American Airline Flights No Longer Listed On


Less than 2 weeks after American Airlines decided not to allow Orbitz to list their flights, they have now decided not to do so on We really have to watch this development because Delta also pulled their listings from a couple of smaller travel sites. obviously claims that this move is anti-consumer. But bear in mind that SouthWest Airlines (probably the most pro-consumer airline) has never listed their flights with any of these online travel sites. And they seem to be doing fine.

But folks who like to check out the cheapest flights could still use a service like, which lets you compare airline ticket prices. Unlike Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity, Kayak does not actually sell tickets and are advertiser supported. I’ve always tried to avoid using any of these online services to book my flights because it is always easier to resolve any conflicts with airlines or hotels directly if you book it with them rather than through a third party.

Anyway, I expect more such announcements going forward.

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