How I Got Amex to Remove Late Fees and Finance Charges


Last week, I while checking my online statements and my Amex Platinum Card bill, I realize that I had not sent any online payments to my Blue Cash account.

I quickly looked through my files but could find the March bill. I called Blue Cash immediately (this was late at night) and spoke to a customer service rep. This was how the conversation went.

Mr Credit Card : Hi – this is Mr Credit Card (my real name off course). I was just checking my Amex Platinum Card bill and my online banking account and realize that I have not got my March Bill for my Blue Cash card and I may have missed paying my bill. Can you please check.

Customer Rep : Let me check sir. (After about 20 seconds) Sir, you have not paid your March bill, which is $1066.

Mr Credit Card : I did not get my March bill in the mail and I did not mean to be late on the bill. I will pay the bill right this moment from my online banking account. Could you please waive the late charges and any finance fees?

Customer Rep : Let me see here. Yes, you have a finance charge of $22.16 (or something like that) and a late fee of $35. I’ll waive it for you. Just give me a second. (After a few seconds) Alright Mr Credit Card, I have waived both the late fees and the finance charges. You have been a very good customer and your payment record is great. That will not be a problem.

Mr Credit Card : Thank you very much. Can you please send me a copy of my March Statements just for my records. And also, is this late payment reported to the credit bureaus?

Customer Rep : Sure, I will send you a copy of your March statement. No, we do not report to the credit bureaus unless you are overdue by 60 to 90 days.

Mr Credit Card : Thanks once again.

Customer Rep : (Doing the upsell) Mr Credit Card, before you go, I just wanted to let you know that we have a new offer that allows you to get a $500,000 (or something like that) travel insurance when you use your Blue Cash card to any airline ticket. Would you be interested?

Mr Credit Card : No thank you. I use my Platinum Card for travel. Bye, and have a good day.

Phew! Simple as that. Just ask Amex to remove your finance charges and late fees and it was done. Nice friendly customer rep as well (not the Indian reps you get on some night calls from other credit cards). I guess I get away with this because I have been an American Express cardholder since 1994. I have mostly paid in full on my Gold Card and Blue Cash Card. If you a record of late payments, you may not get away with it. But you can see why I am such a fan of American Express.

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15 Responses to “How I Got Amex to Remove Late Fees and Finance Charges”

  1. Leo Says:

    Great information. You did a good job.

    I haven’t thought I can do this. Because I have two American Express Cards and I alway confuse with different billing periods, I missed March bill for one of them with “purchase finance charge” of over 100 bucks.

    Before I called them, I google what “purchase finance charge is for.

    Thank you for you post, then I followed your step. They did waive.

  2. Austin Says:

    I just called AMEX about a finance charge on my account. There were charges in two consecutive months. Since I pay my entire new balance on the due date every month, I should never have a finance charge. They said that they charge everyone that ever gets a cash advance a finance charge because “people that get cash advances usually dont pay their entire blance each month”. They removed the charges.

    Something seem fishy here? I smell class action…

  3. Dan Says:

    I was also able to wave an American express late fee (form my Clear credit care). This was the first time that I missed a payment, and I noticed a week after the payment was due that I forgot to pay it. So I payed it online, and then directly called Amex… I told them that I wanted to set up automatic payments to avoid any more late fees and they removed my late fee and sent me papers to setup automatic payments…. I have a good credit score that I don’t want to ruin, but really I just didn’t want to pay the extra money… We don’t have much as it is…

  4. Franc Says:

    I just noticed that American Express charged me a late fee. I paid my bill on 2/23 via online bill pay. It was due on 2/26 and payment usually get posted two business days after I send them. American Express reports receiving the payment on 3/2 (10 days after it was sent!). These people are crooks and are trying to steal money from card members. Watch you statements very closely.

  5. mike Says:

    I pay my amex every two weeks because I worry about being late and I still got a purchase finance charge even though my balance was $0.

    I am in the process of finding out what the fee was for.

  6. Josh Says:

    I also discovered that my online bank payments have been arriving much later than they should be. The very Indian customer service representative did remove my late fee, but nothing was done with the finance charge which was incredibly high for such a low balance. The Blue card has some fishy fine print so I will be switching.

  7. major Says:

    I have a costco American Express card since 2005. I always pay my account in full and on time each month through B of A online bill pay. This last month, I paid one day before the payment was due, and the payment did not post until one day after it was due. American xpress billed my account $39 late fee. I called American xpress to see if they could remove the charges. They told me my account did not qualify for waiving the late charges. I asked them if they could explain why my account did not qualify. They said the reasons could not be shared with the customer. I asked if one of the reasons was because I had not been a customer long enough, and they said yes, that was one of the reasons. I asked if another reason was because I always paid my account every month on time, which means I did not pay any finance charges and American express did not make any money from me, and they said yes. I told them to cancel my card and I did not want to do anymore business with them. Today I received another statement from American express which included additional $19 late fee and $6.50 in finance charge for the $39 late charge from last month for a total of $64.50. I have always liked costco and the way they do business, but I can’t believe they are affiliated with insatiable greedy company like American Express!

  8. Betsy Says:

    Just had a similar experience with American Express with a Costco card. We’ve been a Costco and AX customer for years and always paid on-time and in full. We were a week late last month due to my mistake in entering the due date wrong on-line with the bank and AX refused to remove the $39 late fee and $4.10 interest on a bill that was less than $400! I hope it was worth it as I will never charge a dime on a personal AX card again. Since Costco only takes AX, we may also opt to shop elsewhere if circumstances warrant.

  9. beatit Says:

    I was charged late fee too, and I have never been late before. They refused to waive the fee. So I applied another card, giving me $75 after spending $500 in first 3 month. I think it is good enough to cover the loss. And I will stop using the card, may cancel it soon. AMEX current behavior is really unacceptable for my personal view of point.

  10. B from Idaho Says:

    Just got back from vacaction and noticed my AMEX account said it was overdue. I am made a payment before I left that cleared a week before the due date but it was $17 short of the minimum. So they charged me $39 late fee. I paid the short payment and the next payment plus $100 extra called customer service and asked for a waiver of the late fee for a 3 year good record. After 60 seconds, they came back on and so “Sorry, I can not waive the fee.” I asked why and the rep said she did not know. Just they could not offer the waiver at this time. Anyway, I know it was my fault, but a 3 year good payment record was not good enough for them. I will be finding another card!

  11. Michael from Georgia Says:

    I had a similar late fee problem with Wells Fargo. I’ve never been late before and they wouldn’t waive the late fee. Their answers were that your account was not qualified but they didn’t know why it was not qualified. After 2 attempts of talking to the customer representatives and their managers, I decided to go straight to manager’s manager for the answer – escalate higher. However, the third time was a charm. The customer representative’s manager was able to over-ride and waived the late fee. Don’t know why the first 2 managers didn’t do that. Do take a “no” for an answer.

  12. Joyce Says:

    I have an interesting problem with American Express. I just got an American Express card and I don’t have any payment history with them. I paid my bill on time, using my bank’s online bank payment system, according to my bank and their records. I called twice and talked to two different people and they both said that American Express received the payment on the “Payment Due Date”. However, American Express charged me a late fee. I paid the late fee while the issue was in discussion, but it arrived 1 day late, according to my bank, and I believe that to be true. American Express then applied a late fee on the late fee that I was disputing. American Express then explained to me that their section that says “Payment Due Date” really means their processing date. Although my payment might arrive on time, they can take up to two days to process the payment, which will make it late. I can’t find anywhere in the literature where it says “Payment Due Date” is defined as the day they get it processed and that we need to pay up to two days early to give them time to process it by the posted “Payment Due Date”. They did say that as a courtesy they would waive the late fee on the late fee I’m disputing, but they would not waive the late fee on the payment that arrived to them on time, as I had not allowed for their two day processing time. I’ve cancelled the card and can’t believe American Express has a good reputation with tactics like this.

  13. Lillian Says:

    I just cancelled my card because they would not waive a late fee. I was one day late in making the payment, I waited until I got paid, never been late before and always paid in full. Jerks! They claimed the system wouldn’t let them override the fee. Upon further questioning they said they could only waive it if it were AMEX’s fault. I said, oh, so you doooo have the ability, you just won’t. Jerks again!

  14. Vera Says:

    Have been a loyal, reliable customer with American Express since 2010. I have paid all bills in full and always on time. On my last statement I missed the payment by a day and was charged $46.30 in interest. Both the customer service rep and supervisor said they were “not able to extend a courtesy credit at this time.” The supervisor accused me of seeking preferential treatment in asking to have the interest charge waived. I was appalled by this response. I am extremely turned off by American Express. I am canceling the card once my airlines miles transfer over and will NOT be an American Express customer again. I will go back to using my Discover card as my primary credit card.

  15. Emily Says:

    Thanks for the post! Just an FYI, though, AMEX will not always waive the fee EVEN if you have been a long-term customer and have never missed a payment. I was extremely disappointed when they refused me even when they acknowledged that I had no missed payments on record. No other company (Visa, Mastercard, even Target!) has ever done this to me. User, beware!

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