Another Great Promo Code For Southwest From Visa


Southwest Airlines unusually, but not always, has the lowest fare to it’s destinations.   Every now and then, you can find a promotional code online that takes some money off even their lowest fares.

Get The Southwest And Visa Signature Promo Code

If you go to this link here you can enter the number from any Visa Signature card to receive a promotional code worth 15% off any Southwest Airlines purchase.   According to their website:

Visa Signature wants to reward cardholders with instant access to perks that do not have to be earned through points or miles. So this travel season Visa Signature has partnered with Southwest® Airlines to give cardholders an exclusive discount on round-trip Wanna Get Away Fares.

You can get one promo code for each card you have.    Each promo code can be used with one itinerary, but the itinerary may contain up to eight tickets.

Here’s The Problem

The purchase must be made by April 30th for travel through June 1st.   Sounds easy right?   Not when you consider all of the blackout days.   According to the promo code I received:

“Blackout dates apply February 17, 2011 through February 28, 2011, April 21, 2011 through April 25, 2011, and May 20, 2011 through May 24, 2011. If any portion of travel falls on a blackout date the discount will not apply.”

That pretty much excludes any travel for President’s day, Spring Break, and Memorial Day.    Thanks.

On one hand, I like these promo codes.  I could potentially save a lot of money when booking travel for my family.   I especially like that I could use the promo codes with the Southwest gift cards that we are receiving as a sign up bonus on the Signature Visa card from Chase.

While it remains to be seen, I think there is a decent possibility that you can use a promo code in conjunction with the new Rapid Rewards scheme that is rolling out in March.   With that plan, you are using your Rapid Rewards points as statement credits towards the value of the ticket.    I have not seen anything that excludes promo codes, but you never know.

The problem is that they are making this offer but providing all sorts of exclusions that many people are going to be disappointed.    15% sounds like a great discount, but if they eliminate the times when people want to travel the most, they might be generating more frustration than goodwill.

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  1. Nichole Says:

    I clicked on the link for the southwest visa signature deal, but can not find the deal on the visa website. Do you have a direct link to the deal?

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