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Summary: The PartnersFirst AirBoss Rewards Visa Card was specifically designed for AirBoss members and pilots and offers many benefits and rewards including discounts on aviation fuel at FBO’s (Fixed Base Operators which provide services to aviation aircraft and operators on or near airports)  across the United States.

What is AirBoss?

AirBoss is a program that is part of AirNav that offers members discounts on fuel at participating FBOs. Membership costs $39 per year, but if you use your AirBoss membership number when you apply for the PartnersFirst AirBoss Rewards Visa, you will be reimbursed the $39 membership fee.

Once you become a member of AirBoss, you are issued a temporary card and are immediately eligible for discounted fuel prices. The card can be used for discounts on purchases of 100LL or Jet-A into any aircraft. You can also log in to  the AirNave website to view your discounted prices and compare them to the retail prices.

Although the exact savings and discounts on fuel may vary, current discounts range from $0.05 and $1.15 per gallon, which is an annual savings of about $0.19 per gallon. All you need to do once you are an AirBoss member, is taxi up to any AirBoss participating FBO and order fuel just as you normally would.

How Much Do You Save With AirBoss?

If the fuel savings are approximately .19 cents per gallon annually and you use at least 1000 gallons per year flying, you will most likely cover the $39 annual fee just in savings. Another interesting detail included in AirBoss membership is that if within the first 6 months you are not satisfied (or perhaps don’t think you’ll save enough in fuel discounts) you can cancel the membership and receive a full refund. As stated before however, the annual fee is reimbursed when you apply for the AirBoss Rewards Visa Card anyway.

Benefits and Features of the AirBoss Rewards Visa by PartnersFirst:

With the AirBoss Rewards Visa credit card you will receive total fraud protection and 24/7 customer service in addition to the discounts that are available on aviation fuel for pilots. When fueling up, card members simply use their AirBoss Visa card and automatically receive the discounted price for AirBoss members. The card can also be used at selected self-service pumps for automatic discounted fuel as well. All AirBoss members can view prices on any time to get discounts at any FBO just by using the credit card.

Rewards: Cardmembers earn 1% cash back on all purchases including aviation fuel with no limit. Points can also be redeemed for airline travel, merchandise, unique experiences or gift cards.

Fees: No annual fee and an introductory APR of 0% on balance transfers for 6 months of card membership. The APR on purchases may be as low as 12.24%.

Conclusion: The AirBoss Rewards Visa credit card is a great card for AirBoss members and pilots with significant discounts on fuel. Even though you are eligible for the fuel discount just by becoming a member of AirBoss, if you have the Visa, you are reimbursed the annual membership fee that is required for AirBoss Members. Additionally, card members of the Rewards Visa credit card by PartnersFirst, will also benefit from being able to earn rewards for everyday purchases as well as the aviation fuel that is purchased with the card and can be redeemed for cash or a number of other rewards. So, with the Visa, not only do you receive the fuel discount, you will also be able to earn and redeem rewards for your purchases.

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