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Every year towards the end of January, Chase will have your year end summary statements ready for your viewing. You will actually get a reminder in your email (like I did here). Below are a series of screen shots of the email I got, the log in page and the actual statements.

I think if is very important to view your online summary statements. This is especially so for a cash back credit card like the Chase Freedom, which pays you 5% rebates on rotating categories. And you would really want to find out how they classify certain expenditure at certain places (you may get some surprises).

chase 2011 yearend summary reminder

chase 2011 yearend summary signin

chase 2011 yearend summary 2

As you can see below, the first part of the summary statement shows you overall spending broken down by the month of the year. Mine was a little erratic and that is because I also use the Blue Cash and Platinum Card (and also the British Airways Visa). So I’m just trying to max out rebates and sometimes, I just use a card that I feel like.


I would like to show you the next section because it looks at my spending at groceries and drugstores. Chase used to have grocery and drugstore in their rotating categories (but no longer). So it is very important to check who do they consider to be supermarkets and drugstores. Looking at a statement summary will give you a clue since the merchant name is written beside the expense.

One interesting thing I found out was that Aux Petites Delicassi, a place which I go to every Tuesday mornings to buy croissants for breakfast is considered a grocery store! Did I earn 5% cash back last year during the quarter which Chase Freedom paid 5% rebates in groceries? I have to check again because I certainly did not expect them to be considered a supermarket! It really has to do with the code that Visa and MasterCard uses for the interchange fee. And the reason that I did not use my Amex Platinum was because this shop did not accept Amex.

So here is a great example of the benefits of checking your year end statement.


The next section showed my spending on home improvement and landscaping. This occurred in April because Chase Freedom was paying 5% on home improvement in the second quarter last year. I was able to confirm if the stuff that I bought from was considered a home improvement store. I also ordered a Chinese Cable TV because MIL came to town and this was correctly classified as utilities. Dining was the next on the list and I made a mental to go through and just check the diners that showed up on this list. While the Chase Freedom only had dining in their rotating categories for a quarter last year, this is still very valuable information because if you intend to get a card like the Costco (which pays 2% on dining), then chances are that the dining places that were classified as restaurants for Chase will be classified the same way for other cards as well.

chase freedom year end summary statement - dining

One thing to note is that my year end summary for my British Airways Visa is also available, but it is not so interesting to show because all I did was toe meet their spending requirements to get their 100,000 bonus miles and I have used it sparingly since then. I’ll show you my Amex year end statements another day.

Everyone should have gotten their year end summary statements by now. Go through them, check your spending patterns and you may discover a couple of interesting things like I have.

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  2. Walter Fleming Says:

    I am unable to get my year end summary

  3. William OConnor Says:

    I cannot find anywhere to input my account data to get my year end statement.

  4. Mr Credit Card Says:

    if you do not have an account, you have to create one. Once you have created an account, you can login and you should be able to get the year end summary.

  5. Lisa Moore Says:

    It would be nice if you could get just one page showing your name, last 4 of account number, and a summary for each category ot even grand total amount so that if you have to show proof of total spent in 2011 it would not show every single transaction and you could actually prove that it was your account and your charges. Not very well thought out in that aspect. I have to show Capital One my charges to get double miles and not sure if the Chase statment will work. I called Chase and there is no such thing. WOW!

  6. Mr Credit Card Says:

    Good point and good luck on the Capital One 100,000 miles.

  7. Jerry Allen Goss Says:

    Still haven’t got on yet.

  8. tom catlin Says:

    Tried your invitation for a 2012 year end summary, but try as I did I could not get it to come up

  9. Carol Cain Says:

    I cannot get my yearend info. Help!

  10. Ann Yarborough Says:

    I can’t download the 2012 year-end statement.

  11. Lee Burns Says:

    Can’t get the account information — you make it VERY difficult!

  12. Jean J. Callis Says:

    Cannot get my yearend report. Your system is unsatisfactory. I know my name and password are correct – but you won’t accept them.

  13. James R Miller Says:

    I tried but can’t get my 2012 year end summary You might give simple easy to follow directions

  14. Jean Racko Says:

    Useless…like so many other people, cannot pull up YearEnd summary!

  15. Sherill Kammerer Says:

    I’m unable to get my yearend summary. It’s like going through a “maze” of information that is presented to be so simple to find.

  16. Sidney Katz Says:

    What does one have to do to get a year end summary? Have tried for several years and so far have never seen one.

  17. DeLoris Mehlinger Says:

    I’m trying to get my 2012 year end summary – Help

  18. Katie L. Jordan Says:

    I cant get my account to open-cant even put in my user i.d.password!

  19. martin ostransky Says:

    I need my summary for 2012

  20. C Haley Says:

    only 2011 summary shows up. Check it out.

  21. Denise Smith Says:

    I was attempting to download my yearend summary and believer I followed directions with no success. All I was able to see were comments from other users reporting that the link didn’t work. Chase is a big reputable bank. I would expect better.

  22. Ardery Davis Says:

    Can’t find or download year end summary…

  23. Nancy Hammond Says:

    Like everyone else that wrote I too could not 2013 summary. Please help!

  24. quynghi truong Says:

    II’m not able to find out my “Chase year end summary as your instruction?!

  25. Elaine H. Green Says:

    I want the summary of chase, My account

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