Can I Get An American Express Credit Card After Bankruptcy?


This is a recent email I got from Stu.

how difficult is it to get a new amex card after filing bankrupcy, I paid them in full before filing

Answer – Stu – to get to the bottom of this, I actually called American Express. The first person I spoke to was from customer service and she was not able to answer that. Then she transferred me to “new accounts” and this was the answer I got from them.

A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for potentially up to 10 years. As long as you have a bankruptcy record on your credit report, American Express will not approve the card. I then asked them if someone could put you as an authorized user on an Amex Card. The answer was it should not be a problem though he cannot be 100% certain about that.

So there you go, the short answer is no.

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19 Responses to “Can I Get An American Express Credit Card After Bankruptcy?”

  1. IhateAmex Says:

    Correct, they will not give you a card if you filed for bankruptcy in the last 10 years. I just finished 3 hours of calls with them. This is true even with a high six figure annual income, plus 500k in THEIR savings account program.

  2. Smitty Says:

    I just got approved for a american express delta skylines card. I have a bk on my credit for the past 8 yrs

  3. Wally Says:

    Interesting that a “branded” amex card works…. I wonder if the same is true with branded Visa/Mastercards Anyone know if it is easier to get a branded unsecured card?

  4. Davide Says:


    I had to put my 2 amex under chapter 7 4 years ago (2007) I never wanted to include them but my lawyer said I had to.
    i spoke several time with their customer service and they told me that if I volunteerely pay them back they would accept another application from me and they would base their decision only on my actual credit report.
    I have a great lawyer and I removed all negative items from my credit report 2 years after filing bankruptcy.
    I pay amex the 4000$ i owed them and they re-issued me the card with no problems.
    I spoke with Mrs. Boke at the time.
    If she is still working at the Amex approval dept. she might be able to help you.
    Keep this forum updated.

    Hope this helps,


  5. angela Says:

    We filed two cards with them chapter 7, 6 years ago. My mom tried to add me as an authorized user and it appears I’m completely blacklisted. I have a 6 figure income as well as credit score over 700 now. I had perfect credit at the time of filing and no late pays after so my score recovered quickly. I guess I’ve always wondered if after 10 years I’ll be able to pick up an AMEX or am I on a lifetime internal no-no list with them??

  6. Suzi Curran Says:

    I had a card in 1987 and filed bk. I offered to pay them back 10 years later and reapply. Each time they said I could pay them back but they could not guarantee they would issue a new account. My question is why bother? If you pay them even if they have been charged off and they won’t reissue a card…then you paid them when you didn’t have to and they got their money and you’re still out the card. I gave up 25 years later they still will not issue a card and my score was 780. they keep all your info in a database and if you read the card agreement it tells you if you have “ever” had a bad account they will never reissue you a card.

  7. Somebody Says:

    I don’t think you should be eager to apply for another AMEX until your bankruptcy 7 has passed 10 years AND successfully removed the bankruptcy information about your past AMEX card on your credit report or you are just adding more inquiry to your credit report which equals reduction in your credit score! I have 2 years to go even though, my girlfriend has added me to her platinum card for past 7 years, I am waiting because, my credit record is spotless and do not want to add anymore inquiry which will stay on your credit report for 2 years. More you apply for credit, more you will lose points on your score! That is any type of credit. By the way, I had Centurion Black Card so, I have to show not a single inquiry or blemish of any kind on my credit report.

  8. amy dunlap Says:

    by the way an inquiry does not stay on for 2 years

  9. Michael Cook Says:

    I started with credit when I was 16 with one of those Capital One highschool cards for students and years later I ended up with a green card and a blue from amex with a line of $31,900. My credit score was 715 back then… They wanted income verification from me and I already owed $16,000 on that card and I said I don’t want bothered with the hassle. So Chase picked up their business back in 2008 with a $20,000 credit limit increase and transfered the entire balance..Then a few months later my business went under and I got stuck with $100,000 in personal and business debt and had to do a chapter 7 bankruptcyabout 3 years ago… Now here I am my Fico is at 670 and it will be mid 700’s by 16 months from now even though I have a bankruptcy because I have tons of paid as agreed accounts over 11 years.. over 50. But the point being I never filed bankruptcy on Amex and I applied several times and they decline me just for bankruptcy.. I even tried to get an exception by a supervisor but it didn’t happen so I just gave up and the truth is you’ll NEVER have a American Express card with a bankruptcy on record expecially how these banks are today… I filed on Chase $27,000 and I called them and they said they will overlook that and once they see more payment historyon my 11 accounts I could get approved for a Chase Freedom Card even with a bankruptcy… I thought I would of been black listed.. Chase is a good bank but I really like american express

  10. Jenn Says:

    I am going to BR court on the 28th and I am thinking of how to rebuild my credit after this. Would any CC company that I filed on give credit after this is done. Or will I have to pay what I owed them before I would be reissued credit.
    Another question: Would getting personal loans of say $500 from my bank be a good way to rebuild my credit?

  11. RandyKnows Says:

    Why do you even want a charge card that costs you money to have?

    Go to your local credit union, put up a deposit and get a VISA or MC.

  12. Dede Says:

    Does anyone know how to directly reach the Credit Dept at AMEX? Does someone have a # for them?

  13. Karl Marquez Says:

    I never have a Amex. Have been pasted 11 year since my BK. It is not longer in any of my CR. My credit is over 740 in all CRs.
    I have a Corporate Amex and I want to apply for a Blue Cash AMEX.

    I applied for a Chase Freedom and I was denied because even my CR is excellent, they have access to the “Black List” of BK people even after 10 years. They asked me very specific, if I had a BK ever in my credit life, I said not in the last ten years. DENIED.
    Question, even the BK is not in my credit, Amex can have acceess to this BlackList and never approve a personal Credit Card? Means even has pasted 10 years, and your CR is perfect, all your lender will know that you filed for a BK?? Please, somebody help me to understand this??

  14. Chuck Says:

    During my BK Chap 7 in 2009 I added them to the BK, I negotiated and made a deal if I paid them in full, I get to keep my card. I paid them in full, on time. I never had any issues with them in then 15 years I had their card. once they recieved all the money they closed my account and blacklisted me. They told me not to apply for 12 years after BK discharge. The sad part it was from an Ex-wife that I should have disputed but didn’t. They conned me out of $2500 then closed my account. bottom line is, don’t trust them-they will LIE their asses off

  15. AMEXNOMORE Says:

    Had a BK in 1990 and owed AMEX about $1800. Applied numerous times after 10 years had passed figuring the BK was off my record and a had really high credit scores. They still say no. Last time I applied was around 2010 and was declined again. I spoke with them and they show that I owed them the $1800 from 1990. Same story… if I pay them I can reapply and go through normal credit checks and MAY BE approved. Too much of a big gamble. Don’t need an AMEX that bad when there are plenty of other choices for reward credit cards. AMEX wrote off that loss over 23 years ago. I have since rebuilt my life and credit, but AMEX’s arcane policies seem nothing more than a grudge at this point. I have taken my credit card business elsewhere where I get many of the same perks. With the perks and rewards, AMEX cards are no longer what they used to be. Most of my friends have gotten rid of the Black or Platinum cards (those days are over) and have opted for AMEX Green (the new “in”) or Visa/MC.

  16. Jeanine Says:

    I had a bk 20 years ago and have had a gold card under my husbands business card. I had damaged my card and requested a new one and was denied. Why? The answer to this is because I had a bk in the past! I have been tiring to resolve the problem for over a week with Amx and keep getting transferred to different departments with no results. I have a great credit score and have never been late on any of my other cards on record or the business card. I am the manager of that account and have had it since 1995. My husbands is not effect by this on the card but they refused to give me a new replacement card. I don’t understand that they can go back in the records that far and hold you to the stake for ever!!!

  17. Sue Says:

    I filed for BK in 2009. American Express was one of the creditors. My boss called in to make me an “authorized user” of the account, and they denied that. Tell him to call in if they he wants more information. Can they let him know of my prior bk? I’ve been call in, and they have me as “Account Manager”, and am able to pay on line and talk to people, which is all we wanted.

    I guess if you are blacklisted, they won’t even give a corporate card.

  18. Phillip Says:

    Apply for the new Pre-Paid American Express Cards! There Perfect! All the advantages of AMEX. If you ever had a BK you unfortunately will be backlisted unless you become a multimillionaire.

  19. CAMERON Says:

    If the American express agent asks you if you ever had a bankruptcy in your life they have broken the law ! They only can base your credit approval on your current credit profile ! If they do not see it on your credit profile it is bias and against federal law to ask personal information beyond the credit report ! The minute you were asked that question you had the right to sue them under the fair credit reporting act. American Express keeps a lifetime of records on people is true. They will deny you credit based upon something over 20 years ago. Technically you can go to court and force them to offer you credit. The Fair credit reporting act requires all lenders to follow its guidelines. You cannot be denied just because they say so. But it happens over and over again because people choose not to sue them. American Express by law must provide the derogatory information in your CURRENT CREDIT REPORT to deny credit !

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