Chase Continental Presidential Plus World Credit Card Review


Summary – This is the top of the line credit card for Continental Airlines frequent fliers. It offers all sorts of benefits not seen in Continental and Chase’s other offerings. While it’s target market is Continental’s best customers, this card may be of significant value to frequent travelers of other airlines who will soon count Continental as part of the Star Alliance.

Reward Formula – Like almost all travel cards, you will receive one point per dollar spent, and two points per dollar spent with Continental. Unlike most other co-branded airline cards, Continental will also offer you double miles for charges at hotels and rental cars. Furthermore, holders of this card will also receive a 25% mileage bonus on all Continental flights. This multiplier effect will allow you to quickly earn a lot of miles if you travel regularly.

Elite Qualifying Miles – Continental is offering 2,000 Flex Elite Qualification Miles (Flex EQMs) for every $15,000 in purchases. Interestingly, Continental says that “These miles do not expire, so you can redeem them toward Elite status at any time in future years.” Presumably this would alleviate the concern that many have with other cards that offer a one time elite bonus, the concern that they would rather save that bonus for a year when they will not otherwise reach their desired elite status.

Non-Mileage Benefits – While the mileage benefits for this card are good, there are some very important non-mileage benefits that make this card a good deal. Essentially, they are offering cardholders all of the benefits of elite status while at the airport. These benefits include waived luggage fees, priority check in and security, as well as priorty boarding and baggage delivery. The biggest benefit is the access to Continental’s President’s Club business lounge. While they are currently advertising access to Delta and Northwest’s clubs, this benefit will almost certainly be disappearing, and should be replaced by access to clubs at United and US Airways as soon as their move to the Star Alliance is complete. This benefit alone is worth the $375 annual fee. You also will hold Hyatt hotels platinum level status as well.

Business First International Companion Ticket – Your annual fee also covers free business first companion ticket. The significant restriction is that the ticket must be a full fare purchase in order to be elligible. This can still be a significant savings over two discounted business class tickets. It is of unquestionable value if your company is willing to reimburse you for a business ticket, and you would like to take a companion for free.

Fees and Rates - There is a $375 annual fee and the card currently offers a 13.24% variable APR

Verdict – This card is a clear choice for anyone who travels frequently on Continental, especially those near its hubs in Newark, Cleveland, and Houston. Beware of the shifting landscape of airline alliances. This card’s primary benefit is the access to the business lounges for Continental, Northwest and Delta. That alliance will be disolved later this year, and Continental will then become a member of the Star Alliance which includes United and US Airways.

That said, it offers excellent mileage accruing opportunities, and good possibilities for obtaining elite status. In many ways, holding this card is equivalent to having elite status already. The only thing really missing from this being the same as elite status, is the in flight upgrades. On the ground, you will otherwise be treated as one of Continental’s elite. So generous is this benefit, that some amongst Continental’s elite travelers oppose it out of a jealousy for those who have attained elite status without “earning” it in the air.

Between the mileage earning opportunities and the numerous non-mileage benefits I highly recommend this card.

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17 Responses to “Chase Continental Presidential Plus World Credit Card Review”

  1. Dave Says:

    Co Pres club has long way to learn to offer customer service compared to amex platinum. unporofessional cust service reps, no effort to work for you. Its the same reps for all co credit cards and you are treated the same as them. Amex plat customer service is simply outstanding, there upgrades on any flight for 40000 is something continental doesnt offer and then some… I fly continental so i’m kind of in the bag i do carry cary the amex for longer then the Co pres club-going to leave the co pres club sooner or later

  2. Bertha Says:

    I totally agree with Dave about customer service department being unprofessional. I have been with Continental for 3 years and since they changed to Star Alliance I have been having problems getting into theLounges in the Asian countries. I just spoke to a rep and he was very unprofessional and rude and I am going to check out Amex now and decide if I will leave Chase Continental Presidential Plus myself.

  3. Manoj Says:

    I bought this membership last month and I have not had success in using this card at United Lounges in Asian contries.

    Service is unprofessional at these lounges for this card and they have specifically written instructions at the lounge to not accept this Presidential Plus Card (unless accompanied by Presidential Club card – which Continental has not sent to me yet) for lounge benefits.

    I am going to cancel this card as soon as I reach home.

  4. James Says:

    The free baggage privilege is only good on Continental, even if you make reservations on the Continental web site and they put you in a code share, including United, the merger of which is now official. I will likely cancel the card before my year trial is over.

  5. sara jane harris Says:

    We used Tap Portugal and the card got us into the room in Lisbon they were wonderful as we had a problem.With the alliance we were not told we were to get only 50% of our airmiles and only one piece
    of lugg. but the card did credit us with what we paid for lugg. The biggest problem I have with Continental is they will not let me give my husband some of my flexible airmiles Never told this and I am mad. Thank you Sara Jane Harris

  6. Jerry Zarin Says:

    Just heard about the Presidential card. I am currently an Amex Platinum card member and would like to give your new card a try out. My friend was invited to do so for the first year free. Can I have the same opportunity.

    Thank you, Jerry Zarin

  7. Thomas Says:

    I have used the AMEX Platinum for several years with good service, since AMEX and Continental are ending their relationship this year, I will have to give this a try for now.
    I would not be surprised if the relationship is ending only because of the merger and they later come out with new AMEX agreement with the new United/Continental.

  8. Mary Says:

    The service for the continental card is abysmal. Without notice of any sort our card is declined. Took forever to reach coustomer service (first navigating an annoyingly long cue then waiting forever for a human) to find out some entity other they ourselves reported the card compromised. No apology for failure to notify. No apology that it took 10 days to get replacement. No apology for humiliation caused by decline in public.

    New cards arrived and are activated. Declined again in the first week. Why?? Response – We didn’t know if you authorized the charge.

    This card and Chase’s service are a horror even if the benefits are good if you need flex miles. Don’t leave home with this as your only card. Prepare to be stranded without notice.

  9. Shan Says:

    I would like to thank everyone for their honest feedback. I was considering signing up for this card but now I know better. I don’t need to belong to another company that can not even spell customer service much less understand what it means. I will not burden chase with my membership.

  10. Andy Says:

    If you are using a Platinum card with no credit limit you will be sorely disappointed in the Chase Presidential card. For a card that is geared to high net worth travelers, they are very stingy with their credit limits. I have a high credit score and an excellent credit history with Amex but could not get a high credit limit with Chase. I ran out of credit half way through the first month. I paid my balance in full early, to restore my limit but six days after the payment was paid from my checking account, my limit was still not restored. Speaking to customer service was like talking to a wall.
    The fee for the first year, for the Chase card, was waived so I will keep it for the time being, but I guarantee I will not be renewing it. All my charges are now back to my Amex Platinum.

  11. Mike Says:

    I just got the OnePass credit card and the 25,000 miles + $50.00 credit that goes with it. Here are some stipulations that they DONT TELL YOU ABOUT ANYWHERE in the fine print that may come back to bite you:

    1) Continentals policy is to allocate a certain amount of seats per flight to people using frequent flyer miles. This means that if you are one of the last people to book a flight using your miles to pay, the value of those miles GOES DOWN SIGNIFICANTLY. For example, I have 28,000 miles on my account. Round trip to Salt Lake City from Newark NJ normally costs 10,000 miles each way. However a month and a half before travel dates it costs 25,000 miles each way. Ergo: cannot use “free round trip flight.”

    2) Continental, in their infinite wisdom, DOES NOT ALLOW you to purchase tickets with miles only going ONE WAY. This means that if you cannot afford a round trip fare covered by miles, you certainly cannot afford a one way.

  12. Toni Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I was going to sign up for the Presidential Plus Chase Card, but sounds like it’s not worth it. Pity, since I really like Continental Airlines and have been a loyal customer for years. However, I definitely do not need any hassles.

  13. William R Wuensche Says:

    I’m not sure what the other people are referring to. I have both the Presidential Card and the Platinum American Express Card. Pres Card gave me a credit limit of 25000 where Amex refused a 20000 purchase. I have used Pres Clubs all of the world, but not in Asian countries. I have never received a declined purchase from the Pres Club. In fact, with a dispute with a merchant, to keep me a satisfied customer, they paid the merchant and credited my account back for the purchase. That is customer service. Without hesitation, I recommend this card to anyone interested in air miles and elite status.

  14. Norman Jaffe Says:

    I visited the President`s club one week ago on my American express card which I have done frequently over the past over seven years. I would now like to join the President`s Club with a Presidential Plus credit card. I received an applicationh form with the code JCRIE1XRR43 in wich the first year annual fee wiould be waived. I am unable to connect yo that site.

    Please advise how to connect. I already have a Continental Chase One Pass Plus mastercard in good standing.

  15. Bob B Says:

    I just signed up for the card a two weeks ago and have been happy with the service. I happened to be flying a few days after I was approved for the card and so I brought a printout of the confirmation email to the United Club. They said I was already in the system and all was good.

  16. John Says:

    Just got this card two weeks ago, I was giving CL of 15000. I actually wanted Amex platinum but I think continental will suite me more since I fly continental.

  17. Mechelle Says:

    I had to respond because several of the above comments are very negative. I have had this card for over 4 years and have never had any issues.

    1. About 2 years ago, I recieved a text message (which I signed up for) asking if I had made a charge, I replied no and within 20 seconds my phone was ringing. They had to cancel my card because charges were being made in Barcelona when I was in the US. They were overly apologetic and overnight cards via UPS which arrived the following day.

    2. Anytime that I have contacted customer service, the phone is immediately answered by a person and not a machine. At one point during the merger, my account was not being credited for the EQM (elite qualifying miles) based on my usage. It took about 5 minutes to resolve the issue and my account was updated within a week.

    3. I had an issue where I disputed a charge with a merchant. I made the purchase but it was shipped to the wrong address and then returned to them – the merchants customer service was horrible and I was not able to resolve with them. I submitted the dispute through their website and the charge was immediately reversed and I never heard another word about it.

    I am a frequent traveler and this card works great for me! I love the added benefits including car insurance coverage, elevated status with Avis and Hyatt, extended warranty coverage on purchases, etc…

    I also use miles to purchase tickets for my friends and family and there are always lots of choices. There are some flights that cost more miles than others but if you are flexible on time/dates – you can generally find flights for the least amount of miles.

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