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I just had an interview with Craig Kessler from www.budgetpulse.com. Budget Pulse is a free online budgeting software. But unlike other online budgeting software, Budget Pulse offers the following advantages:

  • They do not sync with your bank accounts so they is no risk that all your bank data is available to hackers who manage to hack the servers storing the data
  • Because it does not sync with bank accounts, thsi software can be used by international folks (ie folks outside the US) and folks who bank with small credit unions who do not have “syncing” arrangements with more common software.
  • This interview is relatively short (less than half an hour) and it probably was not my best “performance”, but you could learn quite a bit from Craig. I also urge you to check out Budget Pulse.

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    One Response to “Budget Pulse Interview”

    1. Craig Says:

      Thanks you for the interview, it was a ton of fun and hope is very informative for all of your readers. If anyone has any questions, they can directly contact me.

      Craig Kessler
      Marketing Director at BudgetPulse

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