and she said because this is the way it is. I offered to pay the full purchase right over the phone and pay towards the promo, but she wasn’t having it.

    They are milking the interest rate and at this rate, the purchase will be more than our promo balance. How can this be legal? We currently have a personal bank account, business bank account, savings account, and our mortgage through Chase. As soon as this card is paid in full, we are cutting up our cards, transferring our bank accounts and refinancing through another bank.

  23. Lisa Bean Says:

    The very same thing has happened to me yesterday. I had a fixed rate of 9.99% with WAMU and chase took them over and now they in- form me yesterday that they are raising my interest rate to nearly 30% because of market conditions and company profitability. I have never been late on my payments ever. Im looking at my payments doubling in 30 days and im scared that i might have to default and ruin my credit. If there is a class action lawsuit count me in. Something has to be done to protect innocent people from this legalized form of robbery.

  24. Vlad Vilensky Says:

    I am a late 30-s business consulting professional with a 6-figure salary and bonus (house in LA, 2 cars and VERY GOOD CREDIT). I had an Amex Costco card with a credit limit of 42K since 1996 or so. Because I use the card for all of my personal and professional expenses and I travel to client locations all the time, Amex has been on the hook for annual cash-back reward due to me at about 1.8K each for each of the last 4-5 years. A day after I paid off the balance to 0 from an investment which just matured I found that my card was declined for a 10$ dinner check. After I called Amex they said the account was cancelled due to my declining credit score! If anyone is looking for witnesses for a class-action suit please keep me posted. I will join one as a matter of principal just to let litigation attorney drop some flies into Amex’s ointment for being such unprofessional and sneaky lowlifes.

  25. Allan L. Clark Says:

    I am a 62 year old retiree who has had a account with Amex since 1972 (Optima Platinum) which has always been paid on time. I just received a letter canceling this card due to no activity in the last 24 months. I normally used this card when traveling overseas and have not been out of the country in the last 24 months. I know that the decrease in credit line will effect my credit score. I have a Class Action website that has been on the web for many years and will be glad to list the action once one gets filed. I will be glad to join any suit filed as a named plantiff.

  26. E.L. Johnson Says:

    I have the same issue with Chase you all are having. Back up for a second and think about what is really going on. If many of you are like me, you wont be able to afford paying three times the amount a month you agreed to. You will default and Chase, after a lot of harassment upon you, will assign or sell off your debt to a collector for 4 to 6 cents on the dollar. Chase will also write off much of the loss via taxes. I hope all of this makes since so far because here comes the wierd question. Why would all of these banking companies drive their business away like this? Part of the answer is fractional banking. Many people dont realize banks can take a deposit, let’s take for example $1000, and loan out 9 times more than that to customers. They don’t actually have the money, they just create that credit based upon your credit worthiness and signature. Therefore, when you default, the bank looses very little and between the sell off of debt and tax write off, they likely break even or profit. But my question is what is the long term plan? You and I will never go back to these companies to get burned again. Credit will be ruined for most due to the trickle effect of the market. What are the powers that be doing? I believe they are getting positioned for a larger power grab or one world currency. Look at history. Any major changes that have occurred in America, or the world for that matter, have been driven by money. Someone smarter than me in this group probably knows the answer.

  27. Rebecca Muse Says:

    My husband and I am having the same problems everyone else is with WAMU changing to Chase. We have had credit cards with WAMU for several years now, never been late on a payment and most months, pay double the minimum payments due. They jumped our interest rates without notifying us they were doing so, then here just last week, they sent us our new cards one day and a cancellation of all accounts letter the next. This is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! We are a middle class couple with good job securtiy and a good credit rating. Now they have destroyed that. After calling Chase, I agree they are all rude. Noone could help us and they are now saying we owe too much. Well then why in the hell did you give us the credit? Some months we even pay them off all together. Apparently, when we went on vacation, we put too much on the cards which triggered our cancellation. We were not over the limit, well under actually and they justify our cancellation this way??? Makes no sense to me. Please add our names to any Class Action Lawsuit against Chase. You may notify me to be a plantiff.

  28. Humberto Pasillas Says:

    My Providian card was bought out by Wamu then Chase bought them and then Chase closes my account for high balance. We need a class action suit now, this action by them causes your account to report as closed but with a balance if you don’t pay it off and there goes your credit score. Have details on my story please include me on any lawsuit

  29. Tara Newberry Says:

    After Chase aquired WAMU, they hiked my interest rate from 10.99% to 29.99%, I tried to fight it, but they would not adjust the rate. Then, yesterday I got a notice that my account had been cancelled. I’ve never been late, never missed a payment, and have paid more than the minimum. Its infuriating, b/c I have no idea how this will affect my credit. This has never happened to me before and I am OUTRAGED. Please include me on any class action regarding this incredibly wrongful conduct by Chase.

  30. Erin Says:

    It took me about 1 minute online to come across countless others whose credit cards Chase had decided, without cause, to close. I received the very same generic letter from Chase on July 29, 2009. It stated the same 3 bogus alleged reasons for their action: Total available credit on bankcards is too low; Too few open accounts with time on file greater than 24 months; Current or history of severe past due or Public Record item. None of these apply to me. I have never been late in payment to them, always paid almost double the minimum payments, and my account was closed in good standing. Isn’t that an oxymoron? Yes I think so. I too was instructed by Chase non-customer service to obtain my Experian report which I did. There is nothing on it. In fact it is the very same report as the one upon which the credit card was issued in the first place. How can they legally issue then cancel a card based on the very same report? I too was a WAMU card holder that Chase took over which seems like it may be a contributing factor to many of us receiving this letter, another questionable legal action that warrants further investigation. When I asked the customer non-service rep with whom I could speak in management regarding this decision, I was told that the credit dept management did not take customer calls. Really? Well isn’t that just a perfect solution to assuming any culpability for your questionable action and oh so very typical. I also inquired as to whether they were certain the action they had taken was legal based upon the recent credit card legislation in Congress. I received a rambling incoherent response to this and was then promptly dismissed. I think it bears mentioning that CHASE RECEIVED $20 BILLION IN GOVERNMENT BAILOUT MONEY. That is our money! We the taxpayers bailed them out and this is how they treat their customers. This is simply not right. Something needs to be done. Their actions should have consequences. We did not bail them out only to have our accounts in good standing cancelled. In the midst of a recession, people wonder why the banks are recording record profits while the economy remains stagnate. Well, the despicable business practice of Chase provides clarity to that answer. Corporate profits above all else and the little guy be damned. Until such time as these mega corporations are prevented from cancelling customers in good standing to better their bottom line the economy will suffer. This was not how the bailout was supposed to work. They know it but unfortunately they also know they can get away with it. If anyone knows of any potential recourse we have against this by all means count me in. Enough is enough.

  31. Ryan Says:

    Count me in on any class action lawsuit.
    About 2 years ago I opened an account with AMEX for a low APR balance transfer. About 6 months later Wells Fargo decreased a LOC of mine because of my “increased extended credit.” Four months ago, Wells Fargo reduced my credit card line from $20k to $1k. Less than I had as a student working part time making $10/hr.
    Fast forward to today. I just paid off my BofA card, over $15k on a $19k balance card. BofA has now CLOSED my card entirely because of the balances on my Wells line compared to credit limit – WHICH WAS AXED because of BofA’s line! Also, I was completely LIED to by the prior rep when I called. I was told the account would be frozen only until I faxed in my paystubs from my new job.

    This is a disgusting race to the bottom and destroying my credit at the same time. Just as a disclaimer – I currently have a 710 FICO and 0 missed or late loan or revolving credit payments. I am so sick that I don’t even know where to go.
    I want my card open, only to improve my credit score. No bank or credit card will ever make a dime from me again, I have learned my lesson the hard way. My former employer, recipient of TARP funds, laid me off. Through all that I still paid DOWN my debt. Now I am employed again, and my two

  32. Judith Howell Says:

    Definitely interested in joining any class action law suits filed against Chase

  33. Kelly Dominguez Says:

    Please include me with American express. I am currently searching for lawyer that is willing to go up against American Express for their action against we the consumer. If anyone else has any luck, please let me know.

  34. Barbara Crawford Says:

    PLEASE sign me up ALSO for any class action suit against Chase and American Express. My horror stories are the same as it was with Discover. I wrote to our President Obama and feel we need to do everything that we can to put an end to this inhuman and illegal actions that the credit card companies have been doing. My 89 year old mother has also had her credit limit lowered as had my 90 year old mother-in-law and they have always paid off their cards in full and on time. It scared them…..they feel so vulnerable and they don’t understand. These cards are there for emergencies and at 89 and 90, an older person NEEDS to feel safe……..NOT SCARED!!!
    Thank you

  35. Ronny Whitt Says:

    Discover, was charging me almost 80.00 amonth for a protection plan; May 2009, When I was overseas, my wife was paying my bills and discovered this, I just pay, and never looked at my statement. I called Discover, first I cancelled this plan, I was told that I signed up to this protection Plan in Jan 2007, I asked for proof of this, and they said it would take a few weeks, the next month Jun 09 I got a credit on my statement for 1,909.68, then in Jul 09 I received a letter from discover that the monies have been reversed, and back on my credit card, and they were sorry. I called and explained this to two different reps, until they gave ma a so called manager, what it boiled down to, is him telling me the only proof they have is a voice recorder of “Me” saying yes to this plan, and I asked for this in a transcript and he said that this is not for public release, so I asked so you are telling me that “A person called my house and I said “yes” to this plan, but you can not give me any copy or print out or even who called me” he said Yes that is true, and left me hanging.. what the hell am I suppose to do, now pay to get an attorney to get a copy of this so called recorder? If I did sign up for this plan, where is my “Protection Plan phamlet with what this plans covers?(I never received). I need someone to let me know what my next step is??? I am so upset, this cannot be legal, This is almost Two thousand dollars, that this company has taken from me. I pay this bill faithfully every month, and now they treat me like I’m the bad person for getting upset. Please someone help me

  36. A. Smith Says:

    CHASE has demanded more than double the payment (from 2% to 5%). I have mid 700 credit score. Never been late. Can’t pay that much and concerned about loosing 4% interest not to mention my credit score.

  37. Brenda B Says:

    I wish someone would help me, they changed my intrest rate and when I called about it they said they mailed me a letter which i never got- and they told me that the reason they raised my rate was because other people with that card defaulted at a rate of 24% so because i had the same card a WaMu Providian card they changed my rate from 9% to 19.25%- this was not based on my own credit but others that have that card… has anyone else had this problem? ex WaMu card holders? I personally think that is the reason- because they didnt raise my chase cards.

  38. Leslie G-O Says:

    Although CHASE looks horrible from all these comments — AMERICAN EXPRESS is just as bad, if not worse! One year ago, my bank found fraud on my account by a foreign entity, who had somehow managed to get my bank account number. I reported the fraud to all the credit reporting agencies. The bank knows about the fraud. We closed my account and opened a new account with a different number. It took a few days to get my electronic bank payments processed, including my monthly to AMERICAN EXPRESS. The payment was two days late! So not only did they charge me a “late payment” penalty, they raised my interest rate to the maximum, 24% and have REFUSED to lover it until I am current every month for twelve months! PURE HIGHWAY ROBBERY and without me being able to do anything about it — I’ve talked to everyone I can at AMX and they basically tell me to go HATTI (if you know what I mean~!) When I asked them about their “stimulus” money to lower interest rates, I was told that did not apply to consumers like me. If not, then who does it apply to and why did they get stimulus monies?

    Can someone tell me if a suit is pending against American Express?

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from someone. I’ve bookmarked this page and am very, very upset with this company in particular and all the credit card companies in general — FRAUD IS FRAUD IS FRAUD!

  39. tim loyal Says:

    I have a major complaint with discover and hope you can see the injustice this card has done to an 83 year old grandmother. In april we called because they set the due date to the 2nd and it was always the 3rd. My grandmother gets her check on the 3rd. she has had this card for 20 years. Anyway they said they would change the date to the 15th. We received her check on the 2nd because of a social security paydate that month was ahead because of the holiday. We payed the monthly bill but added the extra which was 190 something when we mailed it. Then discover had a second bill come on the 20th of the month. We had already payed so we payed the following month on the 3rd. Discover taked a late fee on the bill because we didn’t pay the 20th bill. This was 2 bills in the same month. I called and Discover said they changed their billing cycle to every 20 days. Without notifying us. My grandmother has never been late. Discover took the late fee off but kept the 29% interest instead of the 9% we had normally been paying. This continues to go on every month. A late fee that I have to get taken off. Discover takes this late fee off and we pay the bill. I have also requested every month to have the date set on the 15th of the month to no avail. We want justice. Our bill keeps accruding this high interest and now the bill has climed over 4000 which we had payed down to 3500 before this happened. If you get a lawsuit we want you to tell the judge how they are treating a senior with this disrespect. A person who has lived all her life by the codes of the past. Who has never been late and now her credit is going bad. We can’t even apply for a different card because the credit rating is going down. Due to the new laws in bankruptcy we will not be able to get out of the debt either. Even though the practices of this company are robberbarring. Please someone help us. We pay our bills but there is no help or bill of rights for us. We will all be doomed to live a life of slavery to these credit mogals. If you think robbing is only the investors running ponzy schemes you are wrong. Credit card companies have the biggest Ponzy scheme of all. Please write me back and we are all in if you are serious about justice.

  40. blanca Says:

    i have a wamu card that is now chase. they have raised the min payment so high i can,t afford it and it will mess up my good credit. on top of that i had a merchant pro account with paypal to accept credit cards for my online buz. i had an order from over seas and waited 30 days to deliver. paypal put a hold on the 2500.00 and then said it was ok. then a few weeks after delivery i get a charge back to my account for the 2500.00 because the card was a fraud. i don,t understand why they can do this when they approved it. now i am out the money and the product. i don,t know what do do about ethier. i have worked hard to keep my credit very good now it is going bad. thanks for letting me vent. any help i thank you in advance

  41. deb Says:

    I would very much like to be involved in a class action. My credit cards are thru capitol one……I have been an account holder for 8 years , with two cards. I have NEVER been late or abused the account in any way and my interest rates were raised for no reason other than the new law and when i called they said cancel or continue to pay at the new rate. please contact me for your clas action suit.

  42. trudy benson Says:

    I would like to be a part of any class action suit against capitol one advanta or chase they have all raised rates so high I can barely stay in business and Advanta has sent me a check for 73 and said if I accept I agree not to go any further, I have not and will not agree to that, it is an insult with the rate increases they have charged me please contact me if you have any info on class action suits against any of these companys I am in Florida

  43. Robert Vertalics Sr. Says:

    Hi! I’m one of those who had a Imagine Card…Paid on time for well over a year…. Got a letter from Tribute Card(8-09)…. said “We took over Imagine”…. Sending you a Card…. Got card… Two weeks later…. Acct CLOSED…. Got bill…. $30.00 transfer fee for the card…. Min payment from $27.00 to $49.00…. They said you have a new acct#,Please tell your bank for Oct auto pay(since than my bank will not be paying them)…. Tribute tried to take the payment out in Sept…. POW! return check fee $35.00…. by the time Sept was done I was charged a total of $159.00 in fee’s,from a $800.00 Bal to over $970.00 and my Min payment went from $49.00 a month to $220.00. I only receive $520.00 a month on SSI,which makes it impossible to pay and they know it!…. They started calling me every 15 min from 8:00am to 10:00am and from 5:00pm to 8:30pm each day starting in Oct-is that harassment…. I didn’t answer the phone until I investigated this company and BOY did I find out that the FDIC and FTC is after them with fines of Over 115 million dollars…. Now I will answer the phone and ask “When are you going to pay your fines for consumer restitution?” I will be happy to pay what I owe…. not a penny more for fraud!! I’ve lost sleep over this…. A Class Action must be done do to the harm they have caused!!!

  44. Michelle Alves Says:

    When I was younger I did a cash advance for $400 to help me transition between my last semester of school and my new full time Job. I had made a few payments and paid it down to $260 in 3 months. Then I got an offer that said I could lock in a rate of 3.99% for a balance transfer. SO I decided to take advantage of that and I transfered a large balance of $3500 to the card. No where in the paper did it state that if I did this my payments would no longer apply to the cash advance rate of 29.99%. I now owe over $900 in defered finance charges on the cash advance that I then owed $260 on and this keeps growing $25 every month and I have no way to pay it down. Untill the smaller rate of 3.99% is paid of they were not going to apply any payments towards the smaller of the transaction.
    Please let me know when this class action lawsuite is ready , I feel that the credit cards are doing something very wrong.

  45. Janice Says:

    Hi! I am also a victim of Tribute Mastercard. I received a letter a few months ago that they were closing my account. I called and the only reason given was that they were discontinuing their credit card services. I have never been late with a payment and have always paid above my minimum payment. I have researched this on the web and there are so many victims. A class action lawsuit is very much needed. Please offer any advice on getting this started.

  46. Tracie Says:

    Along with many others, I am also a victim of the rip-off of Tribute Mastercard. Had my account for a little over a year. I did have one late payment, which was paid w/ fee plus more than minimum. My account was closed w/ no notification and when I discovered this fact and called the company, I was told that they could not give out any information except that my account was closed! When I asked why this had happened, I was again told that they could not give out this information, but that if I called back in the future, they might have more information. After researching this on-line, I discovered that this has happened to thousands of Tribute Card customers, including those that have always been in good standing. I have continued making my payments in a timely fashion, even though I cannot use this card. Now I find out that even though I am making my payments, this may adversely affect my credit due to the fact that this card was closed by the creditor. This company is ripping people off and if a class action lawsuit is filed against them, I definitely want to be a part of it!!!

  47. Chris Says:

    I began with Imagine Card as a means to improve my credit rating following my divorce and subsequent remarriage. Although I was never late for a payment in the 11 months I had the card, they terminated my card and as I was later informed, the entire program without notice. They did this a few weeks after charging me a second annual fee which I am currently not only being charged with but also also interest. In addition to not reversing and crediting my account for this particular arrears, they continue to charge me $20.00 a month for account fees on an account that they closed moving the amount owed on the card in excess of $700 on a card which the principal amount owed should only be about $100. My wife and I were in the qualification process of obtaining a VA loan, as I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and are now not in a postion to be approved due to Imagine’s unfair practices. We are at our wits end and would appreciate any direction and/or assistance you can provide.

  48. Cody Barack Says:

    I have always had a near perfect credit score until the ADVANTA BANCORP credit card people raised my interest rate and lowered my limit to $500. They next cancelled my account for no reason. I would’nt care but by doing so they somehow ruined my credit score and I have not been able to get a credit card of any kind since. I want to be part of any litigation against these people or do whatever I can to cost them money.

  49. Larry Patton Says:

    I got a call one day from discover pitching an info packet that would be mailed postal, to get me to sign up for a card. At first i said no thankyou then finally said to go ahead and send it and i would look it over. I looked it over then shredded it. A couple of months later i get a bill for $25 from discover card, I dont even have a discover card and never have, my calls for an explanation were useless, then , sometime later found the negative marks on my credit from this. I didnt pay the bogus $25 fee nor will i ever pay it, the negative is still on my credit history, still damageing as i relate this. Im very interested in being party to a class action lawsuit against discover card in any shape or form, just let me know what to do. I also believe that our politicians who allow such corporations to operate in this country as they operate should at the very least be fired without retirement benefits then investigated, isnt that what we would get for sub par performance on our jobs, YES and YES im mad as hell .

  50. Brian Hutchings Says:

    I Was Taken By ASPIRE myself.. I have Called The FDIC FTC and talked to other Proffesonals and they Agree with me that Aspire’s business pratctices are dubious at best.I contacted an Attorny and was told the amount would be than my Balance.. With Aspire I Make my payments on time . And Just a small % goes to my balance.. YES I Would Like More Information About A Class Action Reguarding Aspire/Compu-Credit/Columbus Bank of Georiga… I would be more than Happy to provide imformation that I have acculminated over the past Year and a half.. Aspire Called Me .. I am The One That Is Getting Ripped Not Aspire.. I AM PAYING MY DEBIT TO THEM… THEY ARE THE ONES RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS.. I Can Say Class Action.. I Hope I Can see this happen


  51. Mike Barron Says:

    I had an outstanding balance on a credit card that was charging interest. I received an offer in the mail from CHASE that indicated I could write a check for a balance transfer. It says very clearly and boldly that I can write a check against my credit line of $8000. I went to their website and completed the transaction of paying $8000 to my previous credit card. The transaction cost 3% or $240. As a result of the transaction fee, it put me over my limit and I have incurred fees for that. In addition, I am now paying finance charges of 13% and my credit score of over 800 is now 740. Not only did I pay the $240 to transfer, but I did not get the benefit of the introductory rate. When I contacted CHASE, they said it says on the offer that going over your limit will result in the situation that I’m currently in. As I have reviewed the promotion material, it does say going over the limit or late payments would result in such actions, it does not suggest that the transaction fee will cause this. I work in the finance industry and have seen class action suits successfully litigated for failure to clearly disclose such information. Again, I have thoroughly reviewed all informatin and find that this is not clearly disclosed. I think this case could have legs and I’m interested in helping.

  52. Paul Whitley Says:

    Want to join a class action suit if possible. Chase reduced my credit lines on 4 cards from about $50,000 to $7,000, never late, never over limit from purchases.
    In addition, as a result of the reductions, created over limits when interest charged which created over limit fees. THey will not remove them. They also increased my interest rate from 7.99 to 26.2 because of “lending costs in the market place” – they are paying 25bps for their money from the FED.
    They also raised the interest because of the over limit created by the interest to Prime + 26.99%
    They are getting prepared for the new law that should have been retroactive instead of a year out – good banking lobbyists I guess!

  53. Raymond Clark Says:

    Please be advised that CHASE cancelled one of my credit cards which was obtained by WaMU. I was never late. They then increased my APR nearly triple…..I am refusing to pay this insanse business practice. I am willing to participate in any up-coming class action law suit. As a hard working american we must stand up against CHASE.

    Raymond A. Clark

    P. S. Please help us.

  54. Mike Reese Says:

    Count me in on any class action suit against these criminals !!!

    I ” had ” an 814 credit score….never late in 22 years on anything, built limit up to around 100k at avg. 5.9%……paid cash for fixer upper house and used credit cards to finance the renovation…planned to get 1st mortgage when finished.

    80% through renovation credit limit was slashed by 60% preventing me from finishing project…..worse was the fact that my score fell to an extremely low level despite being current on all my open accounts…..then attempted to raise my rates were north of 20% even 33% in one case. Banks are now refusing to carry my 1st mortgage so I can pay these bums off because my score has fallen by no fault of my own.

    I want in on any lawsuit……gauranteed…..let me know and I’ll be at the head of the line.

  55. Garry Adkins Says:

    My WaMu card was closed after the Chase takeover. Never late, with a fair FICO score. No offer on a new Chase account.

  56. John Says:

    Many situations to comment on. A couple quick ones: Just called my bank about a loan I have with them. I have the payments automatically taken out of my checking account, thus I have never been late. They told me that they only report to Equifax. I said, what about the other two. They said they do not have a contract with them. I said, but if I get a loan, banks typically take a look at all three bureaus. If this account (which is a positive one) does not show up at all three, then the “average” or “middle” score is skewed. They said “yes,…I see your point”. So that’s one situation on how the system is flawed. I also believe a strong case could be made to prove that they system is skewed in favor of banks/lending institutions. You take “hits” in points way faster than you have the ability to “build them back up”. I would be IN on a class action suit and hopefully have much to offer.

  57. Mary Says:

    I am furious with Discover! I have a large balance which accumulated while I was in Grad School. I do not charge anymore….it has been at least 3 years since a charge has been put on this card. I have so many complaints….a new problem arises every time I talk to them. My rate was raised to 29.9%….I called them to lower the rate and was told it was the lowest that they had. Since I was obviously worried about my credit, they offered to sign me up for a service that would insure me if I couldn’t make payments. When I turned that down they offered me another service that would track my credit score! PLEASE! Someone needs to stop them! This amounts to loan sharking!!!

  58. Vince Says:

    I bought a MSN Service and was charged the full amount for the year however once activating the service I called to cancel. The representative indicated they did not give cancelation request numbers but I could reference the call number. They said it would take 5 business days. I waited and did not see the item returned on my Discover card for which I placed the order. I then called them back and got the same run around. After that I called Discover and explained and disputed the charge and received a temporary credit. I recevied a letter from discover that they reviewed the matter and found the charge to be valid and reapplied it to my account. I called them back and explained how could the charge be valid if I have 30 days to cancel the service and I canceled with in the first two days and no longer have the service. The person I spoke to at Discover put another credit on my account. Again I received another letter from Discover indicating they had reviewed my dispute and the documentation provided by MSN which showed I had canceled my service however MSN explained that I had service previously and this was a continuation of previous service and Discover reinstated the charge. I called Discover again and explained that even the documentation shows that I canceled the previous MSN Service and that I canceled the new service and this charge needed to be refunded. This person put another credit on my card and said it was most unlikely that MSN would contest it and would probably stay this time. I am angry that Discover has such terrible dispute resolution skills when the information is so obvious. I am also angry that MSN has such predatory billing practices even once a service has been canceled. Does anyone else have a similar issue with Discover.

  59. Shelley Says:

    Discover is the worst card you will ever use. they will change your due dates so you are late, if you almost pay off a large sum they will double charge you for interest for the same billing period, they treat their customers like dirt and I would like to sue them!!!

  60. Shannon Elwell Says:

    I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit because after I retired from my full-time job where I had worked for 30 years, Chase bought my Washington Mutual account and raised my interest rates. Being on a fixed income, I could not pay this increase. Chase has chosen to file a lawsuit against me now.

  61. Carolyn M Says:

    I wonder if you know what firm is considering or has a Chase mortgage
    lending class action suit? We paid them off, entirely, on three loans, and they are still pushing to foreclose, refusing to acknowledge they payoff!! Do you know of a class action I can join?
    Many thanks!

  62. mike Says:

    disover is a govenment hideout and fruad to the u.s people and will fall…………………………

  63. Terry Says:

    A good way to get back at Chase is to enter Chase Bank into your browser (Bing, Google ect.)and on the second or third page will be and Chase Manhattan Bank Navigate to those sites from your original entry of Chase Bank will move those sites closer and closer to being on page one so anyone considering doing buisness at Chase will see those sites also. Chase can’t gouge coustomers they don’t have!

  64. Kathy Says:


    I too have a horror story about my Platinum AMX Credit Card. After doing business with AMX for years with a $150,000 a month line of credit, they dropped me without notice. I lost my business, am being sued by a customer for non-performance on a contract, had to file a personal BK to protect myself, and will probably loose my home. These are only the highlights. Were you able to find an attorney who would take them on? Do you have room for one more plaintiff?

  65. Ray Cohen Says:

    JP Morgan recently lost a case about not paying bondholders who lost their bonds (Frankel Class Action Settlement). The attorney was Norman Kaplan of NY. Google it. What is most interesting is that JP Morgan failed to follow the escheat laws and turn the money over to Unclaimed Funds. In addition, I have documentation that JP Morgan has not remitted uncashed dividend checks where it is serving as transfer agent. Why not sue them under civil rico?

  66. Debbie Says:

    I am very frustrated with US Bancorp. I have been with US Bank since they were Star Bank. I was offered a credit card with a $2,500 limit. I said sure and every time I paid a significant amount down US Bancorp reduced my credit limit to just above the amount that was left owing. This has happened three times and no notice is ever given. The most recent transaction happened in May when I paid my card down significantly to use for car rentals, etc. The bank immediately took the money and reduced my limit and now charges me over the limit fees of $35.00 and other fees. I am tired of chasing this balance and want to sue US Bancorp. I would love to have a class action suit. Please keep me posted.

  67. Daniel Rosendahl Says:

    Our line of credit for our Charity Credit Card was reduced by BofA in 2011, causing an over-limit without our being notified. BofA immediately put a hit on my personal credit reports. When I found out, I explained the situation, and they promised to remove the negative history. Obviously, that never happened, and our Charity finally stopped paying the bill in 2012 until the negative items were removed from my personal credit report. Some 32 phone calls, and over 50 letters later, I have NEVER received a response. A class action suit should be filed. These people are evil.

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