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American Express Gift Cards are one of the most popular gift cards. They can be purchased online here in denominations of $25, $50, $100, $200, $500, $700, $1000, $2000 and $3000 (subject to a shipping charge, in addition to the purchase fee). But American Express Gift Card are a little different from Visa Gift Cards and below are some explanations to frequently asked questions about them.

The American Express Gift Card is a non-reloadable card that can be used anywhere in the US, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (as long as the merchants accept Amex off course!). They can be used at both off-line and online retailers as well as mailorders. However, they cannot be used at cruise lines, for recurring billing purchases, or at casinos or ATMs and international airlines.

What to do before you use the card? – Before you use the card, you should sign on the back of the card. American Express advices gift card holders to actually write down their customer service number and their gift card number separately in case they lose (good advice). You should also take note of the four digit security number at the front of the card.

How to use your card? – You can use your card simply at merchants that accept American Express. Just make sure you sign your receipt as you did on your gift card. If you do not have sufficient funds in your account for a particular purchase, some merchants may split the transaction so that you pay some with the gift card and the other portion with a check or some other means. Some merchants however, will not allow that.

Things to be aware of – Because gift cards are not credit cards, there are a couple differences that you have to be aware of.

  • 1. Like prepaid cards or travelers checks, you cannot stop a payment. Hence any dispute has to be handled with the merchants directly
  • 2. Some Merchants (such as restaurants and salons) will obtain an authorization on the Gift Card for an amount up to 20% more than the total bill to cover any tip/gratuity that you may add to the purchase.
  • 3. Hotels and gas stations will also secure an authorization on the Gift Card in excess of the estimated purchase amount to ensure that adequate funds are available to cover the final purchase.
  • Value Through Date – Gift cards have this thing called value through date (which is 12 months from date of purchases). The reason for this is that some credit card processing requires a credit card expiration date. Hence, the value through date functions as a regular credit card’s expiration date. Once your card reaches the value through date, you cannot use it at merchants any more even if there is still value in the card. What you would have to do is to call for a replacement card.
  • Service Fees – If you do not use up your gift card by 12 months, American Express will deduct a monthly service fee of $2.

    How to track your balance? – To obtain your balance or if you have any questons, you can go to or call toll free within the United States – 1-877-AXP-GIFT (“Customer Service Number”).

    What if you lose your gift card? – The number to call if your card is stolen is 1-877-297-4438. You must call immediately because you will only be reimbursed the amount that is used “after” you call to report your lost card. Hence, it is very important to keep that sheet of paper with your gift card number and their phone number handy.

    Purchase Fees – The cost for purchasing an American Express Gift Card will obviously be the amount you want in the gift card and also a fee of $3.95 plus shipping cost.

    Gift Card
    Verdict – The American Express┬« Gift Card is one of the most popular gift cards. Unlike many other Visa type gift cards, the card is actually pretty good looking and smart. You can them in $25, $50, $100, $200 and $500 denominations. You can also up to 50 cards at once and up to $5,000 worth of card within a 14 day period.

    Amex also offers a American Express® Business Gift Card. You can the business gift cards in $25, $50, $100, $200 and $500 denominations. You can up to 1,400 cards and the maximum value that you can in 14 days is $35,000.

    If you do not have an idea for a gift for someone, then something like the American Express Gift Card will make a perfect gift.

    Business Gift Card

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    4 Responses to “American Express Gift Cards Review”

    1. Paula Mason Says:

      The American Express gift card that I received was not accepted by almost all merchants who accept American Express. The clerks do not know how to use them. Some of them would swipe the card then tell me they did not know what the balance was, others told me that they showed a balance but they were sure it was not accurate as they never are. They did not know how to apply the card if my purchase was more than the balance. I called the AE help number on the back only to get an option to talk to a rep, and when I would press that option it would disconnect (I tried 3 separate occassions). Also if I tried to take the survey, that option also diconnected me. What a ripoff! The card is useless. I will never give them as a gift in the future again after receiving one. I pity those people I gave them to in the past. Sorry, folks.

    2. Mikel Estes Says:

      American Express Gift Card…Yea, I am left standing with an open jaw myself. I needed something online that cost about $40. The website that had my needed product said they take AmX, so I purchased an AmX (gift card) for $200. It was declined. Called Amx and they said it was because it hadn’t been registered for use online yet just usage in person, so I registered it for online use during the same call. Going back now to purchase my product I was again declined. Called AmX back and now they said that merchant wasn’t in their system, so contacted the merchant and they said they don’t accept Gift Cards.
      Wonderful news, now that I’ve sunk $200 and lots of phone and computer time to find out this simple fact that should have been stated somewhere. If I now go to a gas station or grocery store to try and dump this white elephant on something else and they also decline it, I may go ballistic in public, so am nervous about even trying, which ultimately will put the profit directly in AmX’s pocket if I don’t use it, which I am sure they will love and pretty sure they have already done countless times before I came along into this sham as well. Thinking of making a video for my Youtube about this I am so pissed off.

    3. Bruce Andrews Says:

      Do not buy an AMEX gift card. They are terrible to deal with. I just cancelled my AMEX card that I purchased the AMEX gift card on as I am so frustrated by their lack of service

    4. Creeper Says:

      I wish people would stop giving me gift cards as gifts. I know they are just trying to be nice, but I would be happy with a greeting card or even nothing. Gift cards are not taken by any of the major online merchants anymore. The all accept only their own gift cards. That means if I get a gift card I need to go to a brick and mortar store to use it. That’s something I do less and less of as more and more stuff is available at better prices online. I am accumulating gift cards now that I will probably never use. I think I will donate all of them to charity and tell my family not to give them to me any more. They are such a scam because the issuers make money off the unused balances.

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