Chase Prestige Credit Card Upgrade?


I just received a letter from Chase telling me “CONGRATULATIONS” and that my account has been approved for an “upgrade” to the Chase PRESTIGE Credit Card!

What’s all the big fuss? Well, the letter said that I will become a Charter member in the new elite-level credit card program and enjoy an array of 18 valuable services and benefits available only to those who hold the Chase Prestige Credit Card! Wow!

So to cut to the chase, here were the list of benefits :

  • Membership in Rewards Network – which gives 20% off your entire bill (food, beverages, and even taxes and tip) at more than 7000 participating restaurants (sounds great, but you need to have restaurants that are signed up in your area)
  • A VIP-Members-Only-toll-free number to call to make all your travel reservations at the guaranteed lowest fares then available – OK – this sounds like a pretty good deal
  • 5% cash back on all US hotel rooms, airline tickets, car rentals and cruises – Now this sounds more like a great deal and frequent travelers would love this
  • Credit Card protection service for every card you carry (often a $49.00 a year service – yours completely free) – Hmmm, this sounds like the identity theft protection.
  • Computerized trip itineraries, plus local maps
  • $2,500 emergency cash wired to you anywhere in the US
  • Emergency airline tickets – not too sure what this is all about
  • Guarantee of non-responsibility for your limited liability if your cards are used fraudulantly from the instant you make a toll-free phone call – nothing new here – all cards have this and I would not call this an extra benefit!
  • $250,000 flight insurance
  • Discounts at major car rentals – this is a good feature
  • A toll-free number that lets you save money by locating the nearest Chase ATM – don’t think anyone would actually use this
  • A toll-free weather number that gives you current conditions and forecast for the city/town you are traveling to! – I think most would use our iPhones!
  • Free additional Chase Prestige credit card status for family members – thought this was to be expected
  • So it all sounds great until I read a paragraph or two below. Here is what it says : Yet the cost for your elite card upgrade is just $79 , automatically billed to your account annually for as long as your account is in good standing……………..And if you are not satisfied with your “upgrade”–for any reason– call 1-888-326-7157 and we’ll give you a refund, no questions asked.

    In my opinion, the best feature is probably the 5% cash back you get from the US hotel rooms, airline tickets and car rentals. If you travel a lot, I can see how this card will benefit you. For now, I will just leave this as it is but I am tempted to give this a go for a year and see how it works.

    If you have been upgraded, I would like to hear your experiences.

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23 Responses to “Chase Prestige Credit Card Upgrade?”

  1. Emily @ Taking Charge Says:

    Congratulations, you’ve been upgraded!! For $80 a year…hmmm. Sounds fishy to me. While many of those features sound great, how many of them can you see yourself actually using? I agree that this card sounds pretty handy for a frequent traveler. But if you travel infrequently or not at all, it sounds like a waste of money to me.

  2. Katherine Christiansen Says:

    My grandmother had her Chase Card automatically “upgraded” to Prestige status. Unfortunately for her she is 93 and has absolutely no need of this upgrade, didnt ask for it, didnt approve it and suddenly has this charge on a credit card that she normally keeps under 300 dollars in charges. She lives on a fixed income and luckily has a daughter and granddaughter that look out for her. Shame on Chase Bank and every other company that operates this way. It is usually the elderly or those that can least aford this kind of charge that get screwed by these companies. It is like survival of the fittest with the strong preying on the weak.

  3. Catherine T Says:

    “Chase Prestige” and Chase Bank aren’t affiliated, even though they want you very much to think so. According to their own fine print, “(c) 2008 The Reunion Group is the exclusive provider of Chase Prestige Card Services and assumes responsibility for the provision of, or failure to provide, services. Chase and The Reunion Group are not affiliated.” Seems like old school (via snail mail) phishing to me!

  4. Treowth Says:

    “Chase Prestige” and “Chase Bank” may not be “affiliated, but you can bet Chase Bank is making money on the deal.

    Check out the Reunion Group, “provider of the Chase Prestige Card Services” under the “Our Products” tab:

    “All of our programs must survive our rigorous testing criteria and ultimately become significant sources of revenue for us and our marketing partners.”

  5. ray Ray Says:

    I received notice today that my Chase altered. They are increasing (substantially) the overdraft, cash advance and the balance transfer. While we have never used any of these services, I find it shameful that Chase would apply these in this uncertain economic times.

    Chase…shame on you for trying to make a buck on the backs of the cash-strapped American customers!

  6. Ft. Lauderdale Airport Rental Says:

    Whoa…although some of the “upgraded” services aren’t that relevant to me, the ones that are include the 20% off my bill at participating restaurants: Perfect for when I want to take family, friends, or clients to break bread with. The 5% cash back on an array of service-orientated companies is fantastic when you live out of a hotel half the year! Emergency airline tickets sounds like when I need it the most, they hook me up at regular prices. That would be cool if that’s what it entails. The discounts at car rental places: Brilliant! I think that with some of the services that they offer, it’s worth paying the 79 USD for. I can wound up saving hundreds and in some cases thousands of USD especially if one travels a lot. In the end, I think this type of card was catered to those who travel a lot. If it’s simply saving for a holiday or the occasional travel, then it’s not worth it to me. If you like eating out, travel a lot, or fly a lot, then this card is worth it’s weight in gold.

  7. Tom G Says:

    The chase card upgrade and $79 charge, I did NOT request, or approve, has been on my account sence Nov 4th 2008. Today is Nov. 28th. I called several times to have the charge removed, only to hear that it may be one or two billing cycles before they can do it. I wonder how may other $79 charges they have on people’s Chase Cards, and where that money is right now. Where or Who can I call to get it done now?

  8. Henry Hurst Says:

    Same thing happened to my card. RGI keeps promising to send me proof that I requested the upgrade, but promises are unkept. Chase themselves have been stonewalling me for over a month now. Had I not noticed the bogus charge, I would have been ripped off. Certainly no way for reputable companies to do business!

  9. Jay Says:

    You left out a key feature, and the main reason why I decided to take the plunge. They are partnered with the ITC-50 which gives you 50% off your hotel. The problem is that the hotel needs to be participating and they are often pretty cheap/crappy hotels. This alone if used correctly can make up for the $80 charge. Then again you can sign up for the ITC-50 seperately for a much lower price and still get this discount, but the Chase prestige program packages in the rest of that stuff so I’ll see if its worth it. I think you can try it out for like 6 months and still ask for a full refund.

  10. ophelia Says:

    i enrolled in the chase prestige program a year ago, not realizing the reunion group and chase are different entities (how smart of me to doulbe check all the fine print-bleh!). none of the services really apply to me, and if found it difficult to locate information on the services. for example, what restaurants does the discount apply to? where could if find out? so my renewal offer came up, and i called the 1-888 number to cancel my membership. the person i spoke with tried to convince me to stay. when i refused, they offered to lower the annual rate of $79 to $39. but if this is such a great service, why only offer me a better deal when i’m about to quit? why not offer me the best possible deal in the first place? it wasn’t a good match for me, but maybe it would be a good “upgrade” for others.

  11. Alison Elliott Says:

    My mother is 95, and without question pays her bills on time. So when I saw that she had been billed without notice for a Chase upgrade, I was furious. How can company prey on people like that? And how many years in the past have they been doing this to her?

    She will destroy her credit card if I have any say in it.

  12. Cyrus Says:

    Called the hotline and had the charge removed (or so they said) and service cancelled. This thing was ridiculous I can’t believe I signed up for it

  13. Tiger Says:

    I used it for one year. I only enjoyed the 10% (not 20%) discount at various restaurants. I got back more than I paid for, but I really kept using it at every opportunity to make the money back. So I just called them and canceled at the end of the first year. The cancellation was easy and painless (and I hope there won’t be any surprises).

  14. Lani Says:

    I had the upgrade a year from today. Unfortunately, as great as it sounds there were several restrictions to each and every one of these perks. I had to research travel, restaurant, etc to find out that the reward did not apply. First off, I was baffled at that fact that I had to call in several times to request the list of Hotels from ITC-50. After I received it in the mail I started calling to the hotel to see how much cheaper they were able to offer compared to prices that were listed on third-party sites. I found out that they will only give you 50% off at the based price that they had it for. So, most of the time I was able to find much cheaper prices on Expedia, orbitz, etc. compared to what they had offered. Moreover, the list of restaurant I request never came in the mail and I had never received an percentage off any meal I’ve eaten. And believe me, I eat out almost all the time. I decided to call in today to cancel the reward since it wasn’t satisfactory however, they mentioned that they are not able to refund the charge made the previous year. What happened to “satisfaction guaranteed.” I love Chase, but I am not very fond of Chase Prestige. I think the only thing to do is to dispute it through Chase Credit Card themselves.

  15. Paulette Kendrick Says:

    I noticed the RGI Chase $79.00 charge added to my card statement. I called the phone # listed and was told this was an upgrade to give me all these benefits (benefits I didn’t want). I asked to have the charge credited off and they agreed to do this. And my next statement did have the $79 taken off. BUT, they put a dispute statement on my credit report. This is a very dirty way to do business. Shame on Chase for being associated with RGI Chase and allowing this to happen. I wonder how much Chase Bank was paid by Chase Prestige Card Service to allow these charges to appear on their cards holders accounts?

  16. Scotty Says:

    I have had the Chase Prestige card for a few years and I think I had my final straw with them. To begin with The “i-dine” restaurant club has several restaurants but they are all dumpy places I would never eat so that perk is worthless to me. To get a discount on a hotel, car or flight you have to call their 1-800 number and I find it a lot easier doing it yourself. The big perk to me was the Ticketmaster surcharge reimbursement up to $100 a year. I have gotten reimbursed in prior years but that has changed. I sent in $80 for 2009 reimbursements. What do they send me? A check for $6.00 for one of the four ticket reimbursements for one event. They send the rest of my tickets back to my OLD address with no explanation why. Bottom line – its not worth saving a few bucks a year given all the time and hassle you will go through.

  17. Roberta Piket Says:

    I called Chase and this IS something Chase is doing. NOT a separate company. They told me so themselves. We did not request this “service”, it was added without our knowledge or permission. I’m so tired of banks scamming people. I don’t know how they get away with it. We need more government regulation of banks and credit cards.

  18. NEPHX Says:

    Chase gave out my personal information and credit card number to someone that charged me a fee for something I never asked for nor wanted. That’s fraud.

    With all these complaints about RGI or Chase Prestige Card Service, there is only ONE (1) BBB reference to them. (Business ID edited by editor) up until today. Now there is a second. And, we’ll be filed complaints against Chase in Delaware and with the Attorneys General of both AZ (our State), DE (Chase) and FL (RGI).

    We also notified Chase that we opt out of any and all such programs in the future. What a racket. Chase is one bank that needs to be allowed to fail.

  19. Charles Says:

    Just noticed a $49. charge on my Juniper card. Apparently for the same service talked about here .Totally ticked off. I’m calling them tomorrow trying to cancel. I will file with a complaint with the BBB and more then likely send off a letters to my Congressman and Senator depending on how the conversation goes. This is fraud in my book. I certainly hope my representatives see it this way too.

  20. Virginia Batsxh Says:

    This is a rip off. 1st of all I don’t remember what this is unless I check the detail on my card which I don’t cause I just pay the thing. 2nd I don’t always use my card except when traveling cause I always go for the cheapest disel which not all stations have. 3rd my AAA card gives me all the benefits and most hotels do not honor both. 4th I have LifeLoc so don’t need this credit protection. This is just a cheap shady way to make money at out expense. Do the math. $79 x one million cards, the $49 x one million cards for renewal. Tell them to refund it. They are good about that. Don’t discard the mail you get that looks like junk. If you don’t respond the sign you up again.

  21. Marcy Says:

    I just noticed a 79.00 charge on my Chase card. I called and they said I have received this upgrade yearly since 2005. And I remembered, I went through getting this off my card three years ago. I must not have noticed it since then until now. So – even when I called and spent time getting this off my account three years ago, they just slapped it back on and hoped I wouldn’t notice. Well it worked and it must most of the time, or why would they keep persisting? This is a racket. I just finished calling and getting it off my card again and Chase says it something I need to “opt out of, yearly”. Be warned.

  22. Pegasus Says:

    RGI is a total fraud. They acquired my account information illegally. I have disputed the charge with Chase and will file charges.

  23. Tripuri Says:

    wow, I can’t believe same thing happened to me. I just checked my credit card statement and noticed RGI upgrade charge for $79. I called them and got the same answers. Looks like they have been charging me since 2008!!! I requested to cancel the membership. Again I was offered $39 fee instead of $79!!! Looks like I will have to do this yearly…..very very frustrating!!!!

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