Brooke Kaelin

Brooke Kaelin is the Editor and PR Manager for Ask Mr. Credit Card.

In the past she has contributed to personal finance blogs including: Wise Bread (As the Deals Editor and Affiliate Sales Manager), Bargaineering, Money Smart Life, US News and Yahoo Finance. She is the author of “How to Retire Comfortably and Happy on Less Money than the Financial Experts Say You Need: Insider Secrets to Spending Less While Living More” (written under the pen name Connie Brooks).

In her free time Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband, kids and dog. She also loves yoga, crochet and romance writing.

Brooke’s Financial & Credit Philosophy:

Brooke considers herself reasonably frugal. She doesn’t have cable, and has only recently upgraded to an older- model used smartphone that she got free. She uses coupons (and has fun with it!) and pays her credit card balance in full at the end of the month.

Some of these financial lessons were hard won – she made some mistakes right out of college and had to work to raise her credit score from no-one-will-give-you-a-loan-ever to sure-pick-which-car-you-want-Mrs. Kaelin. She’s (mostly) enjoyed the education and is happy to help out others on that same journey.

What’s in Brooke’s Wallet?

Her trusty vanilla Capital One card, and an American Eagle / 77 Kids store card. Both accounts have been open for years. In about 30 more points (Brooke monitors her credit score each month) she will most likely apply for the Discover More card or another Capital One account. Her best fit would be a card that gives cash back since she can use that like a perpetual discount at the grocery, and combine it with her coupon hobby.

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